Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pre-Trial HNT

BE SURE TO CHECK THE POST BELOW! There's a special Labor/Labour Day theme planned for Tuesday, Sept. 5th. NOT a HNT substitute!

As I'm typing this, I've got about 2 hours before I have to meet with the prosecuting attorney regarding my citations and assorted crap. If I don't go to this meeting, I forfeit the right to a jury trial. What I hope will happen is that he'll see that the cost of a jury trial isn't worth the hassle for such BS charges that he'll go ahead and drop them. I doubt that will happen. My guess is that he'll use some legal wrangling, try to get me to skip the jury trial, and just have the judge rule. I don't particularly trust this judge to understand common sense, so I'm going to insist on the jury. It'll only be a six-person panel, but geez--I haven't told anyone my story who doesn't just shake their head and not believe it. I'm hoping to get a couple of people who have had a miserable run-in with the city police.

So last night, I pulled out the offending license plate, which essentially is the catalyst to all my troubles, as well as my 5 tickets, and my appearance summons. Couldn't find my good magnifying glass, but had this old one from my stamp collecting days (shaddup--I was a geek 35 years ago). Going over everything one more time to see if I could wiggle out...

Well, that was particularly unsatisfying. I'm going to trial next Thursday afternoon. No jury trial (if I lost, I'd have to pay the jury costs. Apparently, trial by jury is reserved for those who can afford it...). Just me, the prosecuting attorney, the asshole cop and the judge. I can only hope that he's had his three martinis for lunch that day...
It's obvious I don't need a magnifying glass here! This week's Mystery Guest has been around for awhile, but with the exception of a cute little butt shot (Yes, and... well, dammit, I can say that!), this is the most he's offered us. Most of us, anyway... He's agreed to revealing his identity, so check back Thursday afternoon. Yes, and if you think you know, stop by his site and say hi!
The Mystery Guest is none other than Philly's most eligible attorney (well, I don't know that for a fact...) TJ at "Yes, and..."! Stop by, and be sure to check his HNT link to see the aforementioned butt!
"...the Other HNT" is a little low on numbers today continuing to grow each week! But definitely NSFW. As always, if you feel like testing your boundaries, this would be the place to do it!
I seem to be making pleas for the Mystery Guest alot these days. I'm down to only two submissions! If you're wanting to be the Mystery Guest, be sure to send me something soon. Remember--anyone who sends in a picture will eventually make it!
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Labor Day Theme

As promised a couple of days ago, I'm suggesting a theme for next week, BUT NOT AS PART OF HNT!! Those of us who live in the States will be celebrating Labor Day this coming weekend. Don't know if our Canadian friends have a 3-day this weekend or not. Like many three day weekends that we have, it's intended to give us time to reflect on something. I'd guess that 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. have no clue what that is this weekend. All they know is that it's the last 3-day of summer, and the last chance to be wild and crazy and enjoy the weekend. Well, I aim to change that.

A week from today (Tuesday), I want to see photographic evidence of your daily work commute. This was suggested by Lee Ann over at the Castle. She took us on a drive to her workplace one day, and back home (with a stop at the gym). You can see her adventure here. It was such a neat idea, I told her we should get everyone to do it! And what better time than near Labor Day! So...

Post up to a dozen pics of your normal workday route. If you do this right, you can show off your town a little bit too! If you don't drive, then take us with you to the train or the bus or the ferry or whatever you do to get to work. Even if you only live across the parking lot from your office... If you're a SAHM, or retired, or unemployed, then show us what your daily routine might be. The important part here: Don't show us your actual work environment (you could get in trouble), and avoid pics of your actual building (same reason). But please do show us the river you have to cross, or the traffic jam you normally deal with, or the weird guy sitting in the park talking to himself. Whatever you see on a regular basis! If you want to take a different route home, then that works too! A couple of lines of explanation would be highly encouraged!

Go check Lee Ann's original post to get an idea of what to do. And don't delay! You only have a few work days available to take pics. Posting will be done on Tuesday, Sept. 5th. Above all, if you're trying to take pictures while you're driving, BE CAREFUL! And be sure to have a current driver's license, current registration and proof of insurance with you at all times!

No, this doesn't excuse you from HNT next week!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I guess that's not quite the correct word. Pimpin' implies I'm making money off of these. I'm not. Maybe shout-outs is a better term. Anyway--these are some places that you should go check out...
  • Artful Dodger has come up with a new Sunday Funny that you should check out. I think it's something that most of us can relate to!

  • Liz, over at "TMI Tuesdays", asked me to put up her button. It's over there in the sidebar. I'm sure you've seen many of your fellow bloggers playing. You can go get each week's questions from her site, and post your answers on your own site. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to play!

  • Tara, over at "" has a large adult site, with plenty of pages to grab your attention. She's been an avid participang in HNT for awhile now, and was even this week's Mystery Guest! Check out her store, too. Lots of things available over there!

  • Mia, over at "I Dream of Mia" is in the process of getting her membership site up and running. When you join, you'll see a much different side to her! Stick around to find out when things are completely up and running! And watch for some HNT specials!
Stay tuned here for two themes coming up quickly for HNT!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mine, mine, mine...

Hell--I had a big post about blog friendships, and then lost it. It was based on some observations and references in blogs, chats and emails over the past week. Without rewriting it, here were the big points:
    --we all have a certain "circle" of friends that we check every day, and even chat/email with on a regular basis.

    --some of us have been fortunate enough to meet them in person.

    --some of us have been unfortunate enough to have others who have ventured into "stalker" status.

    --some of us have developed a possessive streak about some of our friends, and don't like to share with others.

    --some of us have "problem" friends who can't differentiate between online flirting and real life advances.

    --some of us need constant reassurance that others appreciate their friendships.

    --some of us trust others with the deepest parts of their soul.

    --some of us have been burned by trusting too much.

    --some of us are still trying to get by in this big blog world.
Not totally sure what points I was attempting to make, but the original post was really, really good! Now I'm going to go find someone to chat with....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Late Summer HNT

It's getting towards the end of August, which for many, including me, marks the end of summer. I'm not sure where it's gone, but it seems to have gone by too quickly. I read of bloggers whose children are already off to school (not for another week around here). The nights are getting a little cooler. The smokey haze of August forest fires hangs in the air. All the classic signs that things are winding down.

One of the fun evenings I had was with Rachel and Moose at the baseball game. Cheap microbrews, good friends, and fairly boring baseball. A good night. The picture below has already been posted on each of their sites in the past couple of weeks, but Rachel and I noticed that I was in the shot too! You'll have to look hard, but I'm there!

We noticed this over the weekend, so I claimed it as my HNT for this week. Saves me the time of coming up with another this week. So imagine my surprise when I went to Tish's site on Monday and found THIS! Really, I didn't steal the idea!

Our Mystery Guest is sort of a relatively new addition to the HNT phenomenon, though she's been well-known to a different group of bloggers. One might call her an entrepreneur. She's been featured or mentioned in numerous places, both online and off. She's loved the concept of HNT, and has taken it to heart! I'll be revealing her tomorrow, but feel free to stop by and ask her, if you think you know who it is!
The Mystery Guest this week it the very popular Tara Tainton, star of the site that bears her name. Tara has sort of a complex site, with a variety of different places to go, including her popular shop, where you can purchase all sorts of things, right Crimson? She wanted to remind all of us that Sat., Sep. 9th is World Naked Gardening Day. You can check out the official site at this site. So, at her suggestion, we'll have a theme for the Thursday after this date (Sept. 14th)--show us what you did to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day! Don't worry--you'll be reminded! Stop by and say hi to Tara!
"...the Other HNT" was a little sparse on Monday, but between a plea from me, and the surprise submissions of some new people, we've got a pretty good showing. Tamer than some weeks, but it's definitely NSFW! There's been well over 2000 visitors there each week, but very few commenters. Show some support for your fellow HNTers! Leave a comment!
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Time Band! (and my criminal tendencies continue)

For anyone who might have questioned whether we were a fun band--this is the only shot I could get while playing, with my phone's camera, of the fun that others were having. Yeah, a fun time was had by all!

EDIT: OK, I suppose I should also tell you that I got pulled over for speeding (61/50). But he got me as I was slowing down from 70. Why the hell is the Montana Highway Patrol on a back county road?? Alien--help me out here! Anyway, he asks why I'm not wearing my seat belt (shaddup), and I tell him that I just didn't put it on. Being the nice guy that he is, he gave me the choice of either the speeding ticket or the seat belt ticket. If I'd had $20 on me, I could have paid it right then and there, but I will have to mail it in. I might tell you the story of the 30 minutes in the McDonald's drive-thru at a later date....

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Greatest Christmas Gift Ever

I was trolling around a little bit today and found this. I got a quick shiver up my spine, and I might have peed my pants a little, had I been wearing any (TMI?). For whatever reason, this excites me!

Friday, August 18, 2006

One Word

The responses:
    Genuine - (really?)
    Rascal - (I like this one!)
    Fun (2) - (I hope so...)
    Redonkafantabulous - (goes without saying!)
    Dedicated - (to certain things, yeah)
    Blithe - (isn't this Gwyneth Paltrow's mother?)
    Distracted - (what did you say?)
    Dependable - (like a puppy!)
    Entertaining - (me and Billy Joel)
    Awesome - (this was actually all in caps!)
    Generous - (wish I could afford it...)
    Busy - (as a bee)
    Playful - (like a puppy again!)
    Innovative - (trailblazer)
    Outgoing (2) - (I like going out)
    Classic - (I think this is good...)
    Multifaceted - (but not two-faced!)
    Leader - (I prefer to follow)
    Soulful - (just like James Brown!)
    Trustworthy - (I know no secrets...)
    Redoubtable - (go look it up...)
    Ubiquitous - (can't get rid of me!)
    Gregarious - (I like having fun!)
    Creative - (I'm good with my hands, too!)
    Encompassing - (big hugs!)
    Advocate - (I support that...)
    Caring - (I do care!)
    Observant - (I see that...)
To be updated as more come in...

Another Meme

Logtar tagged me for a meme. I hadn't seen this one, so I figured I should do it. Plus I'm a bit lacking in inspiration today...

Four jobs I wish I had the capabilities of:
    1. Back-up Musician. Maybe I have the capabilities, but don't have the resources/location to find out. I think I'd love doing it, though.
    2. Helicopter pilot. I think that would be a kick in the ass.
    3. Journalistic photographer. Access to everything, everywhere.
    4. Retired computer geek. After having sold my property to Microsoft and making a huge fortune, never needing to work again.
Four names I wish I had other than my own:
    1. Terry.
    2. Michael.
    3. Jason.
    4. Bill Gates.
Four of my favorite actresses:
    1. Diane Lane - She proves that you don't have to be young to be sexy in the movies!
    2. Michelle Pfeiffer - Blond, strong, talented. Don't think she's had her break-out performance yet (no, it wasn't "Grease 2")
    3. Audrey Hepburn - None more beautiful.
    4. Maureen O'Hara - Irish redhead. What more needs be said?
Four songs I could listen to over and over again:
    1. Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller
    2. Clea - Matrix IX
    3. The Rodeo Song - Gary Lee & Showdown
    4. Hole Hearted - Extreme
Four TV shows I love to watch:
    1. Law & Order reruns (any flavor)
    2. M*A*S*H reruns
    3. Weather Channel
    4. I don't watch much TV
Four places I would like to go to on vacation:
    1. Ireland/Scotland
    2. New Zealand
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Some tropical island
Four of my favorite cuisines:
    1. Western (steak)
    2. Mexican
    3. Italian
    4. Chinese
Four places I wish I was right now:
    1. In the arms of my true love (if I had one)
    2. On my lake place (if I had one)
    3. In transit to a vacation spon on my private jet (if I had one)
    4. Centrally located to all my bloggy friends
I'm supposed to tag a bunch of you, but I won't.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Red Flag HNT

Most of the state of Montana is under a "red flag" warning. This is the designation given when the combination of low humidity, high temperatures, lightning storms, gusty winds and general drought conditions are such that even a nasty glance at a bunch of grass could cause a horrendous wildfire. Fire restrictions are set through out the state, and the fire danger is considered "extreme".

We've been lucky here at home. No real fires nearby. But the geography of the state, along with the way the weather flows around here, means that we're getting the smoke from fires hundreds of miles away. Mostly from Canada, but surprisingly from the south, as well. Visibility is low around here, though nothing like the 3-block visibility we had in 2000. I'm sure it's going to get worse before it gets better. Montana hasn't gone up in flames in a big way since 2000, when this picture was taken (thanks, Leesa for reminding me of this!):

Bitterroot Valley, MT 2000

I am a firebug, at heart. I love fire. I am mesmerized by fire. But the smoke bites. Makes for amazing sunrise/sunset pics, but I find myself rubbing my eyes alot. The morning dew leaves ash on everything. Thank God I don't have respiratory problems!

I was hoping to get a smoky, fiery shot for HNT, but they didn't turn out the way that I wanted. Though they turned out pretty cool I thought.

And I'm reminded of what Smokey Bear says: "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"

This week's Mystery Guest is no stranger to HNT. She's definitely one of my regular reads each day. She's been involved almost every week, I believe, since the 1st of September! She's not afraid to speak her mind about any subject that comes to mind. And you should see what she can do with a foot-long hot dog! She's multi-faceted, with additional blogs for her artwork and her writing (and MySpace and Buzznet and....). She's also pretty handy with a camera, and will be starting classes this semester to learn more. I would LOVE to get together and drink beers with her. I think she'd be a kick in the ass!

I'll reveal her tomorrow, but feel free to shoot her a comment at her place if you think you know who it is.
The Mystery Guest this week is the very bootylicious Cindy. Go by and check out her other end and say hi!
It's a relatively tame, but definitely NSFW, week over at "...the Other HNT". Be sure to check out your fellow HNTers!
Be sure to stop by Art's site. He's been busy!
Due to the time constraints on me these days, I've decided to abandon the practice of listing those who have posted early. Inevitably, I miss someone, or someone lets me know way too late, and they don't get their "I'm up!" up. If you have to post early, get a friend to mention it when they do their own comment here. Sorry for the inconvenience...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Current Events

I don't usually get into politics or world affairs, simply because there are millions of you out there who know more and can express yourselves better than me. But I got an email last week pointing me to a site written by a man living in Beirut. A first-person accounting of what's happening over there. I offer no opinions. I just thought it was an interesting read...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Thoughts, and Questions Answered

I was tired last night, and the post was getting a little long, so I didn't get everything down.

The real reason that I was caught speeding was that Moose had just called me on my cell phone, and I was distracted. Kids--don't drive and talk on your phone at the same time. Driving is serious business and should have your total attention. (Just kidding that it was her fault--but it happened less than 5 minutes after she called...)

Being involved with the Symphony, I completely understand the concept of offering choice seating as part of a sponsor's package. But can't sponsors have the courtesy to inform someone that they won't be using their total allotment of tickets? Room for about 300 people could have been made in the center of the field, rather than forcing people so far off to the sides that they couldn't see anything (I know, I rarely care about those people, but J.a.g and I might have gotten a better location).

No, we didn't get to see any bighorn sheep on the road.

Yes, you can pay the officer who tickets you right there. Exact cash only, and only for certain traffic offenses. The alternatives are to either appear in court (150 miles away) to plead not guilty (and require you to come back for a trial), or you can plead guilty and mail in your fine (if you are guilty, and don't want to drive 150 miles to tell them so). It all harkens back to the days of the national 55-mph speed limit. Montana skirted this incredibly stupid law by charging a $5 "waste of natural resources" fine, payable on the spot, and never recorded on your driving record. Up to about 90 mph, I believe. Ah, the good old days!

Interesting mix of people at the concert. Lots of hippies. Older hippie women who probably should have been wearing bras. Some younger ones who didn't need to. A guy who twirled and danced as he walked. Lots of yuppies. Eating sushi. Drinking wine. Lots of kids who didn't pay attention all night. Lots of older people who had never heard of Nickel Creek, but knew it was the place they needed to be that night. LOTS of people who got up and left precisely at 10:00 because they had to go to work the next morning (why bother coming at all?).

The opening act was a Canadian trio called The Wailin' Jennys. Played/sang a folk/roots sort of music. Impeccable vocals and harmonies. Very good. If you're a fan of that sort of music, you shouldn't miss them, if at all possible!

Someone emailed me asking how I could be so close to Crimson's, and not actually meet her. That took me by surprise, I think. I suppose I could have driven up the road and knocked on her door. And believe me, I thought about it. But you know what? I WASN'T INVITED TO DO SO! I may be a sneaky stalker dude, but I do have my limits! We chatted later in the afternoon, and found out that she was, in fact, home at the time. But like I said, it wasn't in the cards for the day. I called, we didn't connect, I went to Plan "B". Just to clarify--by "wasn't invited", I meant that if she wanted me to drive up to her door, she would have told me to. Not that she's rude! I respect her privacy. I feel very fortunate that I got as close as I did! So just to clear the air--CRIMSON IS NOT A RUDE PERSON!

I had forgotten exactly how beautiful her neck of the woods is. I've driven the road before, but I seemed to look around and take more this time. Sure, there's lots of beauty to be found across this state, but this corner is spectacular. All the way up to Canada! Quite frankly, it's indescribable, even if you've been here.

We unfortunately missed out on the Huckleberry Festival held this weekend in the "Huckleberry Capital of Montana" (really!), also known as Trout Creek. Maybe next year...

Friday, August 11, 2006

So Close, and Yet So Far....

First things first (and click on pics to make them bigger):

This is my car. You can't really see me, but I'm sitting in the driver's seat. That would be the Sanders Co. Sheriff parked behind me. Can't tell, but the lights ARE flashing. State highway 200, between Plains and Thompson Falls. After he's stopped me for going 83 mph in a 70 mph zone. In my defense, I had just passed someone, but hadn't slowed down yet. I saw his lights go on, but he was in front of a long lane of traffic, so we were at least a mile apart by the time he got turned around. I just pulled over and waited for him. He walked up, and before he even asked, I handed him my brand new driver's license, my new proof of insurance, and my registration for my brand new license plates. He thanked me for my cooperation, and for not making him chase me, and, being the nice guy that he is, only ticketed me for going 80, instead of 83, which saved me a few bucks, and was technically a lesser charge. I was able to just pay my fine right there ($20--just.a.girl paid it for me!) and we were on the road again! LESSON: ALWAYS HAVE YOUR INSURANCE, REGISTRATION AND LICENSE UP TO DATE!!
SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR...That would explain alot of our trip. Just.a.girl and I drove to Sandpoint, ID to see Nickel Creek in concert. We got into Idaho, and set up her tent (much bigger than mine) near beautiful Lake Pend Oreille, possibly the most beautiful lake in the Northwest (maybe even more than Lake Coeur d'Alene...). Anyway, we had about 90 minutes to kill before I thought we needed to be in line, so we head into Sandpoint.

As soon as we got there, I wanted to get to the concert site just to scope it out. What we found were 500 people, already in line! And the gates didn't open for well over an hour! We weren't quite prepared to stay, but figured we'd better grab our place, so I dropped of J.a.g and left to find a place to park. By the time I got in line with her, another 100 were in line behind her.

By the time the gates opened, there had to be a couple thousand waiting in line, winding around the park. But a very civil crowd! The people showing up right at six were cursing loudly. Kudos to the numerous volunteers who made sure that late-comers went to the back of the line! In hindsight, it was easy to say--SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR...

What all this meant is that we were farther from the stage than I would have liked (all general admission). SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR... I, who have generally had great luck getting center section seats, was relegated off to the sides. Not a great view, but the great sound made up for that. And the free beer. Yes, FREE BEER! They had a complimentary microbrew tasting before the show. And lots of food available. Here's J.a.g munching down on stir-fry while in line for beer. And here's the view of the stage from where we were. Note how small the guitars look.

The primary drawback to our seating was the inability to take decent pics. These were as good as I could come up with. SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR... Too much distance, not enough light, too slow shutter speed. As for the concert--easily in my top 7. Far more talent than I anticipated. It's not easy for a neo-bluegrass group to cover a Britney Spears song, and make it sound better than the original. Well, it's not that hard, but these guys (and girl) are tight! They have now made it onto my "must-see" list whenever they're nearby!

SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR...After the concert (which started a full hour later than advertised), we were so tired that we decided to bag the post-concert beer place, and just went back to the tent. Not that anything would have happened, because we're not like that, but SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR... One thing we didn't anticipate was that the campground we were at had us less than 50 yds away from railroad tracks. We didn't think anything of it. Until about 1AM, when a train went through, complete with horn blaring for half a mile due to the multiple crossings it was going through. We thought we were on the tracks themselves. My initial thought was that when it derailed, we would be instantly killed, so it wouldn't hurt at all. SO CLOSE, AND YET NOWHERE NEAR FAR ENOUGH AWAY! Six different trains during the night, yet she only heard two of them... But the brief rainstorm that we had woke her.
SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR... One of the most personally anticipated blogger meets didn't actually happen. SO CLOSE... On the way back this morning, I was excited to hand deliver the OsShirt to one of my (our) favorite HNTers, the Queen of HNT herself, Crimson! Plan "A" was to meet her, get some pics taken with her (not nekkid ones, ya pervs!) and post them and let you all be jealous beyond words. Plan "B" was to leave the OsShirt in her mailbox. I called her before we left Idaho, and got no answer, so it looked like "B" was winning out. But maybe she was out chasing the horses or running after a bear, so I tried to call when I got to the mailbox, but I had no cell service. So "B" did win out. I left the shirt in her mailbox. We could have driven up to her place, but then the creepy stalker persona factors in, so we turned around and got back on the road. Here I am delivering the OsShirt, and a view down the road that she lives on.

SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR AWAY... That's where she lives. Way at the end of the road. We do plan to meet this summer or fall. I'm sort of glad that we didn't today, simply because we had to get home by the early afternoon, and any visit we would have had would have been unacceptably short. The rest of the trip home was uneventful, thought we did see the following sign on the side of the road. A portable sheep sign!

J.a.g just spent the four prior nights camping in Glacier Park, and one of the local lakes, then with me. Tonight she's down on the river about 90 minutes from here at a music festival for three more days. She's a better man than I! I'm sore, not from the camping, but from sitting cross-legged on the ground for hours on end. And bad shoes. And old age. Thank God I have the weekend to recuperate!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Camping HNT

I've always liked camping, even though I don't do it often enough. Hell, hardly at all over the recent past. But in the day, I loved it. Loved all the things connected with it. The only thing better than new camping equipment would be new office supplies. I have a severe, and somewhat obsessive, love of office supplies. Ooh--pitching at tent (so to speak) in the midst of Staples--what could be better?? But I digress...

I'm heading up to Sandpoint, ID with just.a.girl on Thursday to go see Nickel Creek in concert. It was her suggestion to camp out overnight, which sounded like a great idea! So naturally, I had to find my tent and stuff, which was scattered in a couple of different places. Then I remembered that there might have been a tear in the tent that I hadn't taken care of after my last camping trip. Not wanting to deal with that out in the wilds, I figured I'd put it up and check it out. I hadn't realized how little space I have in my living room. I had to move a couch, a recliner, and a bunch of paperwork from the floor to get the tent up.

As you can see, even with all the moving, I still ran up against another couch. And I found that I had, indeed, fixed the tear... But it was fun to set it up again, just to make sure I remembered how, and to be sure the parts were there. And to check to see how much of the "supplies" would fit in there. Now if I can just get in touch with the manager down at Office Depot...

Oh, just to let you know, there was a much more nekkid version of this view. Be very glad I decided against THAT!

This week's Mystery Guest is a relative newbie to HNT. But she's jumped in with both feet! She has decided not to reveal herself here in the traditional way, but you should be able to figure out who she is as you're out surfing. That's all I can say about it. When you find her, be sure to say hi!

"...the Other HNT" is somewhat tame, but probably still NSFW.
Because of the concert, I'm not going to be around Thursday or Friday. I'll catch up to everyone over the weekend. Hope to have pics from camping, the concert, and with luck, a special guest!
I got an email yesterday from a newbie who posted early to go check their site. Too busy again today to let you know who posted early. Sorry to those who might email me to let me know...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some pics...

I don't usually post things like this, but these were emailed to me at work today, and just struck me as something that needed sharing. I'll refrain from captions. I don't think they really need them! Be sure to click on them to get the full size--it'll help you see what's going on!

She's Gone; "...the Other HNT"; Nickel Creek & j.a.g.; MG

Well, she's gone (thanks, Hall & Oates). After an unanticipated delay this morning, she was on the road, headed for home at around 8:30. I always have mixed feelings when she leaves (though I don't bawl like a baby like I used to the first year...). Though we don't have that sort of relationship, she is as close to me as any person ever has been. I want to keep her all to myself. I hate having to share her when she's here.

But she's got friends from college here, and she has to spend some time camping up at Glacier, and she tries to cram all her memories from her prior life here into an impossibly short number of days. And I've learned to accept that. We were able to spend some good time together, drank some beers, ate some burgers, shared some mud pie. And I treasure those times. Moose--I loved having you here. Next time you come back, add another week, just for me!
Time to get your pictures in for "...the Other HNT". One of the drawbacks about having friends show up is that the work falls behind. I'm trying to catch up before HNT, because I'll be on the road myself. If you can get them in before noon on Wednesday, that would certainly be helpful!
So why am I going to be on the road? Just.a.girl will be coming to town tomorrow (yeah, it's been a good blogger week!), and on Thursday we'll be heading up to Sandpoint, ID to see Nickel Creek (and a complimentary microbrew tasting!). I've missed a couple of other chances to see them in concert, but I just couldn't pass them up this time around. On our way back on Friday, we hope to drop in on another blogger, but the plans haven't solidified on that one yet. I'm going to be very excited if this one works out! I'll work on pictures...
Since I'm in an asking mood--still could use some more Mystery Guest pictures. I've gotten a few from my last request, but I like to keep the folder full!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

"...but you can't take Montana out of the girl!"

First things first--some of you really need to grasp my sense of humor! Described to me today as "dry". That's about right. The disappointment mentioned yesterday was that only two of you commented about the OsShirt being worn in my HNTs this week. Some of you tripped all over yourselves apologizing to me. Trust me--that was never intended! Sorry if I alarmed some of you!
As mentioned yesterday, I was elated over the prospect of meeting another HNTer. And a little hesitant. Not knowing what she was going to be like. Sort of a blind date, but not really.

Well, I hardly needed to be worried. I met Aisha T. in the middle of Bobcat country (MSU-Bozeman, MT). Something difficult for two Griz (UM-Missoula, MT) to endure. But we made the best of it. Aisha was raised in a small town in eastern Montana, but left for NYC about 9 years ago, and has stayed there ever since. Other than trips back here to see her family. I didn't know how much of MT she had lost over the years, but I quickly found out that she's definitely a Montana girl, at heart. We gossiped about some of you guys, we ate burgers and fries and drank beer, and spent about 2 and a half hours talking about this, that and the other thing. As has been my experience in meeting bloggers, it was like talking to an old friend. She got a picture on her camera that I assume she'll post. This is the one from mine. The damned thing went off before I was ready, but she looks pretty good!

Aisha--thanks for a wonderful time! I do think I made another real blogger friend!

Before I left town, I stopped off at the Pickle Barrel, and picked up some sandwiches to bring home (1 whole Italian and 1 whole Cheesesteak, along with the 4 pickles--no one but real Montanans know what that's all about!).

I made it home in plenty of time to sit down, let the beers from lunch do their thing, and get ready to go to dinner with Moose, Rachel and some friends at the York Bar. This place has the best hamburgers known to man, though I thought they were a little "off" tonight. Lots of laughing, drinking, eating and other good times. Here's the gang--Todd, Heather (Moose's best friend), Rachel, Moose and me.

I got home, made some phone calls, did some chatting, and answered a couple of emails. Today was a good day. I haven't had a good, satisfying day in a long time. Thanks to everyone who made it that way!
This may not mean much to some of you, but I bought my first $3/gallon gas today ($3.059/gal., to be exact). We've had it pretty lucky up here, but I think the "old days" are long gone...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Disappointment & Elation

I've never been a big follower of yin/yang, good/evil, swallow/spit, black/white, in/out, up/down, or the like. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. I figure that things happen, and if they balance out at the end, then you probably did a good job. "But Os," you're asking. "What the hell are you talking about?" I don't really know. I just know that today I was presented with two very different emotions. How will they balance out? I'm not sure.

The first dealt with my HNT this week. I went through the comments, and found that TWO people mentioned the same thing, yet over 150 commenters didn't. To me, I didn't think I'd have to steer people towards it. It was obvious. At least I thought so. I don't know if I'm disappointed in me for expecting it, or in you for not mentioning something. But there was a twinge in my heart.

The other dealt with a fellow HNTer. A fellow Montanan (well, displaced Montanan). One could argue that I've been elated about a couple of them coming home this week. Moose is here, and just.a.girl will be here shortly. And I'm certainly elated about that. But earlier this week I received an email, and then a phone call today, from someone that I've never met. Someone I would have never imagined was from Montana. Learned that by chance. Someone I've never really corresponded with much. But I do read her blog. She's a UofM girl--never a bad thing. I think she grew up with siblings of a friend of mine. We each grew up in different sides of the state. And I'm pretty much a small-town guy; she lives in the biggest of the big cities.

But she's in-state right now. And I'm going to go meet her on Sunday! She'll be Blogger #18 that I've met IRL. Just lunch and a beer. Maybe two. And alot of talking about bloggers, life, the Griz, and other Montana things. Yes, there will be pictures. I'll tell you all about it next week. Will this balance out the earlier disappointment? Most definitely. Will it screw up the final tally? I hope so. Am I rambling? Probably. I blame Velma!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jailbait HNT

If you remember THIS post, I still had a trial to attend. Well, that happened this afternoon. As I'm writing this, I don't know what the outcome will be. Everything could be dismissed, which would certainly be the right thing to do (said the criminal...). The worst would be 10 days in jail, mega fines, and 6-month suspension of my license and plates. I expect that I'll get something on the lenient end. But just in case I end up in jail, I figured I'd better leave you with some mug shots with the offending plates that started me down on this sad, lonely path.

If I'm not in jail, I'll be partying tonight with Moose and Rachel down at Alive @ Five. If I am, then Rachel will have posted this for me! Thanks, hon!

Well, that was certainly unsatisfactory! Due to a paperwork foul-up (made by the judge!), my trial was postponed until the first week of September. I found out that jail time isn't included in this, but possible license/plate suspension is something to look forward to. And the fines won't be as severe as feared. All in all, I hope the whole thing goes away!

What's up with the growing bald spot on the side of my head???

It's strictly a coincidence that after posting about my possible jail sentence I would have a picture of a nekkid male Mystery Guest!

This fine specimen is spoken for, ladies. He usually appears for HNT as part of a duo, or sometimes, even a threesome (lucky pup!). He needs that extra body heat in the winter, as he calls the Great White North his home. His fiancé dragged him kicking and screaming into HNT, but he's adapted quite well (as has she!). If you think you know who it is, you can get in touch with either of them, though they are in the process of moving, and may not get to a computer anytime soon. I'll be revealing him Thursday afternoon.
Hell, I forgot to reveal the Mystery Guest this afternoon (thanks, Velma!). This is Neil, who shares his life, his home and blog with his fiancé Evalee. Sometimes with someone else, too! I believe he can be seen elsewhere, as well! Stop by and say hi. It'll give them something to read once they get moved!
"...the Other HNT" is up and running, and a little more safe for work than recent posts, though not totally safe. Still need to get some more of you involved!
After my plea for Mystery Guest pics, I received a few to keep it going for another month. I'm always taking submissions for that, and everyone who submits, will have their day in the sun!
Since I was in court this afternoon, I was not able to make note of early posters. Sorry!
Still working on the new meme that I mentioned a few posts ago. Hopefully will announce it early next week.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthdays Poppin' Up All Over!

It's Birthday Time, boys and girls! Two of my very favorite blogger/HNTers are celebrating birthdays today! I'll be a gentleman and won't tell you how old they are!

The first one is the mysterious, artistic, and always spectacular Crimson! She's a fellow resident of the great Northwest, too! Transplanted, but she's got the true spirit! Some things you might not know about her:

--She's got an obscene number of Beanie Babies.
--She was a cheerleader AND a band geek in high school.
--She's obviously good with a camera!
--She loves bubblebaths and candlelight.
--She drinks imported "beer".
--She used to work at Wendy's.
--She's married.

--She's an animal lover.
--She's entered the Jones' Soda Photo contest.
--She's also come in second in a photo contest in Popular Photography Magazine.
--She loves the winter.
--She can't juggle.
--She loves Cheetos.
--She's a Rocky Horror Picture Show freak.

I've found in the months of blogging that I've done that there are some genuinely, exceptionally nice people out there. Crimson is definitely one of them.
Happy Birthday, my friend!

No One In Particular also has a birthday today! She actually was a recipient of some early birthday gifts yesterday from some of her blogger friends. We may not hear from her for a couple of days. Some things you might not know about her:

--She's a potato lover.
--She wants a tattoo.
--She's got a thing for purple.
--She's been my Mystery Guest.
--Like all good Texans, she can't function without her Dr. Pepper.
--She's a country music fan. Trace Adkins and Neal McCoy do things to her...
--She's got a great set of legs (but you probably know that already...).
--She's got a separate scrapbooking blog.

Be sure to stop by at both sites and wish them a Happy Birthday! I know they'd each appreciate it!