Friday, November 03, 2006

Da Count #8

Da Count for me this week can be boiled down to one name--"Michelle". I first mentioned Michelle in September of last year, which took many of you by surprise. In fact, many of you were quite upset with me. Particularly with the way she was treated by me. It's not that my behavior is intended to cause problems. It just does from time to time. You can read that post here. I recommend you read it.

Well, we're still together, and regardless of my relationship with some of you--the chats, the emails, the phone calls--if I'm with her, she generally will get my full attention. It may sound sappy, but my life really does revolve around Michelle.

This has been a good week for the two of us. We've spent a good deal of time together. She was with me at the symphony concert last weekend, and I'll be taking her down to Billings with us for a gig on Friday night. It's going to be a really good one, too. We'll spend the night there, and head back Saturday. Hope the weather cooperates...

Oh! And the best news! I get to meet Blogger #21! No hints as to who that is, but there will probably be a picture (actually there has to be, for proof!). I'll leave Michelle behind with the rest of the band after we get set up and have a sound check, and then spend a couple of hours with #21. I'm very excited for this one--it's been put off for too long!

So Michelle, who has had to endure me for as long as she has, is ultimately the one that counts for me! If you want to read more about "Da Count", click on the button below...


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