Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oh, yeah...

I would hate to have the record show that I completely skipped the month of November here.

I suspect that, come January, I'm going to let this place go silent.  Not that it hasn't been that way already, but at least make it official.  Perhaps wait until my blogaversary date, which happens sometime in mid-Jan.  Nine years.  Yikes!  I doubt I'll go dark, and I might even come back from time to time, as some of you have.  Then again, maybe I'll get ambitious and start posting again.  We'll see....

Nothing earth-shattering to report.  My Griz beat the Bobcats a week ago, so life is good.  Earned them a #8 seed in the playoffs (and its accompanying bye week), while also knocking the Cats out of post-season play.  It's known now that they'll be hosting Coastal Carolina next Saturday.  Temps for the game might warm up to the mid-teens by that time.  Hope they'll enjoy their trip up north!  GO GRIZ!!!

Longtime readers will remember Sam from Sam's Stories.  She's #60 over there in my list of bloggers whom I've met.  She contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me that her hubby might be accepting a new job offer in Billings!  Since then, he's accepted, they've been up to Billings and have bought a house, and will be moving up in January!  I suspect I'll be heading over there more frequently now (I'll come to see you too, No One Special!).

December will be kicking my ass as far as music is concerned.  Starting this week, there's four performances, more rehearsals than I can count, and five different rehearsal/performance locations, with the appropriate transport of equipment.  And as is normal, the temps will be falling below zero in the next few days.  Can you just smell the excitement?!?

Speaking of FB...I'm laid back enough to let the opinions of my friends roll off me like water off a duck.  I have no desire to get into any online "debates" with anyone based on emotion, bad facts and lack of intelligence.  I've never deleted anyone for their views/opinions, and I won't anytime soon.  But damn, I've got some really screwed up friends!!  Bless their hearts!