Saturday, December 31, 2005

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The Highs & Lows of 2005 - The Highs

Damn--this is taking longer than anticipated! I thought I could get this done in one post. Obviously not! Here, I present the second half of the post from below.

"The 10 High Points of 2005"
(in ascending order)
    10. The Brad Paisley/Sarah Evans/Sugarland concert in Spokane with Megan. She's not a regular blogger, but she lurks from time to time. Great conversation, fun times! We had to drive back the same night so she could be at work, and I could get in line for Seinfeld tickets. No picture here--my camera was AWOL!

    9. Class of '75 30-Year Reunion. For you youngsters out there, when you get to this point, reunions are FUN! Bodies have changed, kids are most likely in high school, spouses don't get jealous, games aren't played much anymore. I saw some friends that I'd lost contact with since early college. I saw some friends from the cross-town high school's reunion that I hadn't seen since 6th grade! No pictures here, either. Too busy drinking beer!

    8. Symphony Under the Stars. The summer concert that the Symphony puts on for free on the campus of Carroll College. We had upwards of 7000 people out for the concert, which isn't bad at all. This is an official "View From the Back Row."

    7. Alison Krauss concert in Bozeman with just.a.girl. We were center aisle, maybe 5th row (can't remember). I was nabbed by security for having the audacity to take pictures. I got the camera back, after they deleted the memory card. Thank God for recovery software! This was also where I got to meet my second first blogger (and very first fan!) Lizabeth!

    6. My band--In Cahoots w/the Mob Rules Horns (yeah, it's damned long, isn't it?)--was named as the best band in town as voted by local residents. This, of course, wasn't news to us, but it was nice to see that everyone else thought so too!

    5. Early in my blogging, I got a comment back from someone who claimed that we lived in the same town. Son of a gun, darned if she didn't! Rachel has turned out to be one of the best beer buddies a guy could have! We spend alot of time together, which is nice (hope you guys are a little jealous out there!). She's told me to fuck off (in that seriously pissed at me way!), she's gotten girlie on me, we've watched all the Star Wars movies together. Among our activities was going to see Willie Nelson, together with Reckless Kelly and another band (my apologies to the Austin readers--Mike + the Mechanics is the only name I can come up with--you know who the other band was!). Cold and rainy and kick-ass! And Rachel flirted shamelessly with Willie throughout the entire night!

    4. My Portland trip in November. I got to see the Rolling Stones!!! I drove to Portland for the concert and took the ever-lovely just.a.girl. Lots of good things happened on this trip--the concert obviously, the half-nekkid pics of her and her best friend, the drive to the coast, the sushi above Portland. And the unannounced meeting of my second blogger--Addict! The brief amount of time spent with her was beyond-words-wonderful!

    3. The time that Moose was in town this summer. As I've said many times before, she is my absolute closest, dearest, bestest friend. I hadn't seen her in probably almost a year. Of course, I had to share her with her many friends here in town, which sucked, but what can you do? While she was here, she and just.a.girl and I went to the Mission Mountain Wood Band reunion concert. That doesn't mean much unless you're from Montana, but it was a great time! Moose--you need to move back to Helena!

    2. HNT--What more can be said? When this whole thing started in mid-May, I don't think there was a person on the face of the planet who could have anticipated what it would become. Not just half-nekkid bodies, but half-nekkid souls, half-nekkid confessions, and half-nekkid friends. I have gained dozens of new friends that I am closer to than the people I know in real life. I have become quite close with a small handful, and I'm so happy that they have come to depend on me, as much as I depend on them! I have gotten to meet many of them. I am amazed, I am humbled, and I am ever so grateful that you people have made this such a large part of my life, as well as yours!

    1. There was really no competition for this one! NASHVILLE!!

    I was in dire need of a getaway, Carroll was playing for the championship, and the circumstances were favorable to make this trip. I contacted Samantha Alice to see if there was a chance to meet, or even have a little party. Tish was already coming from out of town, and I had both Moose and just.a.girl looking at flying down for the football game (didn't happen...). Then RayRay joined in, and others started showing interest. I checked out the drive, and whom I might be able to meet on the way. Got to meet Fems, FreckleBoy and GG. Tish drove in on the night before (HOOTERS!). We picked up RayRay on the way to the game. The football team won their 4th consecutive national NAIA championship. We get back to party at the Nashville Hilton with KellyKline, SamanthaAlice, Dr. Pineapple, Summer, YoJ, Bsoholic, VampiricKitti and Chunk. I hadn't felt so much at ease in months. After many hours, we went our separate ways, but all with new-found friends. I got to meet Kalani for far too brief a time on my way to Minnesota. And I got to spend some time with Moose. This was, by far, the best thing I've done for myself in ages!

The Highs & Lows of 2005

There's less than 12 hours left in 2005 in my particular time zone. I've been reflecting on what the last posts of the year should be. Many of you have done the full "year in review" thing. Some have gotten reflective. Others have started looking to 2006 already. I've decided to do two lists--"The 10 Low Points of 2005" and "The High Points of 2005". If I had a little more gumption, I'd have given them snazzier titles, but I've only got 11+ hours left!

"The 10 Low Points of 2005"
(from least low to lowest of the low)
    10. I got ticketed for slowly rolling through a stop sign. Which then got me the obligatory "not wearing seat belt" ticket. Fortunately let me slide on the "no proof of insurance" thing.

    9. Death of Pope John Paul II. Though I'm not an actively participating Catholic, I was raised Catholic, and consider myself a Catholic. John Paul has always been a great man in mind. Sure, there are those who have issues with him and the Church, and that's OK with me. I watched the entire week's worth of coverage on TV. It was a very sad week indeed!

    8. Katrina, Rita, et. al. While safely tucked away in the mountains of Montana, I'd normally look at the destruction and give the standard "Wow, that's too bad" response, but this time around, through blogging, I found that I knew people who were dealing with it on a first-hand basis. The fact that parts of the area still look like a war zone still amazes me.

    7. Bloggers dropping out of sight. Everyone has their reasons for starting a blog. And there's as many reasons for dropping it. But I hate seeing that bloggers that I've enjoyed either drop with no warning/explanation, or they drop after bitching for awhile. Regardless of the reason, I generally don't like it. I'm selfish in that respect.

    6. Bad things affecting my blogfriends. There's been death, cancer, suicide, sexual assaults, divorces, etc. among them or their RL friends. Again, this stuff happens all the time, but now it's affecting me, because it affects my new friends. I said this when I first posted about it---damn you all for making me care!

    5. Music stand in the mouth. This happened in April, while loading a U-Haul to go to an out-of-town gig. You can read about it here. It happened the day after my birthday. It screwed up my chops for about 2 months, and I now have a permanent dent in my upper lip from where it hit....

    4. Missing the Crosby, Stills & Nash concert. I spent some bucks for these tickets. The concert was in Missoula. Twenty minutes before the gates were to open, I was in a park in Helena drinking beer, oblivious to the fact that I'd forgotten about the concert. They would have been playing their encore by the time I would have gotten there. So I stayed in Helena and drank considerably more!

    3. Assholes invade HNT. And not in a good way. I should have expected it, but haters decided to attack a couple of HNTers in particular. Of course they left anonymous comments, or made it difficult to track them down. Some sites were shut down. Others were renamed/moved. In any event, this has left a tremendously bad taste in my mouth.

    2. My camera gets stolen. While playing a gig, at the same park mentioned in #4. While it did result in a great camera to replace it (without any insurance $$), and spawned a great number of weeks of Mystery Guests, my trusting nature took a kick to the gut.

    1. The worst low of the year-- the lack of commitment from players in my orchestra here. It has been the #1 source of frustration and tension in my life for over a year. It forces me to have to spend money to replace them at the last minute, which in turn incurs the wrath of the overlords of the Symphony. I'm disgusted with the attitudes of some players that I used to consider friends. I know it's not personal, but I take it that way. And I shouldn't.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Year-End HNT Memories

Edit: Two things I've notice about today--1) This was an inadvertent way to show off to some of the newer HNTers what we "old-timers" have done over the months. Alot of exploring the archives going on today!, and 2) I have a great deal of housecleaning to do over in the Nekkid roll. There's alot of dead links I need to get rid of! Continue on....!

Just a reminder that the plan for this HNT is for you to pick your personal favorite HNT picture from the ones that YOU'VE posted. And write a little blurb about why it's your favorite. Of course, many of you will do a new one instead, or in addition to your favorite. Or you'll pick more than one favorite. That's OK too!

For me, there was really only one choice. HNT w/Me & Michelle in the Tub. This one showed up on Sept. 15th. I like it the best because of the long story that preceded the actual picture. More than a few of you were ready to string me up by my privates for what I wrote, which described, among other things, physical abuse, playing around, loyalty, threesomes, and the fact that Michelle stuck with me through thick and thin.

If you want to check the original post, you can find it here. So give us your favorite! And then let's ring in the first HNT of 2006 with a bang!

The only notification I got about early posts were from Trouble (a newbie), and Susie & Mr. Ratburn (doing a little tag team post).

Other things to check out:
  • Be sure to get listed on the free Frappr map. The link is over there in the sidebar---->>
  • There's only a couple more days where I will blatantly be asking for booby shots. Many of you have graced me with your pictures, and to you I say thanks! Many of you are teasing me with "I'll get one to you" or "Maybe". You need to get them to me! If you have questions, see the post below from a couple of days ago.
  • In case you don't make it back here in the next couple of days, here's hoping that you have a SAFE and Happy New Year! We want to see you all back in 2006!!!

End of Year HNT

OK--I promise that this will be the last time I screw with HNT for awhile. It was painfully obvious that many of you don't come by here on a regular basis, as the Christmas Wish HNT came as a suprise to many of you. That's OK, my ego can handle that. It also shows why doing a "theme" for HNT is risky at best!

That having been said, I'll offer one last "theme" for 2005. A few of you over the past month or so have suggested that I come up with a "Best of HNT", or a Top Ten list of favorites, or something like that. HNT has never been intended to be a contest or other competition. Though some of you do it on ocassion, I don't rate HNT pics, or set up a specific site (like Bloggin' Hotties). That's never been what HNT is all about.

HOWEVER--for the end of the year, I think it would be good to see what you think is your favorite HNT picture that you've posted. And maybe a little explanation of WHY it's your favorite. Don't put up a picture of someone else's HNT. We want to see which of YOUR OWN pics is your favorite. And why.

Again, this is optional. If you've got something ready for this week, go ahead and use it. If you're still dealing with family and the holidays, then this will take a little pressure off. If you're a relative newbie, then you certainly could go either way here. And trust me--no more "themes" for quite awhile!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blogging Memories

I stole this from Leesa's site. It's pretty cool.

What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2005.

January: Yep, it's happening! (Starting my blog, that is!)

February: As I was trolling around the blogosphere (a word I don't like--not sure why), I saw a post by a woman who was so excited that she found an alternate way of posting pics without using Hello, or whatever PC people use. (I tend to ramble on, can't you tell?)

March: I'm flipping through channels, waiting for something decent to come on, and I end up watching "Nashville Star". (Why was Bret Michaels from Poison a judge for this???)

April: His death hasn't been announced yet, but it seems inevitable. (Pope John Paul II)

May: I didn't own my first computer until I was 30 years old. (Post about how damned old I am...)

June: I don't usually get worked up about much, but once in awhile, I just get pissed off. (Rant about Burger King employees leaving two slices of tomato on my Whopper, after TWICE requesting no tomatoes.)

July: Here's to Ago-go, Dena, Corrina, and any of my other Canadian blogfriends I'm not aware of. (Happy Canada Day!)

August: Like I don't have anything better to do, such as SLEEP! Here's an alphabetical list of CDs I own. (Sort of self-explanatory.)

September: I have 2 tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash in Missoula tonight (115 miles west of here), and the gates opened 20 minutes ago! OH, FUCK!! (And I'm drinking beer in a park in downtown Helena. FUCK!)

October: I have my own personal reasons for contributing to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (the same group that organizes the "Race For the Cure"). (Plugging this year's BoobieThon.)

November: Well, I'm here. (Reporting on my trip to Portland to see just.a.girl and the Rolling Stones.)

December: Let's get down to business first. (Announcing that the day was Sasha's birthday.)

As I was going through Leesa's first sentences, I found that I need to go back and check some things out! She didn't leave any explanations, which made for interesting comments! Please feel free to steal this and relive your own 2005!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tagged Yet Again!

I generally hate these things, but I was tagged by Kelly, so I'd better do it. She's got a shirt of mine that can be held hostage. Or worse....
    1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
      I was the Executive Director of the Symphony. At the time it was a highly dysfunctional non-profit, with board members making my life a living hell. I was the sole staff person, other than the music director. (By comparison, the Symphony now has a 17-member paid staff, and the Board pretty much stays out of the way!)

    2) What were you doing a year ago?
      Lamenting the fact that I had nothing planned for New Year's Eve. Ended up going to two different parties that night!

    3) What are 5 of your favorite snacks?
      Ruffles Potato Chips w/Nalley's Dill Pickle Dip.
      Macadamia Nuts.

    4) What 5 songs do you know all the words to?
      Rodeo Song - Gary Lee & Showdown
      Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw - Jimmy Buffett
      Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key
      King Herod's Song - Jesus Christ Superstar
      Brandy - Looking Glass

    5) 5 things you would do if you had money--
      Take care of family members.
      Take care of close friends.
      Get a bitchin' stereo for the car.

    6) 5 bad habits--
      Spending money I don't have.
      Not introducing friends to others (sorry Rachel!).
      Paying bills late.
      Being sarcastic at inopportune times.

    7) 5 things I love to do--
      Music--anything to do with it.
      Surf the internet.

    8) 5 things I would never get new, buy new,or wear again--
      Cowboy boots.
      Sweater vests.
      Pre-recorded VHS movie.
      Off-the-shelf musical instrument.
      Ice skates.

    9) 5 favorite toys (not in order)--
      New digital camera
      Michelle (my trombone)
      Bass guitar

    Now I get to tag 5 people--
      I will not subject this torture on anyone further. Besides, I think everyone I know has done this one at least once already!

Odds & Ends

Some of you might have caught the short blurb I posted just before leaving for Nashville that my computer crapped out on me. Yes, people, my Mac Powerbook was acting up. The one thing about Macs is that they never crash and burn. But when they do, they do it big time! I had my iBook with me on the trip (the one that had 2 screws and a spring left over after I swapped out hard drives). That was a lifesaver! After coming back home, I tried a couple of things to fix the Powerbook, then the weekend hit. Well, yesterday was dedicated to reviving it. After some cloning, and copying, and purging and erasing, I believe I've succeeded! This post is being done on it! And I've played around on some other apps, and things seem to be fine. Now I have to spend time wading through 343 unread emails (it duplicated alot, and there was alot of emailing going on during Nashville), and also getting this site out of its Christmas mode. And my surfing has been lacking too. So be patient with me!
I don't normally get involved in doing the prayer request thing, especially for complete strangers, but Julie brought this site to my attention. This woman has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy once a week now. She's not dwelling on it though--it's wonderful to see how upbeat she is about things. But she doesn't sugarcoat things either. Go check her out. She could use some prayers and good thoughts going her way. Maybe even some more tangible things as well.
Christmas around Osville (Osville???) was spent with family for the weekend. All but one sister live here, so it's not that hard to get together as a family, but during the holidays it's always special. And fairly quiet. There was more food than there should have been--thank God for the concept of leftovers! And beer. And the two older nieces beginning to get in on the "adult" discussions (no, not that type of adult). Discussing world affairs, politics, etc. Hard to realize that the oldest one has friends who have been married for a year or two with a kid. She just doesn't seem that old! Oh--no cameras. Anywhere. All weekend. I suck.
Update on Dad--First off, thanks to those who have asked about him. He's doing quite well, but will have to go back for a 15-minute surgery in mid-January to adjust the pacemaker somehow (all over my head....). When that happens, they'll take him off the medication that is currently causing him to have fluid in the lungs. He's moving a little slowly, and he tires easily still, but that's to be expected. He's got a little more color to him now, so that's a good thing. The plan is to do surgery, then fly off to Hawaii for 2 months. Damn, it must be nice to have come up with a good retirement plan!
The boobies request is still bringing in submissions. Now I'm waiting for those of you who said they'd come up with something.... don't let me down!
Not much more to write about at this time.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Wishes

To all of you--the very best Christmas wishes! I've met (and actually MET!) so many new friends this year that I can't possibly get out to all of you personally. But it doesn't diminish those wishes, or my desire to say them to each and every one of you. I hope you all have a great weekend, great times, and a very Merry Christmas!

Now leave me some wishes in the comments....!

BTW--Boobies can still be left at osbasso (at) gmail (dot) com!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shameless Christmas Begging

EDIT #3: Booby pics will always be accepted at any time. I will only be blatantly crass and crude and continue to publicly ask for them through the week.

EDIT #2: Who would have thought that just by asking, I'd get booby pics?? And a safe to keep them in? Or an album to keep them in?? While I'm not being flooded by pics, I'm getting quite a few of them! Many thanks to those who sent a pic in, or said that they were working on one. All very tasteful, all very nice. One, in particular, was a bit of a surprise, but certainly appreciated! So in the spirit of Christmas gift-giving, I'll continue to accept booby pics for another week up to the New Year!

EDIT: Today's HNT/Christmas gifts post can be found a few posts below.
I've gotten some good response to this. Thank you to those who have taken the time!

A couple of weeks ago, Brico caused me to be in a little bit of hot water. He referred to my "private HNT collection". I said at the time that such a thing didn't exist, and then all sorts of people piped in with opinions about that. Yes, I've been privy to some preview shots, and have made suggestions with many, but I don't have a "private collection". After receiving another email this past week which basically mentioned the same thing, I've decided "screw it", maybe I should have one. To paraphrase a fellow blogger who apparently has had success with this, "If you ask for them, they will send them..."

So that's what I'm going to do. For Christmas this season, I want booby shots for my "private collection". Gentlemen need not send any. And no pictures of the weird bird or orangutan boobs. I want YOUR boobs. Uncovered, uncluttered boobs. More than half-nekkid boobs. For me, and me alone. Not that have been shared with others. Not that might have found their way to HNT. No cartoons or pics of Pamela Anderson's. Your boobs. Send them to my gmail account: osbasso (at) gmail (dot) com. If you want to send more than one picture, that's OK. If there's more than just boobies, that is certainly your decision. I'm OK with that too!

I won't tell who did or didn't send them. They'll never see the light of day. I just want my own "private collection". If this seems crude, I apologize. A week of traveling will do that to you. Thank you in advance for your holiday spirit....

My Impressions of the Nashville HNT Crew

I've already had a few emails wanting to know what so-and-so is really like in person, or are there fully-nekkid pics of you-know-who available for purchase, etc. To set the record straight--if there was full-nekkidness, I didn't hear about it, and I didn't get to see it. Except maybe for Sam & Don. And everyone got along quite well! But I think it's appropriate to let you know what my impressions were of everyone I got to see/meet on this trip. So, in alphabetical order--
  • Bsoholic--OK, I'll be the first to admit that I don't check his site on a regular basis, but he was a Mystery Guest a number of weeks ago. BS seemed to be like the little brother I've never had. And probably the techno-geekiest of all of us. Which is OK, since that's not very hard to be! He floated around the room with ease, talking to all the girls! He constantly had the camera flashing. I'll definitely be making his site one of my regular reads.
  • Chunk--Chunk showed up late and left early. But we won't hold that against him. And he bears more than a stiking resemblance to his profile pic. Apparently his friend Seymour came with him, but I never got to meet him. I think we would probably be beer drinking buddies, as long as he promised to pass out first.
  • The next person would show up here, if I were using her name. She's had to move her blog, so I'm avoiding her name for awhile. But she's the first one I met, in a different town. She, her daughter and her boyfriend were great! She actually smiles quite a bit, she's cute as a bug, and she's petite. I could spend hours talking with her. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind. That comes out on her site, as well. I don't know when we'll get the chance to meet again, but I hope we do.
  • Kalani--I probably looked forward to this one more than anyone else. And it almost didn't happen. As I approached town, I called and called. No phone. I've driven almost 3000 miles, and she's not available.... We do finally meet up. She's as fun in person as she is on her blog or the phone. A little shorter than I anticipated. She looked tired--I think the work/kids/blogging/etc. schedule is wearing on her. But she still has the most amazing smile! We both had to cut things short. I could have spent a full day with only her. I find her fascinating, as most of us do. Nothing here to change that! I am so very glad that we at least got to meet face to face. Next time--it's going to be longer, I guarantee it!
  • Kelly--Kelly is one of the Klineapalooza girls. That means party! She didn't disappoint. Also a darned short person, there's not a great deal that she won't do. She's flexible in ways that can make grown men cry! And the tongue--must be seen to be believed! She's got alot going on in her life right now, but she still made the time to join us. Fun, attractive, vulgar--a wonderful combination!
  • Moose--Moose is my closest, bestest and most dearest friend on the planet. Original plan was that she'd join us in Nashville & the football game, but that couldn't happen. She did convince me to stay an extra day with her to recuperate. She's smart--that's why she makes the big bucks! She also gave up seeing her man for an extra day (after he had been gone for a week!) to spend our precious free time with each other. Well, one quickie, but that was before I got there... It often seems to her like I ignore her. Truth is, I think of her every day. I think you guys would like her!
  • RayRay--RayRay is a crazy man. He drove all night from TX to get to TN in time to get to the football game! What a guy! The first thing you notice is the hair. Then its color. then the man. RayRay comes from Oregon, and it's easy to tell. He sleeps like a log (and apparently in the nude--don't ask how I might know that). I think RayRay hasn't missed many parties in his life!
  • Sam & Don--Sam and Don. Don and Sam. Interchangeable, really. If you've read their blogs, you'd pretty much know what to expect. They offered the use of their suite for the post-lobby festivities. Which was darned appreciated! Sam and Kelly are best friends, so they kept the place jumpin'! And lots of stories! A note about Sam--she looks better than she photographs. I have to say that I was surprised by her amazingly good looks! And again, just a hair shorter than anticipated.
  • Summer--Anyone who has seen her blog, knows that Summer is gorgeous, fun, intelligent, and kind to animals. But until you meet her and talk to her in person, you've got no idea! She is sweet, engaging, and always has a twinkle in her eye. She started the evening a bit on the quiet side, but I think that was more of an analytical tactic--just to get a feel for those she didn't know that well yet. I really appreciated the fact that she was there, as she was one of my oldest blogging contacts. If I were in need of an autograph of just one person from this weekend, I'd be wanting hers! I really hope that we get to meet again! (I hope you had no problems getting home--you were behind me, then you weren't....)
  • Tish--As I've mentioned before, Tish was the catalyst for me to come down there at all. From the moment she called for help when she took the wrong turn-off on Friday, to the time we said "good-night" after the party--she was everything I expected. There is no question that she's as beautiful as she is in her posts. She is funny and witty, and rarely was left at a loss for words. She was at the party to meet people, and people wanted to meet her. I don't think anyone was left out! I KNOW that we'll meet again!
  • Vampiric Kitti--V.K. is Bsoholic's younger sister. She was the youngest and most recent HNTer there, and as such, was sort of an unknow entity. Personally, I hadn't read enough of her blog to get a feel for her, other than she's a fan of TSO. As am I! She was a tad late, so was introduced to everyone at once. I think there was a bit of hesitancy meeting all of us, but as the night ran on, she loosened up considerably. She was a great deal of fun! She jumped at the chance for photo opportunities all night! Even with her brother (no question they're siblings)! Another blog I need to rotate into the "everyday" pile!
  • YoJ--I didn't originally contact YoJ about this since I sort of lost track of her when she changed her blog (again....). Summer let her know, and we got in touch, and she was there for the first half of the night. I think she was definitely the "oldest" blogger of the bunch. I was reading her when I first started. She also used to have the most creative HNTs! Even though she's bowed out of doing those, I've enjoyed catching up with her regular post now (this link takes you to her poetry post). Meeting her was like meeting an old friend!

So that's who I saw. As I've said before--it was like a class reunion or something. All these people that you know more about than their real-life friends do, meeting for the first time. I don't think anyone felt like a stranger or out of place. I don't know where OsTour will take me next, but the bar has been set high! Thanks one and all for a great, great week!

I was a postin' fool!

Be sure to come back and check the other posts from today!

My Three Christmas Gifts

These are the individuals that will be the recipients of my Christmas generosity. I thought about these long and hard yesterday coming through South Dakota, so I hope they're appreciated!

First off--the Big Stick With Nails goes to juliepatchouli. Julie--I have taken our friendship and stomped on it, ignored it, neglected it, and basically acted in a manner so shameful that I'm embarrassed even to admit ever having one. I'm not sure why/how it happened, and I apologize. I don't know how exactly to make it up to you. Or if I can. But the Big Stick With Nails can be used on me, or a likeness of me, anytime you feel the need to use it. I hope that I can renew things after the first of the year....
Aughra, ever since I first stumbled onto your blog, I was mesmerized. Your openess about sex and drugs and life have been truly a great read. You have a great relationship with your immediate family, and your relationship with your father is one that many of us out here envy! You have shown us that attractive, intelligent blondes can be something other than what Hollywood shows us!
I know that you would desperately like to be pregnant again, so my gift to you would be a whole test tube full of your eggs and Fodge's horny sperms all getting along like, well, an egg and horny sperms. I hope that it happens for you soon!
Lastly, to Contessa. You tend to post only sporadically, and that's OK. But I find that when you do, you are usually not very happy. Now while it's presumptuous of me to think that everyone's lives should be happy all the time, or that yours isn't, I find myself constantly wondering how I could help you out. So for you, I'm giving 2 bags (the giant-sized bags!) of pixie dust. You sort of remind me of a fairy, so this should be right up your alley. You only need just a pinch of the stuff, so this should last you for years. Any time you're down, just sprinkle a little of this up in the air, then run underneath it quick to let it land on you! Hopefully you won't need use of the second bag, and can spread it around for others.
Now you guys need to let us know that you've posted your lists, and to whom you're giving. Let us know if you decided to post an optional HNT picture, too!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

To avoid the hassle of having to take HNT pics with holiday plans, families getting together, and all the other things getting in the way, we will suspend HNT this week. INSTEAD, in the spirit of Christmas, I'd rather see this--pick three HNT/blogger participants, but only three. And then tell the world what you'd get them for Christmas. To make this work, don't pick three people that you might normally send a card or a gift to anyway. Pick three people that you may have just met, or have been following for awhile, or found through other blogs.

This can be serious, humorous, from the heart, or from the mind. Hopefully this will prevent some sort of "gift guilt reciprocation". One last thing--when you post a comment like you would for HNT, just list your three people. That way someone who might not expect something from you will know to take a look. Comments will still be closed until Wed. night, like usual. Put a little thought into it--see you Wednesday!

I apparently have confused people. This is how it will work:
  • YOU will pick 3 fellow HNT/bloggers.
  • YOU will choose ones that you aren't necessarily close to, since you'll probably be doing separate Christmas wishes for them anyway. So Kalani won't pick B, B won't pick Audra, Sasha won't pick SisB, etc....
  • YOU will tell us what you're going to get them for Christmas, if you had the means to do so.
  • YOU will do all of this on YOUR site.
  • YOU will comment here to let us know that you've put up your list, and to whom you're gifting.
  • YOU will comment to, or email, the recipients to let them know you've listed them, so they can come to your site and see what they'll get.
  • (optional) - YOU will post a picture of each gift, if that's possible.
  • WE will got to your site and see how generous you are to total strangers.
  • WE will also get to reap the benefits of a HNT pic, should you decide to post one (many of you apparently are much more organized than myself).

    Any more questions? The games will open tonight at 9:30 MST.
  • Give me a day or two...

    It's going to take a couple of days to get back into the swing of things here. Really difficult to do with the holidays looming, but I'll do it, by God! Just be patient though, OK?

    Monday, December 19, 2005

    Super secret blog! And Dad....

    Now that the party is over, and the perverts and weirdos (other than ourselves) have missed it, the super secret OsTour site is open to the public, should you want to go there. Complete with a day by day travelogue! Go here!!

    It was brought to my attention that I haven't mentioned my father's heart/pacemaker surgery. He went under the knife while I was on the South Dakota leg of this trip. I wouldn't have even gone, had there been any indication or real concern. As expected, he came out of it just fine, but a little tired. Was planning to go to a pre-Christmas brunch with the rest of the family, so it sounds like he's OK. It will take some time to get used to the thing, but he should be feeling much better than he has in some time.

    Thanks, Sam, for asking!

    Sunday, December 18, 2005


    I'm in a parking lot on the campus of a medium large university, where I have my choice of about 6 different wireless networks! I'm waiting for Kalani. We're going to do something....I don't know what yet. Yesterday was about as good as it could possibly have been. There were two parts to the day--football, then party--

    Part One--Carroll College Fighting Saints won an unprecedented 4th NAIA Football Championship by defeating the University of St. Francis, 27-10, on Saturday!!! This is RayRay, Tish & I. More to follow tomorrow....

    Part Two--One dozen HNTers met at the Nashville Downtown Hilton and proceeded to party like there was no tomorrow! There were hugs, introductions, beers, silliness, reminiscences, wine, gossip, beers, strategy sessions, drunk dialings, beers and half-nekkidness. Surprisingly, no cameras! If you believe that, don't bother checking this site out over the next week!

    Friday, December 16, 2005

    I'm in Nashville. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

    I've made it to Nashville.

    Tish is almost here.

    The football game is at noon tomorrow, 150 miles away.

    The party's set for tomorrow night.

    I meet Kalani on Sunday.

    I stay for an extra day with Moose on Monday night.

    I'm just darned tired!

    This is a pic of me and F-m, GG and FB last night in the Lou. It was a wonderful, wonderful time! The rest of the weekend should be just as good! Be sure to click on the pic and check out the "secret" message on the wall!

    HNT On the Road

    EDIT--I'm in Sioux Falls, SD, stealing wireless internet access from the parking lot of Taco John's. Hence the early opening of HNT!

    Computer went tits up on me early Tuesday, so I've added that to the list of crap.

    Chuck-no Kokanee this trip. We'll work something out.

    Monkey, Maddy, Anne, Julie, M, and alot of others--I owe you guys emails still!

    Just a quick one for all of you. No time for myself, but these are some of the half-nekkid people I think I'll meet up with this week! Hopefully I'll get to meet some more! Pics and stories will follow, I'm sure!

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    Picture 387 hnt 000_17351
    IMG_2311 DSCF0445 HNT 0042
    100_0554_2 Picture 009a KelHNT01

    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Whew! That's a little better!

    I have just successfully completed the longest, most painful weekend I've had in ages. It was so bad that even Moose felt the brunt of it. She's a trouper (trooper?) though. Things are much better than they were when you called! The OsTour trip to Nashville comes at the perfect time. Still can't really afford to do it, but I have to get out of town, now more than ever! To recap the weekend:
      --I have kissed ass (lots of ass).
      --I have hunched over a computer for 12 hours straight without being online.
      --I have pissed people off.
      --I have been on the brink of publicly telling 100 musicians/singers to go fuck themselves, while rehearsing in a cathedral.
      --I have been uber-crabby.
      --I drank too many $1 pints of Heineken at our gig on Saturday night. I hate Heineken, but how do you argue with $1 pints??
      --I spilled an entire $1 pint of Heineken all over a guy's organ. I tried to wipe it off the best I could, but it was wet for the rest of the night.
      --I bitched most of the night about the set-up for our gig. All I can say is that it better be dealt with by the next time we play there (3 weeks).
      --I had to apologize to someone for something embarrassing I did and shouldn't have done.
      --I have neglected my blog, other blogs, and a shitload of emails.
      --I have neglected my friends, and got called on it.
      --I have neglected my laundry.
      --I have neglected my bed.
    Granted, none of this compares to some potentially (and probable) bad news that I learned of over the weekend. I'm not at liberty to say who, what, when, where or why, but it did effectively shut down my own self-depression. For the most part.

    Still planning to meet as many of you as I can on this trip. I've heard from most of the people I expected to. I know there must be some others out there that might like to join in on the fun. Email me to get the super secret OsTour website (yes, of course Kalani knows it!).

    Oh, and the guy's organ? It was actually his piano, but I knew the organ reference would get you!

    Another one--I've got so much to do....

    Christmas Elf Name

    My Christmas Elf Name is
    Get your Christmas Elf Name at


    If you use my real name, you get this. And there's some sort of difference if you capitalize the names. That one wasn't quite as cute.

    Christmas Elf Name

    My Christmas Elf Name is
    Get your Christmas Elf Name at

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    What more needs to be said?

    Stolen from Femi and Kalani (and others...)

    Friday, December 09, 2005

    I'm Drowning.....

    Ever since I made the decision to take the plunge and actually go to Nashville next week, everything has decided to take a dump on me. My blogging will be sparse over the next couple of days--both posting and commenting. I hope to make up for it over the next weekend though!

    To my friends in Texas--you have no idea how I agonized about what route I should use to get home. Time and economics finally won out. So to all of you, particularly in the DFW area (there's like dozens of you!), I apologize. Hopefully in the future! And just to let you know--Ray Ray is planning a road trip up, and is looking for some company. You might try to get in touch with him about that!

    I'll catch up with you after the weekend!

    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Special Announcement HNT

    Tympani roll, please....
    Cue the lights....
    Have the dancing girls ready to go....
    Fireworks are primed....
    Animals know where to go....
    So let's do it....

    OsTour '05
    Is Coming To
    Nashville !!!

    That's right! Next Saturday, Dec. 17th, I'll be in the fair city of Nashville, Tennessee! I'll be in the area to see the NAIA Championship football game between Carroll College (yay!) and the University of St. Francis (boo!) in a rematch of last year's championship game! Details are still being worked out, and there are a few HNTers that knew about this in advance, because I can't do this all alone! Some of the Klineapalooza girls are in charge of the Saturday night festivities. If you're in the area, everyone is invited to party on Saturday night. I hope to have a separate blogsite set up so you can check on details. That will hopefully be up by the morning. Just to get an idea of the numbers, if you think you might be joining us, let us know so that we don't totally overrun some poor, unsuspecting drinking establishment! You can check here for some updates, but eventually, everything will be done from there.

    I am excited beyond words. Last year, both the U of M Grizzlies and the Saints were playing in their respective championship games ON THE SAME WEEKEND, BOTH IN TENNESSEE!!! I vowed this year that I would go if both made it, or at least the Saints did, but little did I know at the time that I would "know" people down there! So that's it. I have spent a week planning a route both to and from Nashville (I'm driving, by the way...). The basic route is Helena to Souix Falls, to Kansas City, to St. Louis, to Nashville (game is in Savannah, TN), then back by way of Rochester, MN (I get to see Kalani!!!!), and across South Dakota back to Helena.

    More details will come out. LOTS of pics to be taken. LOTS of stories to be told. If the car and the $$ hold out...

    Due to all the work, worry and general busy-ness of the past week, I'm a bit lame on my post. This is not "half-nekkid". This is me, in front of my pep band, at a Saints playoff game from 2 years ago. The high temperature of the afternoon was 7 degrees. The woodwinds were fairly useless at that temperature, but the brass were quite functional after applying liberal amounts of peppermint schnapps to the slides and valves. We actually made it through to halftime! So in honor of their 4th straight appearance in the championship game, I give you a very cold, not very half-nekkid, HNT!

    Be sure to check out the early posts from Australia and other points east! Sasha, Wenchy, and Paul so far.... Also come back in a day and catch those who post late--they deserve our lovin' too!

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    Fill In the Blanks - Thoughts

    When I put up that Fill In the Blank thing, I really didn't expect anyone to actually take the time to fill it out. As others have noted on their own sites, it really is an ego boost! For those who answered seriously (or appeared to do so) I truly appreciate the comments. Some of them made me melt like the Wicked Witch of the West! For those of you who went for levity--yours were equally appreciated. Femi--we'll talk!

    Some things I noticed throughout, and some answers to questions. If I didn't answer your question, ask me again (if you really want to know...)--
    • Most of you think I'm too busy/need a vacation.
    • Many of you think I need a massage. Some of you offered!
    • Everyone thinks there'd be no HNT if it weren't for me. All I did was get the ball rolling. You guys keep it going!
    • Everyone wants to meet me.
    • Everyone thinks I'm going to be famous.
    • Most of you think I need a woman (it's that obvious, huh?).
    • A couple of you noted that I needed more boobie pics. Who am I to argue?
    • Most of you think I need to get out and meet everyone else.
    And then there were the "bothersome" things. These are the ones I said earlier to be disturbing or distressing. Wrong words. I apologize for upsetting the balance of all things Blogger when I said that!
    • Very few of you came up with anything creative or exciting to do if you were alone in a room with me. Believe me, if you don't come in with some idea, it's going to be a boring time!
    • Many of you think of me as a big teddy bear. Well, unless you're squeezing the stuffin' outta me in your bed at night, the life of a teddy bear is sorta boring. To your credit, most of you want to hug me, so that's a good thing.
    • I remind most of you of a big brother/uncle/father (ack!). That's the story of my life. It's very difficult to have dirty thoughts about some of you if I have to be looking over my shoulder for the incest police.
    And finally, random answers to things that came up (many of these answers will mean nothing to anyone but the person who asked)--
    • Holidays will be spent with my family, almost all of whom live here in Helena.
    • There exists a video of me doing a little dance with feathers. No one here will ever see it.
    • Eyes came out of a Monkey Ward catalog.
    • The "who would I ask out" question is a loaded question with no safe, correct answer. I choose not to answer. Which is not to say that I don't have an answer....
    • To see what I fear, go to Fear Friday over at Femi-mommy's. On Friday's, of course.
    • Favorite piece of music right now is the orchestral version of "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy. There is NOTHING that compares to the sensuousness and beauty of that piece of music. NOTHING.
    • Briefs.
    • There is no "private" HNT collection. Damn, I tried that with a straight face, too....
    • The IRS gets the money.
    • I've never tried "plooking", but I would tend to agree!
    • I'd live in Ireland. I'd love to vacation there, too!
    • HNT origins are on the "guidelines" page. Go click the button over there--->>>
    • Love peanuts!
    • I do dream in color!
    • 10-1/2 E
    • I sleep half-nekkid, of course!
    • You'll get the private answer about the seasonal "funk" later....
    • If you're lucky, you'll see exactly what can be done with that trombone....
    • I met a young lady that didn't know how to spell her last name--I was hooked at that moment!
    My thanks to all that took the time to fill the thing out! It was fun!

    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Nothing Tonight!

    Well, things have piled up on me, mostly due to my gross underestimation of exactly how much time it would take to get some projects completed, and the amount of time I have to complete them. So no real post tonight, but...
    • Carroll College defeated the Universtiy of Sioux Falls, 55-0, in the semifinals. That means Carroll will be playing for its fourth consecutive NAIA national championship in Tennessee on Dec. 17th. GO SAINTS!
    • We had a pretty good gig last night. Didn't get home until late, which is part of my problem today. Pics may or may not be posted.
    • I owe Tish two tags. I'll get to them, I swear!
    • I will do a post soon regarding the "fill in the blanks" thing down below. Far more people filled it out than I anticipated. And there's some disturbing disheartening (damn, that's not the word either...) things that come out of it all. More later.... (edit--After some concern relayed to me here--I loved it, it was quite revealing, I'm touched. There's just an observation or two that struck me. That's all!)
    • Christmas is 3 weeks away. I am not prepared.
    • I'll try to catch up as fast as I can!

    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Stolen, but Updated!

    Well, that was a fun day! I loved the comments of the people who thought they were the first to comment, yet found themselves to be somewhere in the teens to twenty range! Congrats to Bricotrout and Audra who did a tag team post between them, and were the first to comment. Since it was Brico who actually did the commenting, I'm off the hook, but since I have not seen a look more hilarious and endearing than Audra's on her version of events, I might actually have to come up with something. I'll have to think about that one! Thanks you two for one of the best HNTs we've ever had!
    I got a couple of emails from Sasha during the day. She was a bit overwhelmed with the response to her post. She asked me to convey her thanks to each and every one of you for your kind words. She's only got dial-up at home, and she'd like to thank everyone individually, but that would take well into next week! She will try to get to as many as she can, but it may take awhile... So in the meantime, THANKS to all!!
    I hope you got to Susie's site. Yesterday was also her birthday (which had I known....). Rumor has it that she, too, posted herself in her birthday suit, but swapped it out later in the day. I didn't get to see evidence of that, but it sounds like she did. Susie--you know what you have to do!
    If you have time to kill, go to this site. This is the best winter/Christmas timewaster out there. It's the snowball fight. It's been around for a few years. It doesn't get old! And it's much more fun than whacking that penguin!
    I'm bringing the questionnaire thing back up from below. Many of you skipped it in your rush to get your HNT comments in. I posted it because I was bored and needed to get something done. Little did I realize that some of you answered it somewhat seriously! And believe me, I'm flattered by some of the responses! If you think you want to answer them, I suggest that you do it before you read how others responded. Makes for interesting reading when all is said and done! I'll do a post later to answer/comment to many of the things that get brought up!

    Yes, Here's another stolen idea! This time from Southern Sweetheart, who stole it from...... I hope you'll take the time to put your answers in my comments......let's see how creative you people are!

    01] I _____ Osbasso.
    02] Osbasso is _____.
    03] If I were alone in a room with Osbasso, I would _____.
    04] I think Osbasso should _____.
    05] Osbasso needs _____.
    06] I want to _____ Osbasso.
    07] Someday Osbasso will ___.
    08] Osbasso reminds me of _____.
    09] Without Osbasso _____.
    10] My memories of Osbasso are _____.
    11] Osbasso can be _____.
    12] The worst thing about Osbasso is _____.
    13] The best thing about Osbasso is _____.
    14] I am _____ with Osbasso.
    15] One thing I would like to know about Osbasso is _____.
    16] Osbasso should go and _____.
    17] Osbasso _____ me.

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Chilly HNT

    Let's get down to business first. Today (Dec. 1st) is Sasha's birthday. At this point, I haven't seen it yet. But she told me that it was going to be a winner. Oh, my sweet Lord! I have seen her post! All I'll say is that she wasn't kidding, and it's better than her BoobieThon submissions! Now dammit, at least have the courtesy to wish her a "Happy Birthday" first before leaving your other comments!
    As usual, if you haven't checked out the Frappr map link, it's over there in the sidebar above the Fear Friday button. It really is neat to see how we're distributed out there. Last time I looked, there were about 165 of us marked. Let's get the rest! Best of all, it's FREE!
    One of our own has made the Big Time! The Bored Housewife was apparently listed on's page as a "Blog Of Note". She's apparently gotten a mess of visitors (including some real trolls), but so have many of us! I saw in her comments that there were some of our regulars who were referred from her page as well. There may be a noticeable increase in traffic today!
    Winter in Montana. Brings forth images of 4 feet of snow on the ground, bone-numbing winds, and no green grass until mid-June. To be fair, there are places in the state like that, but Helena sits in a weird climatological zone. Many years have gone by where we didn't get snow until mid-January! With mild/temperate temperatures throughout December. But we don't tell many people that. We're sorta selfish that way.

    Well, it ain't happenin' this year! Forecast calls for snow all week, with temps not even getting out of the teens! Nights will be in the single digits. Ignoring the fact that I've lived all my life (since I was 5) in the Northwest, and mostly here, you'd think I'd love it. You'd be wrong, wrong, wrong! I don't ski, ice-fish, snowmobile or play hockey (well, few people around here do that...). Wintertime is best spent inside, pining away for the spring. I do that well!

    Anyway--I step out on my balcony last night and am instantly impressed as to how easily I can see my breath. I think to myself, "Self, there's a HNT to be had here!" So I take my tripod out there, and my wonderful new camera, and I strip down to half-nekkid for the picture. It's 13 degrees out (that's about -11 degrees C for my Canadian friends and others...) There's a hint of a breeze, and a definite nip in the air now. I set the timer, and snap off about a dozen pics, looking for the perfect "see your breath" picture. I rush inside and download the pics, and not a single one showed my breath. I know I could see it. I froze my man-boobs out there taking the "perfect" pic. Yet it didn't exist. So I fooled around with iPhoto ('cuz I don't know Photoshop--I need to expand...). Lo and behold there it was! A cloudy formation of warm microglobules of my breath. With a good dose of warm Diet Coke w/Lime and Taco John's tacos (Taco Tuesday last night!). Since I was fooling around with it, I also saturated it with blue (which is the color I had turned when all was said and done). So I give to you my HNT. If I could have had someone around to warm me up, the night would have been so much better!

    Be sure to check out some of the "early" posters (why can't the US and the rest of the world hit Thursday at the same time???). Go take a look at Wenchy, Furzl, Paul, Mistress Dirtbag, and Velma!