Friday, October 02, 2015

I Almost Forgot How To Do This...

Just a quickie here to bring all six of you up to speed since the Google/Facebook censorship fiasco in March.  A side note...the "new" OHNT site is still up and running and open to any HNTer who needs a place to post something.  There's some familiar faces over there.  So to speak.

Went to my eldest (oldest?) niece's wedding in Colorado in May.  Stopped off in Utah to see an old girlfriend from my sophomore year in high school whom I'd gotten back in touch with on Facebook.  We hadn't seen each other in 40 years.  Of course, my FB friends didn't disappoint, and somehow decided that the wedding I was attending was actually ours.  Ummm...nope.  That's her in the left picture, and my freshly wedded niece in the right one (for whom a couple of people thought was MY bride--really, doesn't anyone actually read FB posts anymore??).

Things were busy with our annual Symphony Under the Stars concert. We celebrated the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra, and it was a HUGE success! Lots of people telling us that this was, by far, the best summer concert we've done. Can't say that I disagree! A sad time though, as we mourned the loss of a good friend, and our principal percussionist. Cancer sucks, in case you weren't aware...

August brought together my fellow classmates for our 40-year reunion.  It was fantastic to spend time with some of these people, particularly the ones that have somehow stayed away from FB, or who weren't part of my friends list.  Lots of fun, but I didn't really take any pics.  iPhone was about to crap out (which has since been upgraded to iPhone 6S--only three days before Apple announced the newest upgrade....fml...).

Mom's 80th birthday was coming up on Oct. 1st, so my siblings and I asked her how she wanted to celebrate.  We're thinking a nice dinner, maybe have the grandkids along too and do something around town.  She says, "Let's go to Vegas!"  So we spent four days in Vegas!  Lots of fun!  (if you ever get the chance to see the Beatle's "LOVE" by Cirque du Soleil, I highly recommend that you go!)

In spite of not getting to see anyone on the Colorado trip, I did get to see one of my oldest bloggy friends just this week! Sam, from Sam's Stories, moved here to Montana almost two years ago, and only about three hours away.  Sadly, I have failed in that we haven't actually seen each other since my California trip about two and a half years ago (see #60, proof #1 over there in the sidebar, or go here).  Sam had a conference on this side of the state, so she took a detour and came to see me!  Of course, that meant she had to spend the night, meaning that I had to spend about two weeks to sandblast the bathroom, dust all the forest fire ash, and hide the dirty laundry.  It was all worth it though!  We're already planning our next sleepover!

Theoretically, now you're caught up. More or less. What's new with you?