Thursday, November 23, 2006

Butterball Edition HNT

First off--my apologies to anyone who knows me in real life. It ain't gonna be pretty!

I love this time of year, despite my incessant proclamations to the contrary. I've made it known that I listen to Christmas music exclusively from the 1st of Dec. through Christmas Day. Though the countless hours on the road to Nashville and back last year almost took my sanity. Almost tossed my iPod out the window. Yes, there IS such a thing as too much Bing Crosby! But I digresss...

I love that the symphony will be keeping me busy (no!--I didn't really just write that!). I love that In Cahoots will be playing some holiday gigs. I love the football playoffs. Etc., etc....

All of this starts with Thanksgiving dinner. This year, S3, my baby sister, volunteered to host the dinner. Without going into great detail about guests, there's going to be 22 of us! I can only hope that there's cold beer, and alot of it (oh, who am I kidding? Of course there will be!). And hopefully some good photo opportunities! I'll do my best. Phain (she's posted her HNT, btw) posted about being thankful for her family, even if it sounded sorta sappy. I have to admit--I'm thankful for the same thing. It's always been a close family, and these times are the best!

So there you have it. I needed to find something turkey-ish for HNT. I knew I wasn't going to have a nekkid turkey around, but then I remembered a picture I took about a year ago. Right after I got my new camera. A series of pictures reflected through the bell of Amy (that's my smaller trombone, for the newbies--yeah, I name my horns). It was pointed out to me that I used this picture in July, but it makes more sense to use it now. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Even my heathen Canadian friends who celebrate early! ;-) I present to you, my Butterball. Sorry--no giblets showing!

This week's Mystery Guest will remain a mystery. She won't be revealing herself. It's convenient, though, that she was chosen for Thanksgiving week. I told her that I'd make juvenile references to turkey breasts, etc., but I'll be damned if I can think of one now! She's a fun-loving, adventuresome lady. Who enjoys hot tubs with a glass of wine by her side. I will tell you that she a redhead. Which should conjure up all sorts of behavioral problems (my apologies to any other redheads out there...). Oh--she also snorts when she laughs! If you think you might know who this is, feel free to stop by her site. She may or may not tell you!
"...the Other HNT" is a little sparse due to the holiday, but still is NSFW. Or NS for the dinner table! Be sure to stop by!
Stop by the OsShirt site. Another couple of visits have been posted.
There's going to be some things happening with HNT in the month of December. Check out the top of my sidebar. There's links to what's going to happen each week. Don't be left out!!!
Does anyone else find it appalling that Walgreen's and K-Mart are advertising that they'll be open on Thanksgiving Day until late? Or that most stores will have specials when they open at 5:00 AM??? Commercialism has totally taken over.

Though Staples is selling 200GB internal hard drives for only $19.98, after rebates. Friday only, 6-10AM. I'll be there!

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