Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

To all the Canadians that stop by--Happy Canada Day! I won't pretend to know anything about it, but any chance to party seems like a good thing! Even more convenient that it's close to our Independence Day!! So (forgive me if I leave anyone out...) to Corrina, Clara*, Tanya, ~*Melissa*~, JuicyA, Susan, HeatherS, Robin, Jan, Alexis, Dena, Alyssa, Chelle, Rilah, Minou and Laine, Evalee and Neil, Krista, Scott and Julia, CowGirl - I wish you all a fun and safe Canada Day!

Be sure to check the post below for the details on the theme for next week's HNT!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ivory HNT

Let's take care of business first. Remember when Addict and I met last November? And how we ranted and raved about how cool it was? And how she decided to plan a little party for the HNTers and other bloggers? And how we voted on a date, and on a location? Remember, huh? OK--the bad news. It's pretty much fallen apart. Not due to any one thing. Other than, perhaps, that ugly thing called "REAL LIFE". In my case, it's the culmination of all the stuff from last week. Addict is dealing with some issues as well. There have been a few that have dropped out over the past weeks. Perhaps a National HNT Convention was a bit premature. Maybe it should be more of a regional thing.

Anyway, here's the problem. At least one, if not two people have bought airline tickets for Chicago for that weekend. Now they're stuck with them. Many of you might not have known about the gathering, or some of you might have been holding back. I think that anyone who can meet in Chicago over the weekend of July 28-30, it would salvage their weekend. Anyone interested can let me know, and I'll pass on the info!
Latty & Ty
No real details, cuz Ty is kinda like that, but apparently Latty came out of her heart surgery on Tuesday alive. Now he's wanting to smoke dope and drink beer, so he's in a much better mood and thanks everyone for the love. Keep it coming for a little while longer though!

The other bit of business--the OsShirt is rumored to have made an appearance in Texas! Go check out Lindsey's site to see if it's there. And pray for the shirt. I think there's some sort of evil, twisted underground network moving that thing around! The disheartening news--I have yet to hear of ransom demands...
Oh-oh. I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I now am officially nervous about OsShirt...
Canada Day/4th of July
Don't forget that we'll be doing a theme for next week's HNT. Show your half-nekkidness in your best patriotic way, or while celebrating over the weekend!
I was chatting with Redneck Eskimo a couple of days ago, wondering what sort of macro picture I could do. She suggested the piano, so by golly, that's what we've got! In spite of the music in the background, I am not really a pianist. I can do a little jazz or rock stuff, but don't really play (or try to play) any classical. However, this was something that I was rewriting for brass quintet. Haven't finished it though. (For anyone interested, the piece is a segment from "12 American Preludes" for piano by Alberto Ginastera)

The Mystery Guest
This week's Mystery Guest offers a view that we don't get to see much around here. There's something very sexy about a well-toned, well-defined leg. She's not going to reveal herself, but will admit to it if you were to visit her site and ask! The only hint I'll give--she had one of the finest examples of an ass bruise that I've ever seen. She seems to have healed quite nicely!
"Love Is..."

Anyone who was at least a young teenager in the 70s will remember the series of little cartoons that were titled "Love Is..." Found literally everywhere. Spiral notebooks, lunchpails, books, etc. Girls found them quite deep and meaningful. Guys took care not to express what they really thought, just to preserve the chance of getting to (gasp) second base with the girl sitting in front of them in Social Studies. The woman who drew these died in 1997, but since then they've found a bit of a resurgence through the efforts of her son. Or from people like Faltenin, who has given a bit of a naughty twist to the old ones. He was kind enough to send this one on to me. Color me sentimental, or just a sucker for cuteness, but I REALLY like this one. I won't say if I've got her HNTs on my cell phone or not, but I think SHE knows! Go check out some of his other "remakes"!

"...the Other HNT
Not sure what we have to do to get you over there. Just chatted with a HNTer who had never been over there since the first week. She was duly impressed. You are really missing out if you haven't even checked it out! This week is on the NSFW side.
Everything Else
Have a couple of early posters: Aughra, Evalee & Neil, Foxglove and Solitaire.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Let's get some pics in for "...the Other HNT". There's a couple in already--could use some new blood!
Catching up on things from last week--many thanks to those of you who made specific comments regarding my lips. I've never really given much them in the past, but a couple of you were emphatic! Now I'm blushing....
Not much else for now. Gotta get back to some work...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Snoop, We Never Knew Ya...!

Gangsta Rapper, Criminal, Language Inventor

Automobile Pitchman

Orbit. Fabulous!

Snoop--what happened? Is this what rap has evolved into? This just seems wrong...

Dad Update

In the midst of my own self-pity last week, I spaced out the most recent news on my dad. As I understand things---

He went in last week, assuming he was going for another test. His heart surgeon basically told his urologist that there was no way that he was going to allow him to touch his patient. That this major surgery would kill him (Dad's got a blood pressure level just this side of a corpse as it is...). So it was decided that Dad's got cancer (little "c", not big "C"). As his heart surgeon so eloquently put it, he'll be dead before he can die from the bladder cancer. They'll continue to monitor it. It's going to continue to grow. But unless it causes problems, they'll leave it alone. They might adjust his heart medications to help, but there's not really much they can do.

This is just another example of how smoking will fuck up one's life. He quit too late. I never started, thank God. I hope that those of you that do will reconsider! Thanks to everyone who's been asking about him!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

So what the hell happened......?

So much to blog about, not sure if I'll get to everything. This one post is going to be grossly long...

Once again, many thanks to all of you who offered their support, but didn't pry. And thanks to those that pried anyway--you helped me make some sense of some things. So here's the events, and the results.

Saturday, 5:00 PM
After setting up for our gig, I was on the way to grab a bite to eat, go home and change clothes and head back for the evening. I'm on a 4-lane residential street in the right lane. There's a cop in the left lane with traffic backing up behind him. I check the speed limit (25 mph) because, IF YOU'RE GOING TO PASS A COP AT ANY TIME, YOU'LL WANT TO BE SURE YOU'RE NOT SPEEDING!!! I wasn't. We pull up to the stop light. He doesn't pull up next to me, but stays almost a car length behind. Odd. Green light, turn the corner, he's behind me with lights flashing.

    The nice officer asked if I knew the speed limit back there.

    (of course--I checked) Yes, I checked it as I passed you.

    Well, I was going 25 mph and you zipped right past me.

    (uh-huh, right)

    Did you know your license plates are expired?

    (oh, shit) Really, sir?

    Can I see your driver's license and proof of insurance?

    (dammit. my DL expired on my birthday in April. I almost didn't get on the plane in Ft. Lauderdale because it wasn't a "valid" ID...) I believe that expired in April. But here it is...

    And your insurance?

    (ummm....) I can't find my little card. Will you take one from 2001?

    I'll be right back, sir. Just hang on tight.

    (I keep looking for the card, and decide it's in my CD visor wallet. sitting at home)

    I'm going to give you a warning on the speeding. You'll hardly be the last person to speed on that street. But I am citing you for expired plates, expired driver's license, and instead of "no insurance", I'll cite you for "no proof of insurance". If you find your card, bring it to the judge on Monday morning, and he'll drop it.

    (Monday morning??)Thank you, sir.

    Have a nice day.
It's too late to eat, so I go home, change, and head to the gig.

Sunday, 2:00 AM
The gig is through. We were loved and appreciated. We've got our tear-down routine to the point that it might take us 45 minutes to pack up and leave. I'm driving the deserted streets of downtown. Not another vehicle on the streets. Until I see a cop turn onto the same street and take up residence on my ass. After waiting an eternity at the red light (there's no one else downtown!), he follows me for another 4 blocks, and I see this in my rearview mirror:

    Excuse me sir, did you know you're driving with expired plates?

    (this can't be happening) Why yes, sir. I was just cited for that this afternoon. :-)

    OK... Can I see your driver's license and proof of insurance?

    (I wonder if I can make a run for it....) Well, I was cited at the same time for expired driver's license and no proof of insurance.
It was at this point that things got nasty. This very intimidating cop wanted to know why I was out driving. I explained that I had a gig and hadn't really been home yet.
    Do you have a cell phone, sir?

    (it was sitting on the passenger side) Yes, sir.

    Is there someone you can call to take you home?

    (a quick check of the time and a blank stare) Ummm, not at this time of night. Can't you just follow me home?

    No, sir.

    (in the old days, they'd let you drive home drunk if you promised to go straight home) Can you take me there yourself?

    No, sir.

    (now I'm just getting pissed) You want me to leave my car parked on the side of the road with thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment in it?

    Not my problem, sir.
This went on for about 10 minutes--him chastising me for even considering driving without insurance (which I've used ONCE in 30 years), and me trying to convince the guy that I can do this! Eventually, he tired of me, and said that he was leaving. I was not allowed to drive. If I did risk it, and was pulled over again, I'd be looking at my 3rd violation of the insurance thing, and my license would be revoked permanently. WTF??? And he leaves. After citing me for the DL and the insurance, BUT NOT THE PLATES, WHICH IS WHY HE PULLED ME OVER IN THE FIRST PLACE! I sat there for about another 5 minutes, wondering if he was going to circle back, setting a trap for me. I finally decided to chance it, and took side streets all the way home.

The rest of the week.
That's the basics. Things to fill in the blanks: I call the courthouse to bump my appearance from Monday to Wednesday. No problem. Bumped it again to Friday. I got my DL renewed ("funny" story--I asked the girl what color my hair was, because it's changed drastically from my last license. She says silver, but that's not a valid color. I now list my hair color as gray...). I checked with my insurance agent because I tore my apartment apart looking for the card and couldn't find it. She punches in my name (here's a less funny story), and tells me that my insurance has lapsed since October, 2004!!! I have been driving uninsured for over a year and a half. I drove through South Dakota in the winter on my way to Nashville WITH NO INSURANCE! More on this in a minute. I found some insurance and bought it. And I got the car registered.

You saw my results from court. I pled guilty to the initial 3 citations, and was fined $80 apiece for the DL and the plates, and $540 (with $250 suspended) for the insurance. A total of $450. BUT, I pled innocent on the second set of tickets. I find it to be a bit of overkill to cite me again within 9 hours. Especially if I've been working. If I was driving around town all night, perhaps. But I was working. Driving home from work.

I'm going to ask for a jury trial, which is my right. I figure I can get a jury to see the overkill much better than a single judge (who told me it would be a waste of time). If I'm found guilty, the possible penalties are $540, 10 days, and a 6-month suspension of DL and plates. Needless to say, you can see why I wasn't a happy camper at the beginning of the week.

The Epiphany (thanks, Muse!).
How does one let his insurance lapse? Why doesn't one renew his DL or plates when they're expiring? What is wrong? These are the things that I was questioning when I wrote the "change" post. I came to two separate conclusions, and they both exposed weaknesses on my part. I live a lifestyle that many envy. Happy-go-lucky musician who always has time to do things and time for others. What you don't get to see is the guy who is constantly juggling--letting things pile up, leaving things to the last minute, cutting corners, cheating, ignoring obligations, basically trying to keep all the balls in the air. What happened this last weekend is that I was still juggling, but the balls all hit the floor and were bouncing away. I live a lifestyle that does not guarantee a steady cash flow. Part of that is because I only work half-time at the one job that does pay on a regular basis. It is painful to look back and admit that you haven't done a good job managing your life. It's even more painful to tell people you are close to the same things. You live an image, even if the image hides the truth. The painful part of this episode is that, because of actions (and inactions) on my part, I was broke. I paid for the renewals, etc., but still hadn't paid rent, let alone whatever fine was going to come my way.

The absolute hardest thing I had to do was go to my parents, and tell them I needed help. I expected a lecture, an ass-chewing, disappointment, rejection. What I got was unconditional love, understanding, sympathy and a little cash. No real questions asked. My parents rock. My parents are the best in the world. I dare any of you to try to argue. What they have done for me is allow me to get back up on my feet and fight. They haven't "fixed" anything. There is plenty I need to do. But that financial burden is something that they were able, were willing, to help with. Those of you still looking to be adopted by them--get your forms in now!

There's one other big thing that I think I've realized. I don't really know/understand what depression is all about. I've sat high on my throne and looked down on those who take pills for their depression, secure and happy in the fact that I don't need anything like that. Now I'm not so sure. If someone told me that I've been suffering from depression for the past couple of years, I doubt that I'd argue with them. I think that being open and talking about it will do me a world of good. And I have a feeling there's a few of you out there who won't let me get away with closing myself off. One or two of you, in particular! I realize that, in the big picture, my problems arise because of my own doing. And they don't compare to what Ty and Latty and Contessa, AS WELL AS MANY OTHERS OF YOU, are going through. But they're bigger to ME because they are happening to ME.

So that's it in a nutshell. I'm doing OK right now. Really. I need to concentrate on changing habits. I've been staying up until 2AM for a few months, and up by 7. That's got to stop. Sorry, Tish. We'll have to cut back on those really late night chats! I need to make to-do-lists. I need to accomplish the things that are expected of me. I need to manage my money, my life much better. Like I said a week ago, many of you won't notice any changes. Some of you will. All in all, the events of last week will have a positive effect on me. I'm going to insist on it!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

In the long run, my problems aren't so bad...

A couple of bloggers out there have helped put my life into perspective. My week has gotten better since the weekend, but things aren't totally peachy yet. I'll probably blog about it over the weekend. Many thanks to those that I've talked to about all this. Rachel--you're going to get the detailed version. Hope you can deal with me!
Like I said, a couple of bloggers have made me see that my problems aren't really all that bad. Many of you remember Ty Bluesmith--the guy that made Flat Belly Fridays a success, and had a legion of fans across blogdom. He and his wife Latty became proud parents again a couple of weeks ago (Ty, I apologize--I can't remember if it's a boy or girl...). The bad news--at the same time, they found a heart defect in Latty. She is having heart surgery this morning, I believe, to replace a valve. While he's still writing in his usual odd style, he's definitely worried. As he should be. He's told me that any and all prayers coming their way would be appreciated!
The other hospitalized blogger is Contessa. She's been in the hospital for over a week with some concern over her unborn twins. And she just found out that she may be there for another 2 weeks. For those of you who haven't been following--her husband left her just before she found out she was pregnant, and she's been going through this pregnancy without him. She's in a hospital in a different state, and is a bit lonely. It's difficult for her family to visit as much as she'd like. Right now the babies seem to be doing OK, and her doctor would like her to keep them in the oven as long as she can. This is one of the strongest women I've ever had the pleasure to read. But she, too, is in need of some good thoughts, prayers, whatever else you can send her.
Me? I'm doing OK. Certainly not in need of the same help as the others. Another juicy tidbit for you before my full explanation--I've got a court appearance to make at 10AM this morning. With luck, the judge will be in a good mood and the coffers aren't too empty. Details later.
I'm $450 lighter (could have been $700), and not in jail! But I have a trial in early August to fight 2 additional citations. Going with a jury trial. If I lose there, I could really be screwed. I'll blog over the weekend with details.
Oh, yeah. We've got a gig Friday night. Hope I'm not in jail!

More Macro HNT

Nothing profound here this week. Still playing around with the macro setting on my camera. To get the full effect of these, feel free to click on the pictures and check out the full size. They're just a little scary!

I didn't prepare (groom) prior to doing this. These were taken with about 2-3 day's growth of beard. I found the great variety of colors of the hairs in my beard to be interesting. And the grayness of my head. My apologies in advance for the nose hairs. And the apparently overgrown mustache. At least I had the decency to not post the hair growth in/around my ears!

This week's Mystery Guest has been incredibly patient! She submitted it in early February, and it was just chosen! I won't give too many hints--we almost met each other on my Caribbean trip, but our wires got crossed. In spite of her bold pictures (she's been seen elsewhere!), she's a bit of a scaredy-cat. And like a cat, she's got a good side, a bad side, and even a dark side! If you think you know who she is, drop her a line. We'll be revealing her identity sometime on Thursday!
Many of you figured out that our Mystery Guest this week is none other than le chat qui a peur! Be sure to stop by--she's giving away kisses this week!
This week's version of "...the Other HNT" has a bit of testosterone to it, and should probably be considered NSFW. A couple of ladies being a little daring too! On a side note--there were over 750 visitors there last Wed/Thurs, and there were only an average of 6 comments for each picture! Be sure to leave a comment, OK?
Early posters include Aughra, Solitaire, Velma and The Melody Censor.
As always--please turn off your word verification for the day!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Two Things

Did anyone watch the AFI Life Acheivement Award: A Tribute to Sean Connery?? I'd do him...
Parents. I'm keeping mine.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Plodding onward...

A zillion thanks to everyone for their concern. Still no details for you, other than the past couple of days have made me open my eyes to some things, realize some things and acknowledge some things. There's a long road ahead of me, and echoing what I said earlier, there's gonna be some changes. Still need the $5K, though.
One thing that won't be changing is HNT. Still going strong! Let's get some pics in for "...the Other HNT", too!
Father's Day wasn't too bad, considering the mental state I was in. BIL3, his dad and my nephew had to back out of the golf date. The nephew's baseball team was "supposed" to get to the championship game on Sunday, but they lost Saturday, so played the consolation game. So S2 and Mom filled in for them. Dad's game was off, but considering his health over the past year, it's not surprising. He's finally accepted the fact that he can't hit the ball like he used to, but he doesn't like it. I was less than phenomenal, but satisfied. Especially since I got home late the night before (3AM--see below). S2 and Mom amaze me. I don't think Mom was in the rough all day. Straight down the fairway, relatively long for her age, and just missing a short game. S2 had the best front nine she's ever had, but wilted towards the end. After golf, we all congregated at my parent's where S2 took over the BBQ duties from Dad (since we were celebrating both his bday and Father's Day). S3 and BIL3 were also celebrating their 17th anniversary (that's the furniture (old) or watch (new) anniversary, if you're interested...). All in all, a good day.
Among the things we did was to watch the end of the U.S. Open golf tournament. I'm not a big Phil Mickelson fan, but watching anyone collapse on the last hole as badly as he and Colin Montgomerie did was just painful. Which isn't to say that I haven't done the same thing! Just not while trying to win the U.S. Open!
So why was I out until 3AM the night before? We played for the PRIDE dance. Of course, this is Montana, so we don't get the over-the-top displays of gayness that other towns do. They were almost {GASP} normal! Which is nothing new to us--we've been playing for this crowd for 8 years. Definite shift this year, however. I mentioned earlier that it's usually been mostly girls on one floor, and boys on another. This year was much more generational. We had an "older" crowd, with more committed couples, and an even mix of guys and gals. They even {{shudder}} danced with one another at times! Upstairs was more of a meat market. And alot younger. And alot of "interested spectators". There's not much to do in Helena, MT on a Saturday night, so if there's a place with a DJ and alot of techno/dance music being played, you'll pay your cover charge to get in and dance the night away with "them". And I think that was the cool thing. The younger crowd didn't look at it as a PRIDE dance--it was more of a chance to DO something. Were their eyes opened? I'm sure that some of them were. After all, it WAS a meat market up there!
Just to pique your curiosity--cops were involved. Twice.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

There's gotta be a change...

Saturday afternoon/evening sucked. Just to let you know--some shit has hit the fan. Things are going to have to change. What really sucks is that it's my own doing. I've been procrastinating/ignoring/assuming/pretending for too long. Things crashed down on me Saturday. For the immediate future, things must change. And $5000 just appearing out of thin air wouldn't be a bad thing either. Things in my head are spinning, and it's not in a very good place right now.

To the real life friends, don't ask--I'll get around to telling you, but not right away. To the rest of you, I don't know what effect this will have on us. Probably not much. I'm not looking for sympathy--I'm just venting a little. I'm feeling a little lost. I don't have a better word for it. But things must change.

Anyone have a spare $5K?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Funny

Quick bits and pieces

Many thanks to those who sent well wishes my dad's way. Still too early to know anything. He and Mom want to get a second opinion, which is smart, but it means more scoping up his pecker. We have a golf date on Sunday with BIL3, his dad, and my nephew. I wish I'd gotten out to play more this spring...
We have a gig tonight. Yay! It's been awhile since we've played--over 2 months. We haven't even rehearsed in that time. I think it's been good for us, though I miss the money. Having said that--we play each of the next three weekends. Tonight we play for the statewide PRIDE celebration in town. We've played for their Saturday night function every year for 7 or 8 years now. They love us! I don't necessarily like the venue we're playing at, but we don't have any say in it. It should be hot and sweaty and chock full of lesbians! The guys go to a different floor and dance to a DJ. It's almost like high school all over again--boys on one floor, girls on another! I'll report if there's anything exciting to tell!
Heard from a HNTer yesterday by email. Among a number of topics, she mentioned (sheepishly) that she had just visited "...the Other HNT" for the first time, and was totally blown away by it! Had no idea that amateur models/photographers could do such high-class work! Have YOU stopped by yet? One of the repeat contributors over there mentioned that she thought that by now there'd be a line around the block trying to get pictures up there! We need some new blood (though there's NOTHING wrong with the contributors we've had!), so feel free to submit something!
Mini-rant: Could you please reconsider the use of videos? Particularly anything from VideoCode? They freeze up the browser, or at least take forever to relinquish command back to you. Do ANY of us actually watch those videos that you post??? YouTube and Castpost seem to be OK, but VideoCode really sucks!
A big honkin' Happy Birthday to Julie today! One of the founding members of HNT, she's since retired, but still snoops around here a little bit. Hope you get some video of those lightning bugs!! I'd love to see it!
Hope you all have a great weekend. Give your dad a hug on Father's Day--even if you don't like him! He'll appreciate it!

Friday, June 16, 2006

6 Weird Things About Moi, Osbasso

I was somewhat encouraged to do this, so here goes another list. The hardest thing about this one was coming up with six weird things. I'm just not that weird. Really. Ask Rachel.
  • I tend to put things off until the last minute these days, but go ballistic when others do the same to me.
  • (#100 on my list of "100 Things...")When I putt, I look at the hole, rather than the ball. It's worked well for me over the years, but it drives my fellow golfers nuts.
  • I'll often sing along with whatever music I'm listening to, but I rarely ever sing the melody.
  • If I'm eating fast food that includes a sesame seed bun, I have to eat every seed that falls in the wrapper. I paid for those--I'm not going to waste them!
  • I have a small collection of defectively printed Dr. Pepper cans, including one that says, "DOES NOT CONTAIN MORE THAN 3.2% OF ALCOHOL BY WEIGHT" on the lid.
  • Ocassionally I'll be listening to someone talk, and all of a sudden a common word or phrase sounds like totally nonsensical gibberish to me. I can even have them repeat it to me once or twice, yet I'll be totally clueless as to what they're saying. So I'll just smile and nod.
You know the drill from here. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to do it if you'd like!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Paternal HNT

Well, since many of you wanted to know about the "surprise" from the previous post, I've made a little movie of it with literally everything there is to know right now. You can go here to check it out. Go ahead, I'll wait...

*checking watch*

*excuses self to bathroom for a moment*


So, yeah. Not weighing totally heavy on my mind yet, but still...

Today (Thursday) is my dad's 73rd birthday. Born in Butte, MT in 1933. Smack dab in the midst of the Great Depression. And he wasn't necessarily "expected". His next youngest sibling was about 18 at the time. After a couple of years, the family moved to Helena, and he's been here ever since (other than brief stints in the Navy and dental school).

To celebrate his birthday, and half-nekkidity, I offer two pics. This first one shows my dad with his favorite (only) son on his 27th birthday. Note that my Hawaiian shirt fetish was probably hatched around this time, as well as my constant crotch-grabbing. I was 3 years old at the time.

And this is Dad now. From when we were in Miami. Note that our hair color has changed, I'm still wearing tacky shirts, but I've learned not to grab my crotch in public! Also notice the similarity in how we grab our drinks. He taught me well!

Happy Birthday, Dad. Sucks that this news came at the same time, but I think we'll get past it OK! Plus, you've got boobies below!
Looking for the right song title to go along with this Mystery Guest...

"Hot Fun In The Summertime" Close.

"Spring Is Bustin' Out All Over" Closer. But not quite right. (yeah, I know the song title is really "June Is Bustin'...." Gimme a break--it's my blog)

"Green-Eyed Lady" Not sure...

"Last Train To Clarksville" She's a Monkees fan?

Take your best shots. I'll be revealing her identity Thursday afternoon!
This week's Mystery Guest, as many of you figured out, is Recon (the blogger/HNTer formerly known as "Summer"!). Stop by and say hi!
Another great collection of pictures over at "...the Other HNT" this week. Be sure to check them out!
Lurch, a newbie with HNT, has a different twist to doing HNT. Go visit him and see if you can help him out!
Don't miss out on these early posters: Jes, Wenchy, Solitaire, Trix and TripleL.
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Once in awhile... (fate/the village idiot/God/whomever) will throw a surprise at you to let you know who's in charge. Can't let you know any details, because I don't have any right now. I don't think it's going to be too bad, but it's certainly not great news. Not the time to get bent out of shape yet. I'll be sure to let you know when, if necessary!
If your planning to send something in for "...the Other HNT", do it soon, if possible! Last week's troubles with Blogger made things difficult to do things at the last minute!
I didn't do it last week, but I should have mentioned the passing of the "Fifth Beatle", Billy Preston, at the age of 59. His keyboards could be heard on many of the Beatle's songs, but most recognizably on "Get Back". He also played with the Rolling Stones, and had a moderately successful solo career as well as a demanding schedule as a session musician. He also wrote Joe Cocker's hit "You Are So Beautiful". Preston had been in a coma since November, after suffering years of kidney failure and dialysis.

Tess, over at Urban Gypsy, has started a thing called IMhotTalk, where she posts transcripts of various anonymous chats she's recently had. If you've read her blog at all, you know that there's very little that she won't write or talk about. She's the same in her chats (I'm talking from experience here, people!). I told her I'd pimp her blog, so go over and check her out!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

That's Purty...

I saw this on Leesa's site last week. I found it fascinating, but confusing. Particularly, what was being used for the data? Well, I found the following chart at *Pixie's* site. Then I saw it at the bottom of the graphing page (duh).
    What do all the colors mean?
    blue: for links (the A tag)
    red: for tables (TABLE, TR and TD tags)
    green: for the DIV tag
    violet: for images (the IMG tag)
    yellow: for forms (FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT and OPTION tags)
    orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes (BR, P, and BLOCKQUOTE tags)
    black: the HTML tag, the root node
    gray: all other tags
I found it somewhat fascinating to watch them being charted. And I found that the charts aren't absolute. If you refresh, it will come out looking different. The "flowers" are still there, but they are intertwined differently. I think the effect also is to avoid lines crossing, and I imagine, given time to complete, that would be the end result. But some of these looked good even with the crossings. And sites that you would expect to be simple or complex were just the opposite!

I'm not geeky enough to look at the graphs and decide that some need more tables included (red) or anything like that. I just think they looks purty! You can go here to make your own! Be sure to click on these to get the full effect! (NOTE: it's a time-consuming process. Fun to watch at first, but it'll take while)

My site, and my gmail site:

"...the Other HNT", and the site of a very popular HNTer: and and, and my friends page:

and finally, two more popular bloggers:

Friday, June 09, 2006

Wasting Away the Weekend

No, hopefully I'll be productive this weekend. I'm referring to last weekend. I never left my apartment. Only showered once. Didn't brush my teeth. Accomplished virtually nothing. Normally, one would assume I slept through the weekend. No, I couldn't even accomplish that. I hate wasting a summer weekend like that, and I'm pissed at myself for doing it.

I did watch the Comedy Channel, which was celebrating a Blue Collar Weekend (if you don't know what that is, you're missing out!). I do like that type of humor, but I must make note that Crimson is a true redneck and a real fan. I watched as a favor to her (and after she reminded me) so that we would have things to chat about!

While I zoned out in front of the TV, I was subjected to a variety of commercials, good and bad. My reviews (no particular order):

Whoever came up with Citibank's Theft Identity commercials was a genius. The whole series is great, but this one's my favorite.

"Fifteen hundred dollars for a leather bustier?!? I didn't care! It lifts and separates...!"

I love the candy bar. I hate the newest commercial. The one where the guy sees his date to the door, and doesn't even get a goodnight kiss. He sulks back to his car, grabs a Milky Way from someplace, unwraps it and out pops some sort of bimbo that asks him what's wrong. "Whateva..." Then he giggles (yes, giggles) with his new friend, Milky Way. Why would I run out to buy one of these now??

Suffice it to say that the only time I've ever stepped into Starbucks was to use their wi-fi. But their latest commercial for Starbucks Double Shot sort of has a marching band feel to it. Sort of a stomp/tap dancing thing in unison, a great drumbeat going on in the background, and the catchy "Who'da man? Who'da man? You'da man! You'da man!" I found myself enjoying it every time it came on!

"Men Of the Square Table"--You've seen this one, with "icons" of manhood sitting around debating and making Man Laws. The best one debates whether it's OK for a man to poke his finger in a beer bottle as he's bringing an armful of them to the table. The very Brokeback cowboy drawls the newest Man Law, "You poke it, you own it." Priceless!

Remember when Jon Lovitz used to be funny? When he was going to be the next John Belushi? When he didn't have to lower himself to doing crap like "Subway Dinner Theater"? Sort of makes me long for Jared to come back!

The Bacardi & Cola commercials are a little bit sexist, a little bit racist, and give me some really nasty flashbacks to my college days of the mid 70s. But they make me laugh! For those of you who didn't get to experience the 70s--yeah, this is close to what it was like at times!

I'm not totally sure why I like this one so much. The car doesn't do much for me. It must be the fairy with attitude. Getting splattered against the brick wall, and not taking shit from the punk that's laughing at her. Gay rights advocates have complained about the commercial, claiming that the use of the word "fairy" implies homosexuality. Some people have far too much time on their hands...

This is Tony Sinclair. He pushes Tanqueray gin. I think he was turned down by the Bacardi people. He does get across the point that one should take all things in moderation. But that's about it. He can't sell me gin. Which is too bad, because I like Tanqueray.

Patti LaBelle fainted on stage 12 years ago, and found out that she had diabetes. So now she's helping sell some sort of newer, more painless blood tester. So what did I get out of the whole commercial? She's 61 years old, and looks absolutely fantastic! She, Cher and Tina Turner need to get together and go on tour. Just to show the gawd-awful pop stars of today what it's like to be a true diva!

Really, I Did!

We all know how much of a bitch Blogger was over the past couple of days. I just want to let you all know that I tried to leave a comment on every site I visited yesterday.

Really. I did.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Suffrage HNT


Yesterday was a day to exercise one of the most basic rights that we (Americans) have. The right to vote. Some of the states had their primary elections—Montana being one of them. Paring down a wide field of candidates to a handful that we’ll all get to vote on again in November. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not much for getting into political debates, or get really worked up about any sorts of political candidates. I don’t have a political affiliation. I don’t need a bunch of other people telling me what I should think on one issue, and expect me to agree with everything else “they” tell me to. No, there are far more “talented” people who can do all of that.

HOWEVER, since the day I turned eighteen and I went to the Clerk & Recorder’s office for Lewis & Clark County, Montana to register, I have missed very few elections. Never missed a general election, never missed a primary election. Yes, some of the minor ones, but sometimes they were so minor that I didn’t even know they were going on! I am very much a believer that if a person fails to vote, then they have forfeited the right to bitch about how things aren’t going the way they think they should. And that, as a voter, I have every right to make my feelings known, regardless of “right” or “wrong”.

But Lord forgive me, the thing I look forward to the most when I vote is not the feeling of fulfilling my civil duty. Not the knowledge that I was a part of the voting process. Not coming away with an appreciation for all that our troops have fought for over the years to maintain our freedoms. Not thinking about the barriers that women and minorities and other discriminated groups have had to break down. No, the thing that I look forward to is the small bowl of lemon drops that our election officers put out for the public, and the right to wear the sticker that tells others that YES, I VOTED!!!

Speaking of voting, a longtime HNTer has asked for my help in promoting a project she’s got going. Fidget is entered in a contest sponsored by Mo’Nique. For those out of the loop, Mo’Nique is sort of like a larger-sized Oprah. You can find her show on the Oxygen Network. Fidget can go into far better detail than I about what’s going on, so go check her site. I’ve been told that there might be a repost of one of her early HNTs (that's her, up above)! She’ll also have a link to the voting site.

I’ve been there and voted. You’ll have to register, but there apparently isn’t a spamming problem. I’ve tried to go back and vote a second time, but either they won’t allow it, or more time needs to pass between votes. We were quite successful a few months ago in getting Summer from 9th place to 2nd for her contest. I think we can help Fidget out too! Please stop by and check everything out and cast your vote!
"It's kind of funny for me to stare at a picture like this,
to stare at any part of my body really and see beauty.
Or worse yet, write about it.
But thats what HNT is all about isn't it?
Setting new boundaries, looking at yourself in a new light.
Learning to see the beauty that lies within you.
Being Mystery Guest allows me the freedom
to show a part of my body,
of who I am,
that would never be shown in this light
over on my own blog.
The necklace should be a dead giveaway
as to who I am.
but then again, what do I know...

Well, now that Blogger's finally let me on, I can tell you that today's Mystery Guest is Melissa. No, not that one, the Canadian one! Go see her and tell her hi, eh!

Be sure to check out this week's participants over at "...the Other HNT". Not as NSFW as last week, but still a bit racy. Please be generous with your compliments!
Since so few of us could get on Blogger, there's not many who have been able to post early. Clairebell is up, as well as Susie.
Don't forget to turn off your word verification for the day!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Call for Pictures!

Once again, I'm just a little bit shy on the pics for this week's "...the Other HNT". You always come through, but I'd like to get them ASAP! That allows me time to get them posted, and get my own stuff done too! Anyone interested can get them to at:


Be careful today!

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666.

By the way, "The Omen" remake comes out today.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Mortality Sucks

(I had this drafted over the weekend, then found out Leesa posted some thoughts about it this morning. Must be on alot of people's minds...)
Don't know how "dark" this one's going to be. I've been thinking alot about mortality over the past few days. Not to the point to really make things gloomy, but making me think about the randomness of it all. Cases in point:
  • A certain blogger by the name of Farmboy Larry died a week or so ago. Not someone that I personally read, but I'd seen his comments around and quite a few people did read him regularly. He found out last month that he had cancer, and then unexpectedly dies of a heart attack at the age of 45.
  • Another blogger mourns the loss of a blogger friend who was murdered a couple of weeks ago.
  • Another blogger is in the midst of her own drama. She has a terminal disease. Doctors tell her she's got until August. This wife/mother isn't dwelling on it in her blog. But my heart cries at the thought.
  • My closest, bestest friend in the world is dealing with the impending passing of her mother, who has numerous health problems, the most serious of which is cancer.
  • I've read of three different bloggers who have had to have their pets put to sleep (shut up--they're as much a part of the family as your snot-nosed little brother!)
I don't know if there's this much pain and loss going on regularly in my little bloggy world, or if I'm just oblivious to it. Or if there are events in my real life that have made me more aware. In any case, there just seems to be a little more of it these days.

I had a discussion with Rachel last week about this. Who would inform you, the bloggerfriends, of my unexpected demise? Undoubtedly, she would do it, assuming she knew. So would Moose, again, assuming that she knew. But there's the rub. Who would tell them? I know whom my family would contact, and Rachel and Moose would be on the list. But I don't think the family would know how to contact them. Or how important it would be to contact them. My closest friends are strangers to them. My online friends are a mystery to them. All of a sudden, the concept of a will makes a whole lot more sense to me!

Rachel and I came to an agreement about what needs to be done first when we hear that the other has met their untimely death. Before our mothers get involved. She has to come get my computer and destroy it. Or at least rip out the hard drive and toss it into a large basket of powerful magnets. I, on the other hand, have to try to find her secret "personal recreation" stash. Not sure where that is, exactly, but it'll give me an excuse to feel around in her underwear drawer....
EDIT: Just a note--I'm not sad/depressed/blue/in a funk. This is just an observation.
EDIT II: And so it continues... Condolences to the others I've learned of since the post was originally written.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Bug!!

Monday is the day we celebrate the birth of our favorite ladybug, Mellissa!
She's flying in from Switzerland to Barcelona for her birthday.
Does anyone else do something like that for their birthday??

Happy Birthday, Bug! Hope you're having a great time!
Everyone should stop by her place and wish her a happy one!
I won't tell you how old she is...

(This is the first image I thought about using for "ladybug".)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ten Unspoken Messages

I found this meme on alot of sites and hadn't planned to do it, but I liked what Tish wrote. Since she's constantly telling me I should play this meme or do that quiz or whatever, I told her I'd do this one, just for her. I would add, as others have mentioned on theirs, that this is quite cleansing for the soul. As noted in my infamous rant from this February, it's amazing how closely my real life parallels my online life!

List ten things you want to say to ten people you know, but never will for whatever reason. Don’t say who they are. (I was confused by the term "people you know", so some of these would be directed to RL people--the rest would be directed to people I've met online. Sorry--no other clues!) Use each person only once.
  • You are so completely different now that when we first met! I know you went through a rough stretch that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but I think you’re stronger for it, and you came through it with flying colors. There’s still much to work on, I believe, but be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far!

  • I absolutely loved our time together that summer. Things got a little messy at the end, and that was my fault. It certainly wasn’t what I envisioned. But to hide away after that without explanation—that wasn’t right. I’m still a little hurt by it, but I do wish you the very best.

  • Don’t be so melodramatic. It’s just another negative force that continues to keep the rest of us from moving forward. You are certainly not irreplaceable! If it’s too difficult to just use common sense and courtesy, then maybe we should part ways. It wouldn’t be any skin off our collective noses!

  • You sat high upon your moral throne, totally unaware of the reality that swirled all around you. You were never supportive of what was going on, in spite of the support received by virtually everyone else. In your mind, I was dispensable. If I were more a part of the “family”, I doubt you would have taken the same actions. You tossed away a very good thing, in spite of all the cries against it. Now it’s coming back to bite you on the ass, and you’re not there to take it anymore. Then again, I doubt you’d recognize you were being bitten.

  • Your pity party is getting really old. You’ve pretty much lost any credibility you used to have. Get over it. If that means getting professional help, then go get it. Yes, things are fucked up for you, but you’ve set yourself up for it. The whining needs to stop. You haven’t made an honest attempt to change your life or take care of things yourself. You used to have dreams of what could be. Now you just have fantasies of things that never can be. Your friends and family deserve better.

  • You seem to be a remarkable person. You face your future with a calm and a grace that few of us ever could. And you’re living your life to the fullest. When all is said and done, I think you can hold your head high!

  • I just don’t get it. Why you? Why can’t some see through you as well as others do? You suck them in somehow. Deceit, flattery, faint praise—apparently that’s all it takes. It’s like watching moths coming to the flame. You are incredibly hypocritical, yet you get people to buy into it. Personally, I’m glad we’re not friends. But it’s still amazing to watch. I just don’t get it.

  • You were a good friend, but things really went much further than they ever should have. I apologize for that. If there’s one thing in my life that I’d love to go back and change, it would be our relationship. I miss that friendship. I don’t blame you, nor do I “hate” you. I hope you’re doing well, wherever you may be.

  • You are a fascinating woman. By your own admission, you are quiet and shy. At the same time, you are amazingly sexy and provocative. You are a master of your craft. Your life’s journey has brought you tons of knowledge, yet you are also blisfully na├»ve. A woman who is wonderfully open, but is equally full of secrets. I wish we’d met at an earlier time!

  • I’m sad that things between us ended in the manner that they did. We used to be able to talk about anything/everything. I warned you about him, even after that shit that should have gotten him canned. I stuck by you, even after he “forbid” you to talk with me. You know I thought that marriage was a bad idea. And look at how things are now. I don’t often say this, but “I told you so.”

I Be Jammin'!

Strawberry and raspberry!
I LUV this woman!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

HNT Through My Eyes

I lamented the fact awhile back that I hadn't really played with the camera enough to get into the macro mode (close-ups). Took care of that last night. It's amazing what you can find in the instruction manual if you actually read the thing!

Anyway, here's my right eye and my left eye. It was either these, or the forest that you'd find up my nostrils. I figured this would be less objectionable! I refuse to use the "eyes are the windows to the soul" line (oops, I guess I just did). I just find the eye to be really interesting! Click on the pictures to zoom in and get the really good look. I didn't realize my eyes were quite this color, whatever color you'd call them...

"On her blog, everyday is an adventure.
Watch out boys and girls... she's crafty.
Just for kicks she ties up bad guys in her "Lasso of Truth."
Are you a clever villain?
Do you think you've discovered her "secret identity?"
Leave her a comment....."
The Mystery Guest this week is Meagan over at "Adventures In Everyday Life". She wrote enough clues that you should have found it on your own! Stop by and say hi if you haven't yet!

Be sure to check out "...the Other HNT" this week! Be warned--it's definitely NSFW! Three guys answered the call right off the bat when I mentioned something Tuesday. And some of the ladies are beginning to really put themselves out there! Be sure to leave a comment or two!
There have been a few people who posted early, so check them out as well. Maddie K, Prof. Fate, Matilda (a newbie from the Philippines!), DaMasta, and Aughra.
I got a letter of resignation (didn't know that was required, did you?) from one of my absolute favorite HNTers, Firefly. The new puppy is really taking up her time! She'll be posting her last HNT, plus a couple of her favorites. She's also making a "Retired HNT" button. She's offering it to those who are still avid HNT supporters, but have dropped out for one reason or another. She's planning to link the button to her HNT archive. Sounds like a great way to use it! In any case, stop by and bid her a fond farewell!
As usual, please disable your word verification for the day!