HNT - The Finale

Half-Nekkid Thursday. It all started on May 19, 2005, among a small handful of friends. It exploded to become an internet phenomenon! There's no way to accurately predict how many individuals participated in HNT. Some people only joined in once or twice. Many have done literally hundreds. But based on estimates from a couple of years ago, it would not be outside the realm of possibility that 2500 or more people have joined the fun! Add to that the number of lurkers that enjoyed checking out HNTs without posting their own, or even commenting, and you might be able to double that number!

For this final project, I contacted a little over 100 people to join in. To send in one or two HNTs for one last hurrah, along with a blurb about what HNT was all about for them. These were people with whom I've developed friendships over the years, or individuals I felt made some sort of an impact on me through HNT. I got submissions from over 70 HNTers! Some who haven't been around since 2006! Of course, there's a number of HNTers missing that you might expect to find--many didn't want to, or didn't have the time, or some never responded at all. Some were never even contacted. But that doesn't detract from the many who did!

So peruse the site! You can click on any of the thumbnails below, and you'll be taken to that person's page. Or you can watch the slideshow of pictures. The sidebar has links to each participant, arranged alphabetically by blogname. Or you can just scroll down the page--it's also arranged alphabetically.

Please leave comments for these participants. Even the ones you've never heard of! These are among the many who shaped HNT into what it became. Unless they sent in something specifically listing a link, none were added. A vast majority of these people no longer blog, which is an underlying reason why HNT is retiring. If you want to contact any of these people, let me know.

Finally--I urge you to click on the pics as you run across them. Most people sent in more than one picture to post, so there's generally a click-through. But not always. Sort of a hit-and-miss proposition. You'll thank me if you do!