Monday, November 27, 2006

More Miscellaneous Mish-Mash/Musical Monday #11

All sorts of stuff to talk about. But first, many thanks to Leesa for allowing me to use a couple of her photographs in my header over the next month. That's hers up above!
Be sure to check out the post below for the answers to the "25 Questions" post. Lots of eye-opening answers!
Check the top of the sidebar to find links regarding the HNT plans for December.
Well, two of the three Montana football teams playing in the playoffs won on Saturday. The Carroll College Fighting Saints lost 14-7 against the Cougars of St. Xavier to end Carroll's domination of the NAIA football ranks. Four national titles over four years. A run that will probably never be duplicated. The Montana Grizzlies beat up McNeese State, 31-6. Sorry Tommy--your team never had a chance! Oh, yeah. The MSU Bobcats beat Furman, 31-13 in a shocker. Overall, a fine day for football in Montana!
I came down with something on Saturday and ended up pukey. Missed the wedding of two of my best friends that night. Chris & Leanne, if you're reading this, I wish you the very best! And see you Tuesday!
Spent alot of time sitting at home watching football and movies. I saw "White Christmas" this morning. No one had legs like Vera-Ellen! If you don't know who she was, I urge you to check and see what else she's been in!
HEADS UP!--the next showing of the "Grinch" on TV will be Dec. 6th, 7:30PM, on the Cartoon Network!
I haven't been to McDonald's yet to grab a McRib. I know. I suck.
Have you seen all the cool things that Crayola comes out with now? When I was a kid, you knew you'd been a good little boy or girl if you got the 64-color box of crayons. The 128-box was unknown. And now there's markers and paints and colorless spray guns that turn color but don't hurt the carpet. And now they say in their ads that you can find this stuff in the Crayola aisle at your store. There's an entire Crayola aisle??
As I'm getting into the Christmas spirit, I don't want to burn you out on Christmas music. But I ran across this after a long time of not hearing it, and thought it was appropriate. "Always Look At the Bright Side of Life", by Monty Python. Truly, a wonderful thought!

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