Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Bitch Is Back!!! (and even more hodge-podge)

I haven't mentioned this at all, hoping to help my karma. And it apparently worked! You might remember the fiasco of trying to get tickets to either of Elton John's Montana concerts a couple of months ago. It was announced last week that he was so taken with Montana and the reception that he got here (and probably heard about the fiasco, too) that he's coming back to Missoula in April! On the Friday before my birthday! So yesterday, with some trepidation, I attempted to buy 4 tickets. It still took me 20 minutes to finally get through. The good news--I GOT TICKETS!!! The bad news--the seats are 23, 24, 25 & 37. WTF??? I think that can be worked around, but how screwy is that??? I come away from this experience with mixed emotions. My seats are in the back corner, and in the second level (of 2), row 10 (of about 16). But then again, I'm in the building, and it's not that large of a place. Now if I can just find a date...
I've been "watching" TV (as in, on in the background and not really paying attention). Another commercial that caught my eye and got me to thinking--Crayola products. Remember the good old days, when all they sold were the small boxes of 16 crayons? And the envy you felt when the kid with the rich parents bought him the 64-box?? OR (can I even dare say it?) the 128-box?? With built-in crayon sharpener?? If you're not aware, Crayola does so much more now. Chalk. Colored pencils with scents. Clay. Markers. Paints. Things to color that won't run on the wall or the carpet. Remember when MTV only did music videos??
Also noticing alot of ads for prescription-only drugs on TV. Why? It's not like we can go to the store and buy them. Shouldn't these just be directed to physicians? And they all have the disclaimer--where the side effects are worse than what you're treating. Most disturbing is the new variety of ailments! We're used to feminine products, and now erectile dysfunction, but now there's a pill that will help shrink your prostate. And an allergy mist that works, but it's not quite understood how. Or something that females should even avoid contact with because it'll possibly kill them. And I haven't even checked to see what they're peddling on Lifetime!
By far the most common reaction to my hair, or lack thereof, is that the first thing people want to do is rub my head. In the same manner that people want to rub the tummy of a pregnant woman. Or Buddha. Secretly though, I like it!
I am continually amazed at the inability of most women to figure out how to navigate a four-way stop...

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