Thursday, September 26, 2013

HNT Reminder!

Hey there!  Just a reminder that the next installment of our quarterly HNTs goes up next week on Oct. 3rd!  I'll be taking a trip to Portland over the weekend and won't have a great deal of time to work on it, so if you can get me your pics ASAP, that would certainly help...  Thanks to those who already have! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

So much easier when they come to me...

Way back in 2005, a young Canadian girl (lots of Canadians back in the day) joined in on HNT.  She was from Calgary, which is just over 400 miles due north of me.  She was a "Self professed music snob...artist, and art consumer...pop culture spirit."  What she brought to HNT was a lot of Photoshop.  Always experimenting.  This developed into her current business as a photographer!  She was The Melody Censor

As time went on, she dropped out of HNT (she was the Mystery Guest once, and might have been seen over at OHNT a couple of times...), but was quite active on Flickr.  To this day, she continues to stretch her imagination with her photography.  Many of her self-portraits aren't even recognizable as her!

Like most of the world, she got hooked up with Facebook, where we're friends.  She posted a map of a massive road trip that she and her sister were going to take to Oklahoma (!!!???!?!?!), and spending two weeks checking out most of the western US.  The last leg of the journey appeared to be passing right past Helena, so I got in touch with her and conned her into stopping for lunch.  Woohoo!  My first foreign blogger!

As is the norm, we talked about a lot of you guys.  Mostly the old-timers, which was a lot of fun!  I even found out who the hell Tony Angel is!  Far too much talking, not enough time.  One of my planned road trips for the future will be through central Canada, so I'm sure we'll see each other again.  Thanks for the visit, Susan and Marjorie!

It's been over a month since my last post.  Our first concert of the season was Saturday, with the governor of MT as our guest narrator for Copland's "Lincoln Portrait".  He did well, and the crowd loved him.  The whole concert was a success, as has become the norm.  Ah, such a change from ten years ago!

Football has come back with a vengeance this season too!  Remember how I posted how well my three favorite teams were doing over there in the sidebar?  Not going to do it anymore, since hardly anyone stops by.  But it would get me here each week....maybe I will.  But not tonight.  Anyhoo...all three of my teams (HS alma mater, the local college, and the UM Grizzlies) were a disappointment last season.  This year is drastically different, and they all seem to have regained the glory that they've been accustomed to.  All three are undefeated against strong opponents, and look like they're serious about the post season again.  Yay!

The soul band is in a bit of limbo.  We want to play, and we're going to be marketing ourselves, but the opportunities are few and far between.  Still, when we DO play, all we get are positive comments, so hopefully some things will line up in our favor (we're a bit pricey...).

I know I'll have to do some FB recruiting, but for those who read it here...the fourth of our quarterly HNTs is coming up on Thursday, October 3rd!  Again, I'll post them on the OHNT site.  Many of you missed out on the summer version in July, but that was over the Fourth, so you're forgiven!  I've already gotten one submission, but I'll take as many as I can get!  Spread the word yourselves too, if you could!