Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Thoughts, and Questions Answered

I was tired last night, and the post was getting a little long, so I didn't get everything down.

The real reason that I was caught speeding was that Moose had just called me on my cell phone, and I was distracted. Kids--don't drive and talk on your phone at the same time. Driving is serious business and should have your total attention. (Just kidding that it was her fault--but it happened less than 5 minutes after she called...)

Being involved with the Symphony, I completely understand the concept of offering choice seating as part of a sponsor's package. But can't sponsors have the courtesy to inform someone that they won't be using their total allotment of tickets? Room for about 300 people could have been made in the center of the field, rather than forcing people so far off to the sides that they couldn't see anything (I know, I rarely care about those people, but J.a.g and I might have gotten a better location).

No, we didn't get to see any bighorn sheep on the road.

Yes, you can pay the officer who tickets you right there. Exact cash only, and only for certain traffic offenses. The alternatives are to either appear in court (150 miles away) to plead not guilty (and require you to come back for a trial), or you can plead guilty and mail in your fine (if you are guilty, and don't want to drive 150 miles to tell them so). It all harkens back to the days of the national 55-mph speed limit. Montana skirted this incredibly stupid law by charging a $5 "waste of natural resources" fine, payable on the spot, and never recorded on your driving record. Up to about 90 mph, I believe. Ah, the good old days!

Interesting mix of people at the concert. Lots of hippies. Older hippie women who probably should have been wearing bras. Some younger ones who didn't need to. A guy who twirled and danced as he walked. Lots of yuppies. Eating sushi. Drinking wine. Lots of kids who didn't pay attention all night. Lots of older people who had never heard of Nickel Creek, but knew it was the place they needed to be that night. LOTS of people who got up and left precisely at 10:00 because they had to go to work the next morning (why bother coming at all?).

The opening act was a Canadian trio called The Wailin' Jennys. Played/sang a folk/roots sort of music. Impeccable vocals and harmonies. Very good. If you're a fan of that sort of music, you shouldn't miss them, if at all possible!

Someone emailed me asking how I could be so close to Crimson's, and not actually meet her. That took me by surprise, I think. I suppose I could have driven up the road and knocked on her door. And believe me, I thought about it. But you know what? I WASN'T INVITED TO DO SO! I may be a sneaky stalker dude, but I do have my limits! We chatted later in the afternoon, and found out that she was, in fact, home at the time. But like I said, it wasn't in the cards for the day. I called, we didn't connect, I went to Plan "B". Just to clarify--by "wasn't invited", I meant that if she wanted me to drive up to her door, she would have told me to. Not that she's rude! I respect her privacy. I feel very fortunate that I got as close as I did! So just to clear the air--CRIMSON IS NOT A RUDE PERSON!

I had forgotten exactly how beautiful her neck of the woods is. I've driven the road before, but I seemed to look around and take more this time. Sure, there's lots of beauty to be found across this state, but this corner is spectacular. All the way up to Canada! Quite frankly, it's indescribable, even if you've been here.

We unfortunately missed out on the Huckleberry Festival held this weekend in the "Huckleberry Capital of Montana" (really!), also known as Trout Creek. Maybe next year...

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