Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Short Week

Damn, Thursday (Wed. night) is coming up quick! If you've got pics for the anon site, get them into me ASAP!
I've got only a couple of Mystery Guest pics left. If you want in on that, get a picture into me.
I figured out the Firefox/picture problem, though I'm not sure why it happened. Anyone know why Blogrolling isn't doing the updating thing very well?

Another List

Well, I did it. The dreaded "100 Things..." list. You can find it here if you're interested.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Slow, Boring Weekend

Because of the crappy weather we’ve had all weekend, I stayed inside and pretty much didn’t do anything. But I did spend a little bit of time cleaning out some dead links in my sidebar. There’s a lot more to go, though. If yours is missing over there, please let me know.

Watched a great show last night on TLC. “101 More Things Removed From the Human Body”. Knives, a maggot, a uterus found in a man’s body!!!, bee stingers, a chunk of 2x4. You get the idea. I only caught the tail end of it, so I’m not sure what else was taken out, and I can’t imagine what the original 101 might have been! It's scheduled for rebroadcast on the evening of June 7th (twice!) if you're interested!

The remake of “The Omen” comes out in just over a week. The original was pretty good for its day, but this one looks like it should be really good.

Got some incredibly encouraging news over the weekend. Not a done deal yet, but I’m very excited about the prospects. Don’t you love ambiguity?

Follow this one: My mother’s mother’s sister’s husband’s brother’s wife died over the weekend. At least I think that’s the correct lineage.

My long-distance navigational skills were called upon again as I was writing this. Won’t say who needed them, but it’s not the first time that I’ve had to do this!

Sorry. That’s all I’ve got tonight. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Before the Shroud

This is what I was coming up with when I accidentally came up with the "Shroud".
My apologies.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

It is 4:30PM MDT on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and it's snowing.

I am a musician...

I received an email last week, part of which I’ll quote:
    “Why do you keep doing it, if it causes you so much stress & it's such hard work? Just wondering if the payoff is worth it, since you never seem to mention the joyous portion of that part of your life…”
That’s a wide open statement, isn’t it? What could she be referring to? Well, to avoid drawing it out, it was a reference to the Symphony, and the ongoing hassle that it seemed to be this season. It immediately started me to thinking—I don’t tell you about the good or beautiful things about my musical life. I think I take those sorts of things for granted. This was my response to her:
    ”Good question about the symphony. I suppose that you really do only get to hear the bitching and moaning. The reason I stay is because I do love playing the music. In spite of the whiners and the moaners and the rabble-rousers. When this group is focused on the music, and it's the right music, the only way to describe it is orgasmic. Yeah, that sounds cheesy, but it's an apt description. Music is all about tension and release, and when the tension builds and builds, and everyone is on the same page (so to speak), there then comes a point where there is a huge release, and literally all the musicians will feel it. Even to the point of breathing heavy. Sorry if this sounds like cheap erotica, but that's the way it really is! When it's working right. At other times, it's simply a bunch of people with noisemakers making sounds.

    “In spite of my bitching, I'm also one of those who relishes the pressure. I like being on the "inside" of things--knowing what's going on, knowing things that most others don't (which sounds an awful lot like the MG or anonymous HNT concepts....). This year was particularly difficult due to working with ignorant people. I don't deal with ignorance very well. Not the "I-don't-know-how-to-do-brain-surgery" type of ignorance. But the "lack-of-common-sense" type of ignorance. And that's been running rampant this year. I honestly believe that I would have chucked the whole thing at Christmas had I not taken the week off and run away to Nashville.

    “So, in spite of that aspect, I really do enjoy the rehearsal process, and the making of the music. People who know me in real life know that I'm passionate about the music, and have little patience for many people. They do get to see me smile and laugh and enjoy myself. Those of you "out there" don't get to see that. You realize that this is going to have to be the subject of a post in the near future!”

Mozart had a great quote:
    “I cannot write poetically, for I am no poet.
    I cannot artfully arrange my phrases so as to give light and shade.
    Neither am I a painter;
    Nor can I even express my thoughts by gesture and pantomime, for I am no dancer.
    But I can do so in sounds.
    I am a musician.”

And for better or worse, that’s what I am…

Firefox, Blogger and Flickr, Oh My!

Is anyone else having problems with Firefox and pictures uploaded through Blogger? I can see pics that came from Flickr, but not Blogger. But I don't have the problem with Safari. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Monkey/Trout Update!

Well, it's happened! Monkey's had a Trout! If that's confusing, go see Brico's site for details. And the first pic!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shroud of HNT

A common gripe/complaint that I hear from regular HNTers is how difficult it is to come up with an idea for HNT on a regular basis. Believe me, I share the sentiments! I somewhat envy those who plan out their pictures, complete with extras, and get them done a day or more in advance. Of course, I was also envious of those who always had their homework done on time in high school. But I digress.

Once in awhile, as the ticking of the clock gets louder and faster, I find that some of my best HNTs are the ones that come at the last minute, or totally by accident. Case in point--remember this HNT pic from a couple of months ago?

My creation

This is one of the few that I took time with. To use the Flickr toy that was used to make this, I needed all 16 pictures in the same folder on my hard drive. Fair enough. I went back to this folder over the weekend to try something else--to experiment. I am clueless about using Photoshop, though I hope to learn. I do have a thing called Graphic Converter that was preloaded with my Mac. So I thought I'd play around with it. While I was waiting for the program to do whatever voodoo it would do, I saw an option that said "Merge pictures in folder". I figured, what the hell!

I am in no way comparing myself to Jesus, or the face of the individual that appears on the Shroud of Turin (depending on your own faith/beliefs). I just found it sort of eerie that they look sort of similar. Kinda. I don't know why the program used the inverse images to merge, but it's a pretty neat effect. I may have to spend some more time experimenting!

This week's Mystery Guest is a long-time HNTer. She's not afraid to tell things like they are--no punches pulled! She loves her TV--especially Grey's Anatomy, Lost and House (now THAT'S original!). She loves Water. She loves Chicken. She loves HNT. Gmail has been a bugger, so I don't know if she wants to reveal herself, so email her if you think you know who it is.
Oops! A little late to tell, but alot of people figured out who it was during the day. Of course, it was Sam over at Sam's Stories. Stop by and say hi to her!

Don't forget to check out these early posters: Foxglove, Kitkat, Fame, Aughra and Moose.
Don't forget to check out "...the Other HNT", and please feel free to leave a comment! The participants would certainly appreciate (and deserve) it!
Please turn off your word verification for the day!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A New Button!

For anyone who's interested, I've made a button specifically to send you to the anonymous HNT site. The code for it is on the "Guidelines" page (click on the big blue HNT button in the sidebar). If you're a participant over there, or just a visitor, feel free to use the button!


Now if we can just get you people to comment over there....!


A couple of commenters on a post below here were excited to hear that there were OsShirts. Sorry--those don't currently exist. There is only ONE OsShirt, seen below in a variety of situations, with many of those who have refused to return it to it's rightful owner:

There doesn't seem to be any effort to return it, and in fact, it seems to be living a life of its own, enjoying the time away with its various captors.

Hopefully it will make its way back to me. Maybe I can sneak up on it if it shows up in Chicago...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Summer's almost here...

We are having lightning and thunder, little cloudbursts, and little pellets of hail. We don't often get much more, but when we do, it's quite cleansing. Like the lilacs, it's another sign that summer's just around the corner! YAY!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Interesting View

Not sure how I ran across it, but here's an interesting take on HNT from a non-participant.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Enough of that...

While I liked the whole lilac theme, I couldn't take it for a full week. Mind you, I still love lilac-smelling, and things are pretty good right now, but I couldn't look at that much longer! It'll come back briefly next spring, I think...
THANK YOU to all of you that sent congrats, thanks, etc., etc. for the HNT Anniversary! Some of you went all out! Thanks to some of the old-timers for coming out and doing a special one. And thanks to some of you who did your own "special" one!
I'm down to only one more month's worth of Mystery Guest pictures. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, get a picture sent to me!
While I'm not short of submissions for "...the Other HNT", I'm finding some of the same people doing it from week to week. I know there's many others of you who have considered it. Why put it off??
The final symphony concert of the season is tonight (Saturday). I'm going to be SO relieved! It's been a difficult year--alot of tension from all sides. We've got a meeting on Sunday afternoon--sort of an open forum for all sides to find out what's planned for next season, air out some gripes, and generally listen to each other. Though I think it's overkill, we've got a retired federal mediator who will be running things. At least that will keep us on a time schedule. I haven't decided how to approach things at the meeting. Being both a musician and being on the staff, I'm sort of in my own little cloud between "us" and "them". I could keep my mouth shut and just absorb things (which is what I've done for years), or I could get into some nasty, finger-pointing bitchiness, which is what I'd really like to do... In any case, the concert should go quite smoothly and quite well! But, damn, I'll be glad to be done with this season!
Really, REALLY big hugs out to a certain someone. You know who you are. Wish I could help you out on this one...
To those that I have normally corresponded with over the past two months--I hope to get back at that. April was a non-existant month for me (topped off with the Caribbean), and May has been spent dealing with this final concert. Expect the emails, chats, etc. to pick back up!
I've heard a rumor that the OsShirt is being sent to a new location! Hope to be able to update you on that, as reports come in....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Happy Anniversary, Baby! HNT

Got you on my mii-hiiiind...."

Ah, ya gotta love the Little River Band!

The picture shown above is the very first official HNT picture ever posted. My heel. Damaged, hurting, and fairly ugly. Gosh, how far we all have come!

Earlier during that week, I had chatted with both Rachel and Moose about posting half-nekkid pics. They were skeptical, to say the least. And who could blame them? That first HNT found 5 participants. Rachel, Moose, Juliepathouli, Darrel and myself. All tame, all done in fun, and I fully expected that the next week would see the end of it. By the third week, our numbers had more than doubled! And by the end of June, the blogroll was getting to be unmanangeable.

Obviously, we've all experienced HNT to its current incarnation. HNT is constantly changing. It certainly isn't anything like what I envisioned a year ago, but then again, who could have imagined this! If you look at the blogroll over there, there's 638 links displayed. 638!! While many of them are dead links, or have otherwise left HNT, they all joined in with HNT at one time or another. Some for only one time, others for almost all 52 HNTs to date. With all the memes, games, polls and such that are out there, HNT has lasted a full year. Imagine that for a minute--a full year! There's not many other things on the internet with that track record!

I've tried to keep HNT as "open" as possible. There is no "administration". There are no hard and fast "rules". There's no memberships to buy or fees to pay. Anyone can do it at any time. Sometimes that means that you get more than you bargained for. Both from pictures that you see, or in comments that you get. That's the glory of being that open. I get asked how much money I make on this. Not a dime. People think I'm nuts. For a variety of reasons, but because of that as well. I think that by tying money to it, it changes the whole feel of HNT. Above all, I don't want to see HNT becoming a sexblog. I don't think it will be thought of in that manner, and even the sexbloggers who join in on HNT are more HN than what they do on their own sites. They see the value in "half".

Looking back, what has HNT meant/done for me? For all of us? I think it's got to be the community that has developed. We've had deaths in the family that we've mourned. We've had the pregnancies and births that we've celebrated. Cancer has struck, job promotions have been offered. We've seen people come and go. We've seen people come and go and come back again. Granted, HNT isn't for everyone. Some people see it as just a skin thing--exhibitionism. Others see it as cheap soft-core porn, and are generally disappointed. Still others see it as a thing for losers to do because they can't find a life. These people just don't get it. It's not about the skin--it's about nekkidness. Of the soul, of the emotions, and yes, even of the skin. The picture of a woman's hand cradled in the hand of her father on his deathbed, literally just hours before his death, is one of the most nekkid, most beautiful pictures we've seen here.

But HNT is also about fun. We can't deny that. Rachel was the first to post a picture of her butt. Thank you Rachel! Soon after that, butts were poppin' up all over. Femi-mommy took it another step with her remarkable tattoos and poses. Crimson and Firefly both have shown us what can be done when you are your own photographer! Paul made a couple of series of HNTs. Kalani came up with the Mystery Guest concept when my camera was stolen. Lecram made movies and plays, and even took us to an arts festival! And HNT made the international press! How cool is that?? For me, the HNT highlight of the year was the trip to Nashville. Eleven people, none of whom knew more than 2 or 3 of the others, together for a great party! Well worth the trip! And the highlight of meeting other HNTers across the country--I highly recommend it if you get the chance!

I don't know where HNT is headed. I'd like to think that it could go on indefinitely. That's up to you guys, because ultimately, HNT is all about you. So celebrate it! Continue to have fun with it! Make "half-nekkid" mean whatever it needs to mean for you! It's been a great year--let's keep it up! Party on!

I had no idea that champagne would sting! One last note--there are a number of people I'd like to thank for the past year, but I don't want to single anyone out. You know who you are, we've talked, chatted, emailed. We've bitched, moaned, cried, laughed, gossiped. Some of you are still around to read this. Some of you are not. Regardless, I thank all of you for the friendships we've developed!

This week's Mystery Guest is taking things up a notch for herself. When she sent it to me, she wasn't too sure she wanted to use it. Since then, she's gotten a little more comfortable about her body, so she gave me the OK. She'll probably reveal herself on Thursday afternoon, but if you think you know who it is, go ahead and email her and she'll confirm it for you before then!
This week's Mystery Guest is totally geekalicious. Of course, that means it must be Vic! Stop by, and you get to see her butt, too!

Femi-mommy, as mentioned above, was a driving force in the creative shots that we now see. Her unique tattoos, and uninhibited posing, along with a willingness to share her thoughts and fears, made her a truly unique person. She's had to change blogs a few times, as well as her name, and has finally ended up somewhere that she feels safe. She's out there still, checking a few people out. She had hoped to do a celebratory post, but it didn't work out. But she still wanted to get in on the festivities, so here is her very first HNT. Hopefully she'll toss the new one over here if she can get it done! Femi, we miss you!

Lastly, be sure to check out "...the Other HNT". Once again, just a little more than what you might get on their own sites!

Monday, May 15, 2006

More pics/stories...

Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 Day 6 of the Caribbean is up over here!

Ah, Spring!

Forgive me for the change around here, but Spring has hit me smack dab in the face! It's currently 85 degrees out, the trees are greening (and blooming), there's blue skies, not a lick of wind, and within the past day or two, the lilacs have started flowering! And that's what's done me in--the lilacs. There is nothing like the smell of fresh lilacs. It's a shame that I'll only get to smell them for a couple of days...

Excuse me if I'm not quite myself for awhile. The official signs of Spring have finally shown up in a huge way, and for the first time in months, I feel damned good! Bring it on, world--I'm ready for you!!

(UPDATE!) Funny how the good things seem to happen at once too! At rehearsal last night, I ran into an old friend that I went to college with, but had lost contact with. She happened to be in town to visit her sister, who's a member of the Chorale, and tagged along to the rehearsal. Her husband and I played in rock bands together in college, and I introduced them. The last I knew, they were on the east coast (now in NY), he's a Lt.Col. (commander of bands @ West Point), and the oldest of their daughters is a freshman in college! For a rehearsal that I was not overly excited to go to, it turned out wonderfully! It's the lilacs, I tell ya!

Anniversary Week - get those pics in!

Lots of things going on this week, including two major anniversaries (well, major to ME, anyway), the last symphony concert of the season, and making some travel plans for the near future. So here's my "stuff" for the start of the week--

Thursday, May 18th is the 26th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. I did a somewhat lengthy post on that last year, including my relationship with "Volcano Girl". If you are so inclined, you can check it out here.
The other anniversary, of course, is the 1st anniversary of the start of Half-Nekkid Thursday. A reminder to all that for the "theme" this week, we want to see your very first official HNT picture (even those of you who have just started!), and a second one showing you in some sort of celebration of the anniversary. Balloons, confetti, streamers, champagne, noisemakers, etc. would all be considered appropriate! For those of you who misread things and celebrated last week, I hope you'll try again THIS week!

Not quite sure who the Mystery Guest will be--they haven't been chosen yet--but I've heard from a number of the "legends" who have dropped out for one reason or another and persuaded them to do a special anniversary HNT. It should be a wonderful day!
"...the Other HNT" continues to draw more people as it gets discovered! If you're interested in submitting a picture, please send it ASAP to: hntanon@gmail.com. I'm going to be pressed for time and won't be able to extend the deadline too much for this week, and I currently have NO ONE submitted for this week yet! Some of you expressed an interest in doing an anonymous one for the anniversary. If that's your plan, please send it soon!
The reason I'll have no time this week is because of our last concert of the season. We'll be doing (for those of you who might really care...) Barber's "Overture to The School For Scandal", Brahms' "Variations On a Theme By Haydn", and the Vaughan Williams "Sea Symphony". Nothing out of the ordinary as far as preparation--just the same old routine of concert week. I'll be very busy, and trying to draft my own HNT at the same time! Crimson is going to once again be kind enough to actually do my posting for me. Thanks, babe!
Spent Saturday night at S3's house with S2, S3, and their husbands, reminiscing about the Caribbean trip. By "reminiscing", you realize that there was some good drinking going on... We're ready to go back again! I was there again on Sunday, where we all gathered with Mom & Dad, the neices and nephew, and BIL3's mother and brother. Steaks, beer, wine, sun (85 degrees!), no wind, more stories, games of catch, pictures, plans for a 50th anniversary party for the parents, lots of B.S.-ing, and generally a great day! I need to download the pics I took. Not sure if there's anything interesting there or not...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Honoring a Request

I was asked to spread the word on a particular blogger out there by someone else. Normally, I'd decline, but this one sort of got under my craw.

I rarely get involved with politics of any kind. The one exception to that is the area of censorship. I'm not the type that will tell someone else what they can or can't or should or shouldn't post. Don't believe it's my place, and I'll be damned if someone else has the right to do it to me. But sometimes, something comes around that makes you forget about all that you thought you held holy, and you just want to string somebody up by the balls.

Gypsy Queen (formerly/still known as Samantha Alice--you confuse me, woman!) brought this particular blogger to my attention. His Blogger name is "rapist". His site can be found at http://irapeforfun.blogspot.com. His blog title is "Forced Entry". Claims to enjoy raping women--"all ages, background and shapes..." And now he needs to "confess". You can see where this is going, can't you? Stories lifted straight from the pages of Penthouse Forum, I'm sure. He claims he's 28. My guess is 16-17. What's worse--he's now trolling some HNT sites, and leaving some of the most juvenile comments I've seen since Mighty Dyckerson and his friends.

I will never know what terror a woman must go through when assaulted. I am fortunate enough to have never had a member of my family have to go through something like that (that I'm aware of...), and I've got my own personal opinions about what should happen to someone convicted of rape. But I digress. Since she was far more eloquent in her post than I could ever be, I'll just link to it here. Please stop by and see what she has to say.

Then flag the fucker.

Happy Mother's Day!

Me and Mom, and the two sisters who are also mothers. To my newest friends out there who are moms themselves, or are soon to be, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

HNT and the "Y" Chromosome

Again, before I we get started here, AN ANNOUNCEMENT! Friday, May 19th will mark the 1st Anniversary of Half-Nekkid Thursday! For HNT that week, I want to see two pictures. One picture needs to be a rerun of your very first HNT submission. Regardless of whether you just got started, or were around back in the dark ages. The second picture should be one of you in anniversary celebration mode. Streamers, balloons, confetti, etc. would be appropriate! For those of you who celebrated early, thanks, but come up with something else for next week!
Something a little bit new with HNT here in Back Row. Usually it's alot of feminine half-nekkidness around here with the Mystery Guest, "...the Other HNT", or especially for The Collection. However, tonight the testosterone level is going to be a little higher than normal. The MG is male, and there's a male presence over on the anonymous site. Ladies, I hope you appreciate the fact that I'm taking care of you!

This week and next mark the final Symphony "hell weeks" of the season. Not so bad this time around, but still alot of tension. I didn't have time to come up with anything wonderful, so I've resorted to the last of the cruise ship bathroom mirror pics. Sort of artsy-fartsy, with the close-up image of the bottom of the mirrored door, and a goof (me) in the fuzzy background. As I've said in the past--I can't be "on" all the time! Besides, I'm planning ahead to next week!

This particular gentleman has been doing HNT since around Christmas. He even gifted me a bottle of good Scotch! He's got alot of pics on his own site--a little bit of something for both the boys and the girls! He was the first male to submit a picture to be Mystery Guest, and the first male to hold that esteemed position. I haven't heard from him about revealing himself, so check back to see if he does. If you think you know who it is, stop by his place and say hi!
This week's Mystery Guest is the wise and all-knowing Professor Fate! He was out of the country, so he didn't even know he was up. So to speak. Stop by and thank him!

Be sure to check out "...the Other HNT"! You're really missing out if you haven't been by there yet!
As alway--Mystery Guest pictures are always welcome!
Some of the early posters who can't comment tonight are Mia, Vampire Kitti, Aughra, Boo and Sunny Delight.
As always, please turn of your word verification for the day!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Reminders 'n Stuff

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Don't forget the plan for HNT, May 18th! To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of HNT, you need to post 2 pictures--your first HNT (regardless of how "new" you are), and a second picture showing a little celebration of the occasion! Let's try to get some of the old-timers who have dropped out to do a special one-time return! Contact your favorite former HNTer and invite them in!
Plans are coming together for the Chicago trip. Check the website! If you've forgotten it, contact me or Addict! It's time to make some concrete plans!!!
I'm slowly working on the Caribbean tales. It's taking a bit longer than anticipated. I'll be sure to alert you when a new day dawns!
Are people actually checking "...the Other HNT" site? That's a semi-rhetorical question. Statcounter says yes, but there seems to be more lurkers than commenters! Be sure you check out your fellow HNTers over there!
Still looking for the anonymous HNTs from some of you who thought it was a great idea...! Send them to: hntanon@gmail.com
I'm still taking Mystery Guest pics, too. I've got enough to last through mid-June, I think. You can send them to my gmail account.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Saw this over at The Kat House, and figured I should steal it. I mean play it... She gave me the letter B.

This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.
  • BONE - As most of you know, I play the trombone. Commonly referred to in musical circles as the "BONE". Her name is Michelle. She has been the center of my musical life for the past 25+ years. I also play BASS guitar, and a bunch of other things prior to focusing in on the BONE. She is the one thing I have been most intimate with in my life (which only a musician would understand).
  • BONES - Not to be confused with the first word. I have broken a number of BONES in my life. Including: left wrist, right elbow, right ankle, left thumb, both big toes, nose, back (twice) and a little bone in the middle of the palm of my right hand. Maybe more, but that's all I can think of right now.
  • BEER - BEER would have to be considered my vice of choice. I'm the only musician who lived in the 70s who didn't smoke pot or try other recreational things. Liquor just doesn't do it for me (in spite of the massive amounts of rum I drank last week). BEER has always been the go-to vice. My favorite? Cold. Regardless of brand/flavor/color/cost. Since microbrews are the big thing around here, I've gotten a little bit picky, but not too much.
  • BALLS - Golf BALLS to be exact. There's a family tradition of golf that prevented me from never playing the game. My dad's father was a club pro, his uncles on both sides of his family won the MT state amateur title, my mother's parents lived off the 18th fairway of the local country club, and S2's husband (BIL2) is a club pro. Virtually everyone in the family golfs. Some better than others. Unfortunately, the REALLY good golf genes didn't filter down to me, but I do pretty well!
  • BBQ - Yes, it's a word! One of the best things that my family does is get together at least once a month for dinner. To celebrate holidays, birthday, or whatever. And most of the time, Dad will BBQ. It's been a longtime tradition in our family, and one of the reasons I think that we all turned out somewhat "normal".
  • BROKEN - This doesn't refer to the physical breaks that I described above. It refers to my life. I have been BROKEN. Specifically, around 16 years ago. I'm still not totally mended, and doubt I ever will be. And while I have come a long way, I find that I'm still BREAKABLE. I find that I hurt a little easier, and more often than I used to. And some pieces have BROKEN off that chip away at who I am. I'd like to think that it means that I resculpt myself from time to time, but I don't know how well I do that.
  • BROCCOLI - I love steamed BROCCOLI, but don't eat anywhere near enough of it. Comes from the days that Mom served it to us as kids, limp and sort of cold. She did the same with asparagus and spinach. Cold and out of the can. I've made peace with the BROCCOLI and fresh asaparagus (love it), but not the spinach. Oh, yes. Cauliflower, carrots, too! Still won't eat avocados, artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms, or most squash.
  • BELCH - My nieces grew up with an uncle who could BELCH the aluminum siding off of a house. They loved it! Then my sisters would protest, and I would then only do it when I knew it would annoy them. I taught all of my sisters' kids to belch. They do quite well. Then I get in trouble. Ah, if the kids only knew how well their moms could do it!
  • BOSSY - I hate when a project needs to be done and there's people just standing around with their thumbs up their butt. I tend to get BOSSY. If I'm busy, and something needs to get done, I'll tell someone else to go do it. Doesn't matter if it's a kid or an adult. (of course, don't try pulling that shit with ME!)
  • BREACH - I take this one really seriously, especially since the whole HNT experience has exploded. I have always been someone that people feel comfortable telling things. I've heard more secrets than most should, seen pictures of things that no one else has, talked about others in less-than-complimentary ways and done things with others that no one should ever hear about. It is important to me to never BREACH the trust that others place in me. I've found out, however, that many times, it's a one-way street, and I've been BURNED by placing my trust in others. It's been that way most of my life.
  • BLUEGRASS - I'm not sure at what point I started listening to BLUEGRASS music. Within the past 10 years, though. I don't quite like the traditional stuff, but the new stuff is pretty good. It came as part of a change in my listening habits. I never used to like country, and now that's almost all I'll listen to. The "rock" music of today (the past 10-15 years) is mostly crap. So BLUEGRASS and country is what I focus on. Of course, the classical and jazz that I own gets alot of play, and the music of my youth will always be special, but I'm finding that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
Yes, I listed 11 words, but the first two are so close, I figured I'd cover my BUTT for those who insist on purity. By the way, that's a word that I purposely avoided, as well as BREAST, BOOBS and BOTTOM. Just too damned easy! If any of you want to play and get assigned a letter, leave a comment and let me know!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

HNT and Mirrors

Before I we get started here, AN ANNOUNCEMENT! Friday, May 19th will mark the 1st Anniversary of Half-Nekkid Thursday! For HNT that week, I want to see two pictures. One picture needs to be a rerun of your very first HNT submission. Regardless of whether you just got started, or were around back in the dark ages. The second picture should be one of you in anniversary celebration mode. Streamers, balloons, confetti, etc. would be appropriate! I'll remind you again next week--
There were plenty of half-nekkid bodies last week on the ship. I could have copped out and taken alot of those, but I'm above that sort of thing. Well, I'm not, but I'm not going to use them for HNT.

Instead, I've got two artsy-like pictures of me sitting on the toilet of the very small bathroom in my cabin. Not small like the back of an airplane or a bus small, but small enough. The shower induces a bit of claustrophobia, and if you drop the soap, you're screwed. "Cozy" would be the best way to describe it. Very clean though! And mirrors. All over the place. I think it's that decorating trick of trying to trick you into thinking a room is bigger than it acually is.

While sitting on the toilet (don't ask why I had the camera with me...), I noticed that the medicine cabinet door (a mirror) opened up, and gave me all sorts of great visual angles. I've long thought about doing a HNT with lots of angles of mirrors, so I figured I'd just take advantage of the situation. So much so, that I give you two different shots! In the first one, please notice the sunburn beginning to form on the back of my arm/shoulder. I also like the very disjointed placement and aim of the camera in each of them. No, I didn't spend my week sitting on the toilet contemplating the various angles of lines of sight. These were taken just before leaving the ship for the last time. And for the record, since someone's going to ask--no, I'm not taking care of business, either!

"You may have seen a similar picture that I posted before. I was going for a massage. If you don't remember, I had strained my neck a while back. I tried heating pads and a new pillow, but the massage works best.
Come by and say hello if you recognize me.
Happy HNT everyone!
~ hugs"

This week's Mystery Guest is none other than our longtime friend Lee Ann! Stop by and say hi!

Be sure to check out this week's entries over at "...the Other HNT"!
Then go check out Day 2 of my Caribbean trip over here. More days to come as I can get to them!
THEN check out the early postings by Vampiric Kitti, Aughra, grody jo-dee and Jonathan (welcome back!).
As always, please turn off your word verification for the day!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Time To Get Busy!

OK--it's back to business here at Views. I'm working on the Caribbean stories/pics for the other site. I'll be sure to let you know when it's all ready.
There have been alot of you who expressed an interest in the new anonymous site, "...the Other HNT". It's time now to put your money where your mouth is! If you've got something that you wanted posted over there, send it to: hntanon@gmail.com
Be sure to add a title or blurb if you'd like!
Mystery Guest submissions are still being taken. I'll keep it going as long as I continue to get pictures in. Send those pics to the email addy in my profile.
Big milestone coming up this month. Be prepared for a "theme" HNT! I'll give you details this Thursday!

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm Back!

After living a Buffett-like existence over the past week, I'm back in reality! The current temperature is 40 degrees less than the coldest it got all last week. I sort of like the cool. Heat and humidity is definitely an acquired taste... Since I basically had no internet access, I'm dreadfully behind on checking out all your blogs. It may take me a week, or until I check out your upcoming HNTs. Please be patient. If there's something posted that you think I really need to see, let me know! Right now I have a few loads of laundry I need to get to, so I'm keeping this short. There's lots of pics and stories to go up on the other site, but give me a couple of days to put it together!
My deepest thanks to Crimson for once again handling things for HNT. I had to email her from the ship once I realized that I would be unable to do it. So with short notice, she stepped up for us. Even got a great anonymous Mystery Guest to help out. Now I know what it's like for you guys when I post them! I have no idea who it is, and she's not telling!
A hearty, but late, congratulations to Crystal over at Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper. She got married about 10 days ago, and has survived the ordeal!
A hearty, but late, Happy Birthday to Biscuit, who didn't announce it blatanly on her site like some people do.... Hope you had a great one!
Oops--another birthday. Lily over at Lily's Circus had one on Thursday!
And one more--Leela just had one on Saturday. Be sure to stop by all of them and wish them the best!
Issue #2 of Estella's Revenge is online. Be sure to check it out! Brought to you by the overworked, but rarely whiny Andi and her talented stable of writers/thinkers!
To the small handful of you that requested gifts from the Caribbean, you'll be getting them soon! Who knew that rum from Belize was so damned good??