Tuesday, August 08, 2006

She's Gone; "...the Other HNT"; Nickel Creek & j.a.g.; MG

Well, she's gone (thanks, Hall & Oates). After an unanticipated delay this morning, she was on the road, headed for home at around 8:30. I always have mixed feelings when she leaves (though I don't bawl like a baby like I used to the first year...). Though we don't have that sort of relationship, she is as close to me as any person ever has been. I want to keep her all to myself. I hate having to share her when she's here.

But she's got friends from college here, and she has to spend some time camping up at Glacier, and she tries to cram all her memories from her prior life here into an impossibly short number of days. And I've learned to accept that. We were able to spend some good time together, drank some beers, ate some burgers, shared some mud pie. And I treasure those times. Moose--I loved having you here. Next time you come back, add another week, just for me!
Time to get your pictures in for "...the Other HNT". One of the drawbacks about having friends show up is that the work falls behind. I'm trying to catch up before HNT, because I'll be on the road myself. If you can get them in before noon on Wednesday, that would certainly be helpful!
So why am I going to be on the road? Just.a.girl will be coming to town tomorrow (yeah, it's been a good blogger week!), and on Thursday we'll be heading up to Sandpoint, ID to see Nickel Creek (and a complimentary microbrew tasting!). I've missed a couple of other chances to see them in concert, but I just couldn't pass them up this time around. On our way back on Friday, we hope to drop in on another blogger, but the plans haven't solidified on that one yet. I'm going to be very excited if this one works out! I'll work on pictures...
Since I'm in an asking mood--still could use some more Mystery Guest pictures. I've gotten a few from my last request, but I like to keep the folder full!

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