Friday, October 30, 2009

Annual Halloween movie list

I figured I should re-post my annual Halloween movie list. I have edited little bits of it though ...and even added one two. If you're partying for Halloween, have fun but be safe (yes, Dad...). I'll be home all night watching scary movies and drinking beer testing my blood!
As promised earlier last week, here's my top ten list of my favorite sci-fi/monster/scary movies. They may not be the goriest, or most hi-tech, but I prefer them this way. They are far better movies than gorefests. I will almost always watch these to their conclusion if I happen upon them while switching channels. I got to see a couple of these over the past week while watching AMC's "Fear Fest '09". In fact, I'm adding one to the list that I saw. It should come somewhere in the middle, but then I'd have eleven. But I don't want to knock any of these off the list. I'll number it with a Roman numeral. But I digress...

Here's my top ten faves:

#10-The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)--"Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" Perfect example of substance over flash. Effects not all that good, even for 1951, but I suspect that in its day, it was quite discomforting. If a spaceship landed in D.C. today, no one would be allowed within miles. In 1951, you could bring the family down to look at it from no further away than 30 yards!

#9-Tales From the Crypt (1972)--No, not the cheesy HBO TV series. The original movie. Five tales of impending fate for five imperfect strangers. They are given the option of avoiding their fates - by avoiding living out the rest of their lives. Many memorable moments, including a young Joan Collins being murdered by Santa Claus. Also brings to mind the movie "Asylum", also from 1972.

#8-Frankenstein (1931)--The granddaddy of them all. Not the first monster movie, but the first that truly made the genre such a hit. Frankenstein's monster was grotesque, the story was horrifying, and it was eaten up by the public--at least those who didn't faint! The attempt by man to play God once again fails. But at least he launched a whole new series of movies! By the end of the movie, you actually feel some pity for the monster. Perhaps the mob outside burning down the windmill was the real monster??? Hard to believe that the same guy who could play the monster would go on to narrate "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"!

#7-Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)--I can't remember exactly when I first saw this--grade school, I'm sure. I love this monster! He lives in the Amazon, swims around among some gorgeous scenery, and then falls in love with the girl on this boat. He swims a few feet under her as she's out in the water. He's just shy and horny. This movie was originally filmed in 3D, so there's lots of harpoons and bubbles and swimming towards the camera action going on. As with many of the monster movies from this era, you sort of have feelings for the monster by the end of the movie.

#6-The Omen (the original trilogy)--Creepy little kid is born as the anti-Christ. This is one series that I actually liked all three movies. Following Damien as a little boy, to his teenaged years, to his adulthood. You don't feel sorry for him in the end...

#5-Night of the Living Dead (1968)--This movie shows what you can do on an incredibly small budget. Yeah, the make-up is cheesy, and the dialog pretty cliche, but the story not only scared you, but also touched on race relations, family relations, distrust of government and the like. Great scene of zombies munching on intestines, organs and limbs at the burned out truck!

#MCMLXIXa-The Amityville Horror (1979)--This story is based on real events, though there's a great deal of controversy whether it was all a hoax or not. A family moves in, the walls in the house start talking to the family, blood oozes out all over the place, and the family leaves in less than a month. The real house in question is currently inhabited, apparently without incident. As Larry the Cable Guy says in his act, the realtor responsible for selling this house must be really good! No one in the family dies, but there's plenty of eerie sounds, dripping blood, and the voice of the house. All in all, it's got all the necessary elements!

#MCMLXIXb-The "Alien" series--Another new addition this year. Thanks to The Panserbjørne for mentioning it. The first one (1979) was amazing, with the face-sucking embryo planter, the stomach pop, and then actually seeing the alien for the first time (God bless HR Giger!). Probably one of the finest concepts of an alien in all of film! The second one was pretty good too, with the little girl as the lone survivor on the colony. The third and fourth installments seemed to milk the concept a bit much. Though, the final scenes of the fourth one almost evokes sympathy for the mutant alien/Ripley creature. As its guts are being sucked out of the porthole, you can't help but feel sadness as it seems to be crying for its "mommy" (Ripley). A good set of movies, particularly the first one.

#4a-Young Frankenstein (1974)
#4b-Mars Attacks! (1996)--OK, so they're comedies. But fine examples of movies based on the genre. "Young Frankenstein" used some of the original movie's lab equipment, and used references to it and other Frankenstein classics. With a healthy dose of puns and laughter. Someone called in alot of favors for "Mars Attacks!". Patterned on the UFO movies of the 50s, its cast included over a dozen big-name, big-buck actors, including Jack Nicholson (in 2 roles), Glenn Close, Michael J. Fox, Pierce Brosnan, Jack Black, Paul Winfield, Rod Steiger, Natalie Portman, Annette Benning and Danny Devito. And Tom Jones. Among numerous others. While it could have become quite cartoonish, the movie was played seriously, and even had a couple of grotesque moments!

#3a-Poltergeist (1982)
#3b-Poltergeist III (1988)--Another trilogy that worked pretty well. Except for #2. And #3 was a little weak, but the concept of evil characters in the mirror (or any reflective surface) was a bit freaky. No, the scariest part of the movies are the deaths of those associated with the movies, in particular, the death of 12 year old Heather O'Rourke ("They're heeeerrrreeee....!). The real life stories are far scarier than the movies (though that clown in the picture still gives me chills...

#2-The Shining (1980)--"Heeeeeerrree's Johnny!" Stephen King's novel as envisioned by Stanley Kubrick. As mentioned in an earlier post, the music to this movie is amazing. The scenery outstanding (for the little bit that you get to see). While the movie's best scenes involve Jack, there are plenty of others. The tidal wave of blood from the elevator. The two very disturbing twins. Danny holding a large knife screaming "REDRUM! REDRUM!" This movie has just about all the good things that a horror movie should have. Great story, just enough blood, twists and turns. And Jack is phenomemal.

#1-The Exorcist (1973)--No real surprise here. This movie scares the bejeezus out of me to this day. To the point that I have only seen it all the way through without breaks twice in my life. I usually have to get up at the point when the mother first hears "rats" in the ceiling. Having been raised a good Catholic, I definitely remember the outcry that followed this movie. Crowds stood outside the theaters to pray for the souls that the devil would take from those who watched the movie. Some scenes were so disturbing that people got physically ill, or fainted. Certain scenes never made it to the screen as they were deemed "too graphic"--one of which is the famous "spider crawl" scene depicted in the b&w picture.
On the other hand, I spent an evening with Moose and watched "The Exorcist". She just laughed.

So there you have it. I would recommend all thirteen these movies (yeah, I know. There's more than ten. Deal with it.).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky HNT

I wasn't going to do anything Halloween related for HNT. Halloween isn't the most diabetic-friendly season, as you might imagine. But when push came to shove, I figured it would be my best option.

My original intent was something like you see below, but with red devil eyes. I've never been one to claim that I know anything about Photoshop, but I've played around with the basic settings. To do what I wanted, though, would require a bit more work. I must have spent two hours trying this, that and the other thing. I just couldn't get it the way I wanted. And just when I got something that would work, it wouldn't save correctly. So I scrapped that work and tried another program that I've got. Lo and behold! The result is below!

It's been a spooky month. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (well, the cancer, not the cause)--spooky. Nearly dying--really spooky. AMC's Fear Fest '09--spooky movies! Hope you all get your spook on this weekend!

I missed out on getting a Mystery Guest this week, so I'm going with a bit of a treat for the ladies here.

But I feel a warning is needed. Since it's Halloween, you can click on the jack o' lantern for a scary picture. Seriously. It's scary. Those with a weak heart probably shouldn't attempt to click. It's like nothing you've ever seen. I can't be responsible for anyone who ignores this warning.

Move forward at your own risk!!

You're gonna do it, aren't you?

A bit smaller crowd than usual over at "...the Other HNT", but the quality is pretty good! Be sure to stop by and check out your fellow HNTers! And leave some comments--I know there's a lot more stopping by than by what the comments would indicate! NSFW, as usual.

Trojan has been holding steady in the low 30 range for about a week now. If all of you vote just once, she should jump well into the 20s. Vote tonight, then vote again tomorrow! Vote often! Vote from different computers! Let's help out a fellow HNTer!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hmmm...what can I write about?

Symphony concert went off without a hitch Saturday night. Good crowd, great soloist (piano), and the orchestra played really well. Even without trombones! Set-up and tear-down were quick and easy. I've got nothing to complain about with this one! Upcoming--nothing in November, but two weeks of intense work in December, with performances of "Messiah" and "Nutcracker". Gotta love the season...
Speaking of the season...something I saw at the end of September--my first Christmas commercial! Time-Life selling "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" (or something like that). Featuring the Rockettes! Nothing like high-kicking showgirls to celebrate the birth of Jesus...
As mentioned in my last post, I expected one of my football teams to lose this weekend. Fortunately, none of them did, but Carroll's game was won late in the 4th quarter. Against the last place team in their league. Carroll and the Griz are both ranked #2 nationally in their respective divisions. Not all football is played in Texas or Florida!
I am LOVING AMC's Fear Fest '09!!! It's been a nice mix of old, sort of old, and newer movies, and both original and remakes. CANNOT WAIT for "Night of the Living Dead"! I might have to break out my Top Ten Favorite Scary Movies list!
You still need to go vote for Trojan! She made it up to #31 over the weekend, but has fallen back a couple of spots since then. Help get her numbers up!!
I'm hesitant to make mention of this next site. It's one that I ran across while doing a search for something else. I'm sure that many of you have never run across one quite like it. Unfortunately, there's many others like it. The only way to describe them is that they are written by men who have a specific opinion about the place of women, their role in society, and find examples to bolster their beliefs. Cavemen had better judgment. And yes, a couple of you have been singled out. I won't say whom--you'll have to do a search to find out. When blogs aren't being singled out, new articles and "research" are presented. I only leave the link because I think you need to know what's out there. I apologize in advance on behalf of my gender...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Into the weekend...

We've got a symphony concert this weekend. All-Beethoven. No trombones in this concert, thank God. I still have to do the set-up and tear-down, but that's far less stressful. And I've got a crew to do all the actual work, so all is good. It's nice to get back into the swing of things.
Still getting used to this whole "eating healthy" routine. My blood sugar levels go up and down, but that's to be expected as I figure out what's "right" for me.
My football teams (all over there in the sidebar) are all undefeated, but it feels like one of them might lose this weekend. Not sure why...
You still need to go vote for Trojan! I'll be plugging this to the bitter end!
Don't forget! Fear Fest '09 starts on AMC tonight, and runs through Halloween! Starts with the four "Alien" movies (2 tonight, and 2 tomorrow) and ending with 3 showings of "Night of the Living Dead"! Fear Fest '09 runs all day, all week! I can't wait!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blurry HNT

So things are getting back to a routine around here. Somewhat. The biggest thing I have to wrap my head around, and then toss out, is the old-school concept of what diabetes is. Back in the day, if some kid was unfortunate enough to have diabetes, you knew that they could eat only three things for the rest of their lives. And they got to leave class all the time to go shoot up. And they were fragile, sick creatures that no one would play with. Well, that's not really the way things are. I find that many people still think that way. Truth of the matter is--I'm not wallowing in my misfortune. No sense in wasting time doing that. Things could be worse. It's not heart problems (though, now I have to be more diligent about that), and it's not cancer. I have every opportunity to enjoy life much the same way that I always have. And I can bitch and moan about the meds and all, but that's not going to change things. Maybe it's my carefree attitude. Maybe it's having learned to look forward. I do recognize the seriousness of it all, but bitching, whining or wallowing isn't going to do anything positive for me (as it rarely does).

I've had two wonderful appointments this week. The first was with a very nice young lady who informed me that, because I work at two crap jobs with no health insurance, I qualified for free insulin. SCORE!!! Not only that, but I can get the pricier stuff in the fancy dosage pen, rather than dealing with syringes! Best part--when I told her that I hadn't been able to do any of the paperwork because I'd just gotten some glasses that would allow me to read that morning, she told me not to worry about it because she'd fill out the paperwork for me. Just a couple of signatures, and I'm set!

My second appointment was with the diabetes specialist. We discussed portions and meal planning and all sorts of things. She basically told me I can eat anything (following moderate portions and carb counting). And beer is not off the list! True, the power drinking is no longer an option, but hell, I'm 52. It shouldn't be an option anymore anyway! She was happy with my glucose levels, particularly considering how bad they were a couple of weeks ago. In fact, she's already changed the amount of insulin I'll need to be taking daily. Anyhoo, she asked if I needed any supplies. I did, and since I have no insurance, they give this stuff away like Halloween candy.

Still, the freebie stuff doesn't come for a few weeks, so I'm still having to use a syringe for my bedtime dose of insulin. And unfortunately, my eyes are still out of whack without glasses. To give you an idea...this is approximately what it looks like without glasses. I really hope this part clears up...
Oh little master holy
has to change his name
cause all the boys and girls think
that you're too easy game
don't you know the shoes
is makin' him lame
Shut him up boss
keep the change

Just like Puss 'n' Boots
I hope you don't get shot for tryin'
Get shot for tryin'

--excerpt from "Puss 'n' Boots"
New York Dolls

This week's Mystery Guest will be revealed Thursday afternoon. Be sure to come back to check!
I'm a little early to be revealing, but I won't be online until late tonight. Our MG this week is the better half of "The Dirty Side of Us". Be sure to stop by and catch her other half and more of the boots!

We're back in the swing of things over at "...the Other HNT". Be sure to stop by and check out your fellow HNTers! NSFW, as usual.
I'm going to continue plugging Trojan's bid to win her modeling contract. If you missed out on who she is, she's one of the early HNTers, and was one of the earliest Mystery Guests. She's a model and an actress, and a generally nice person! And she's not terribly hard on the eyes, either!

It doesn't take more than one click and filling out the captcha box. Do it daily. She started out way behind, but is up in the mid-30s. Out of about 5000 women who are competing. Every vote counts!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday stuff

Some people have asked, so here's a couple more details about things...

My doctor isn't ready to say that I've got type I diabetes (juvenile), though I am having to use insulin. Four times a day. Hopefully, I can be weaned off of it through diet and exercise, but that's going to take awhile. Additionally, he's got me on medication for high blood pressure (which has been borderline for years), and for high cholesterol (which has never been high when tested). So my days are now spent on a strict schedule of needles and test strips and alcohol swabs.

The current thing that's bothering me is my vision. It is totally out of whack, but I can expect that to clear up over the next 4-6 months. In the meantime, I have to use 1.5 reading glasses just to focus on distance (I know...seems backwards), and 3.25 readers just to be online. And to read paperwork (of which there's a great deal). I'm just now getting back to some sort of online routine, though it's still sort of funky trying to focus.

So that's it for an update. I've been at work, and I've done some symphony stuff. I'm not quite up to speed with the symphony set-ups, so I'll be doing alot of supervising this time around, letting others do the actual work.
On a lighter note...does anyone else like the Geico pothole commercial as much as I do?? I don't know if it's the voice, or if I can envision an actual person to that voice, but I'm hooked. Though Flo still wins my heart...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins: #146 and other stuff...

First off, thanks for the good thoughts and well wishes. I didn't intend to make my HNT a post looking for pity, though I guess there's not a whole lot different ways to look at it. I did find humor in the "Os, get better. Oh, and I'm up!" way that most of the comments went. It brought a smile!
Current problem I've got right now is blurry vision. It'll be a couple of months before it gets better to the point that it's going to get. In the meantime, I can't read anything without using my Dollar Store readers. They're important when I'm shooting up my insulin, too. It's all to be expected as my fluid levels readjust, but it's a real pain in the ass right now.
I actually took some notes while laid up to post on, but I must have tossed it. One thing I do remember is that AMC will be running its Fright Fest from Oct. 23-31. I'm definitely looking forward to that!!
We have a symphony concert next weekend. There was some concern about if/how much I could do, but I think I'll be ok. The saving grace is that I don't have to play in this concert, so there's far less stress. I'll definitely be in a finger-pointing, supervising role, so things should be fine.
It's been a few weeks since I've played, but I'm back! we go!

1. So are we going to ever have a Big Mac again?

2. Lots of reading and planning is what's up ahead.

3. I love to surprise people from time to time.

4. I really wish there were a middle ground of some sort.

5. I walk a little bit, but that's about to change.

6. Pear nectar is the true elixir of life!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to grocery shopping, tomorrow my plans include symphony and football and Sunday, I want to watch football and read up more on diabetes!

Be sure to check out the other FFIers!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Day HNT

OK, it's time to wipe the slate clean after last week. Anything written or said...I'm not responsible for. Well some of it anyway.

Let's get it out in the open and just say it. I was incredibly close to death last week. Some of you didn't quite "get it", thinking it was just Os being Os. Truth is, I'm not sure I still quite realize it. My sisters and BIL3 do. They were there. Mom does. She saw her little boy lying in bed with tubes in both his arms and looking gray. The small handful of people who heard me on the phone could tell (and once again, my thanks to M, Jessica and my sister for getting the word out to the FB people). No blood or guts or pain or anything like that...sorta takes away from the whole "death" thing. But I was there. Dancing the dance. Not that I realized it...

I'm not going to make this my diabetes blog or anything like that. Nor am I going to be preachy or anything like that. I might play the "I-almost-died" card once or twice. And I might tell a tale or two (thank me for not getting into the TMI of what the meds and fasting can do to a stool sample...). Things around the Land of Os aren't going to change much. In my real life, there's all sorts of changes happening. Hopefully, all for the better. And the best part, you're all going to be there to help!

For HNT, I could have really done the hospital gown thing, but that's too cliché, and you expect more from me. So here's the state of my arm as of Saturday morning. My veins have never cooperated when needles are involved. There's a smaller matching one on the other side, too! If you're really interested, you can click and see a sick Os...

Too much stuff going on this week, so I didn't get a Mystery Guest worked up.
Same thing for OHNT. For those of you who sent something in, I'll save them for next week, if you don't mind.
For those of you who didn't do anything last week, you can still go vote for Trojan on a daily basis in her bid to win a modeling contract. If you missed the details, go see last week's MG. And if you don't think your vote counts, she's jumped up into the top 50 in her category. That's out of over 4500. Please vote for her. Daily!
Still working on getting caught up on last week's HNTs, let alone this week's! I'll get around to you all at some point, I promise!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Angels are A'Watchin'

This will be similar as what I post on FB.

My apologies for not being around, but I've been pretty much near death, especially Friday night. Not the gosh-I-had-too-much-to-drink near-death, but the diabetic coma type of near-death.

I know that this is going to be sadly lacking in details, and I know you all want your own personal story, but I just can't do it right now. I can say that my BIL3 saved my life Friday night. I've learned that nurses named Marti and Jenni and Tom and Kara are angels. And Mom is going to learn all there is to know about this.

I've learned (and will continue to learn) that I've got lots of changes to make. For the first time in my life I'm going to have to start taking care of myself (and that's what I though mommies or girlfriends or wives were for...).

I will try to keep everyone up to date. This past week has been hell, and I didn't even really know it. And for the record...we're still on for Wed. night! ;-)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Yep. I got it.

I'll be back in a few days as I figure out how to deal with this. Lots of lifestyle changes to be made. Thanks to all for your well wishes! It's meant a lot!

For those who don't know the specifics--insulin probably won't be needed. Beer consumption will cease. A few other things.

One bit of interest... I think I weighed close to 350 lbs. at the beginning of the summer. But I'm not positive. Ten days ago, I weighed myself at my parent's about 10 days ago, and was at 334 lbs. Standing on the fancy scales at the doctor's office--303!! I stopped off at my parent's to see how 'off' their scales were--306! So in 10 days, I've lost 28 lbs. And possibly close to 50 since the beginning of the summer. Now I just need to lose more.

As I said--I'll be back in a few days...

Top 10 Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes HNT!

From the Mayo Clinic:
  1. Increased thirst. triple check
  2. Frequent urination. triple check
  3. Increased hunger. not yet. actually, decreased hunger
  4. Weight loss. check
  5. Fatigue. oh, yeah
  6. Blurred vision. sorta comes and goes, but yeah
  7. Slow-healing sores or frequent infections. nope
  8. Areas of darkened skin. nope
  1. ___
  2. ___

Some of you have noticed that I haven't been around (see #5). These symptoms have been coming on over the past few weeks. Things have escalated recently, particularly with # 1 and #2. My mouth has been going dry for weeks. Not so much dry, but pasty. To the point of needing at least a sip of something to allow my tongue to un-stick from the roof of my mouth. At night, I can suck down quarts of water at a time. Unfortunately, that means that I'm up all night to pee it out. About every hour or so. Which allows NO time to get into a decent night's sleep. I now know what it's like to have a newborn in the family...

What I'm finding now, however, is that there's far more liquid pouring out than what I'm putting in. That has to do with #4. Liquids are coming from other places, hence the weight loss. And Mayo says that as my cells are deprived of sugar, I'll get tired and irritable (meaning I'm not online much--Boobie-Thon doesn't even interest me!).

Before you all jump my ass--I have an appointment Thursday afternoon. All these symptoms can also be explained by other things. On a positive note, I've quit drinking Diet Coke w/Lime for over 6 weeks. All I've been drinking has been water. As a result, I think I'm flushing all sorts of toxins out. My knees haven't felt this good in ages!

Finally, I was awarded the Good Read award from Saucy Wildcat a couple of weeks ago. I've been putting it off, but I figure this list was good enough. Even though it only goes to eight.

And to show that I'm losing weight...this was taken just before I posted. The shorts are the same ones that I started out the summer with and are fresh out of the drier, so they don't have that "stretched-out" feel to them. And I'm commando, if that interests any of you. Yeah. I need to see the doctor...

A bit of a twist to the Mystery Guest this week. Back in the Golden Age of HNT, we were graced with the participation of a young woman named Trojan. She was/is a model/actress/and a body building fanatic. And I believe she's the only HNTer who has her own listing at! Be sure to click through for another picture...

Currently, she's involved in a contest with ELF Cosmetics, who are looking for the "face" of ELF. She's going for the 30-something "face". It looks like the contest runs to the end of the year, so feel free to vote daily!!! The link is here. You get to see her lovely face over there, too! Go there now! And go there often!

Interestingly, lots of newbies at "...the Other HNT" this week! Go check them out! And leave some comment lovin'! As always...NSFW!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins: #144 and other stuff...

OK, the "other stuff" will have to wait for a bit. Lots of stuff to talk about, but no time to write it all instead, I give you Friday Fill-Ins, a tad late... we go!

1. I have a history of doomed relationships and love gone bad.

2. Sign language is something I wish I knew.

3. I'm eating (or recently ate) sirloin steak, veggies and creme brulee last night.

4. Lots of dead animals on the road.

5. So that's it, that's the whole nine yards.

6. Half of something is better than nothing!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to laundry night again, tomorrow my plans include football and Sunday, I want to eat and drink with the whole family!

It's That Time Again HNT!

This year marks the 5th Boobie-Thon since I started blogging. So much could be said, but others do it so much better. There are those amongst our HNT community who are breast cancer survivors. There are those amongst us who have had radical surgeries to stop this disease. There are those amongst us who have had to watch loved ones suffer and die (or suffer and live) from/with this disease. Or its cousins.

People often wonder if it's worth it to raise a little money to donate to a cause that needs SO much money fight the battle. The answer is a resounding YES! It may seem like a drop in the bucket, but there's lots and lots of drops that eventually start to fill the bucket. And that needs to continue.

For those who have never heard of the Boobie-Thon, click on the button below to see how you can help. A small donation of $50 is all it takes to get the password to see the uncovered breasts of those who are helping out. You'll see many of your HNT friends over there, both in the 'covered' gallery and the 'uncovered' gallery. Of course, higher donations are accepted! And if you feel that you want to help out by baring your boobies for a very wide audience, they'll be accepting photo submissions through the 7th. All the details can be found on their site.

I count myself fortunate that, in my predominantly female family, there has not been a history of breast cancer (or any of the other 'big' cancers, either. Knock on wood...). Doesn't mean that it couldn't happen. I'm donating to do what little I can to help. Can I afford it? Iffy. Probably not. Am I doing it to see boobies? Actually, after this many years in HNT, no. Will I get a good feeling in my gut for doing it? Absolutely! And truthfully, yeah. There's boobies...
Nothing dark or ominous for this week. I just happened to notice this sliver of light coming into the bathroom from the hallway, and went for it. The b&w just makes it a better picture.

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
And you are the one who'll decide where to go."

From the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, the Places You'll Go"

This week's Mystery Guest will be revealed late Thursday afternoon. Of course, if you think you know who she is, be sure to stop by her place to quiz her!

This week's Mystery Guest used to HNT fairly regularly, but the rigors of school, and frustration over what others expected, cut her participation quite a bit. But she's still around! Stop by to see Laken and say hi! She's a cutie!

People are coming out of the woodwork again for "...the Other HNT"! A little something for everyone over there, but still NSFW! Leave some comment lovin'!
I thought about doing a big birthday post for my mom, but putting up her picture amongst the nekkidness (even though it's lovely nekkidness!) didn't quite feel right. Plus, she'd never see it. So instead, I'll just say that my sister flew in from Portland, and we'll all go out for dinner Thursday night, and do a brunch on Sunday morning, another dinner on Sunday night, and the 4-day celebration will be over. HAPPY 74th, Mom! (I'll try for pics this weekend)