Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chocolatey Goodness HNT

For however many years I've been living in my current apartment, I can count on one hand the number of trick or treaters that have graced my threshold. Of course, I never answered the door those times, because I've never bothered to have candy, since no one ever comes by through the complex anyway. See my reasoning?

Anyway, for whatever reason, I felt that this Halloween was going to be different. At the last minute I run down to the store (illegally in my criminal car...) and buy some candy. I rush home (under the speed limit, of course), when the car in front of me stops in the middle of the street. Back doors open, and two kids run up to the front porch of the nearest house. I pass the car, and make it home.

As I'm emptying all the candy into a bowl, I started thinking about the Halloweens of my youth. How different it all was. I honestly don't remember any costume I wore. Mom was too busy with my sisters to take pictures. What I DO remember is that my mom told me to be home by 9:00. Nine o'clock?? That was like ALL NIGHT to a grade schooler! Oh, all the things that brings to mind.

The days when parents just allowed kids to go out and traipse through two or three neighborhoods while they stayed home. Not worrying about finding pins or razor blades in an apple. Meeting up with other kids from school. Going into a new neighborhood as a group, because you heard that the class bully lived there somewhere. Dumping out our candy when we got home, and giving my sisters all the crappy candy that I didn't like. Sneaking some pieces and hiding them in my room to eat after my parents went to bed. Taking a bagful of candy to school to trade with others (or to show off to others!).

All this time that I'm reminiscing, I don't even notice that the doorbell hasn't rung once. I was a little jittery, but I figured it was because it was Halloween and I was watching scary movies. But then I looked down and discovered a terrible thing. There was no more candy in the bowl! But I did see this:

Milky Ways, KitKats and M&Ms. Damned that bite-sized packaging! I should have realized that there wouldn't be any trick or treaters. I figure the chocolate high will be gone by the weekend...

(If you've ever wondered what a big pot of unwrapped KitKats, Milky Ways and M&Ms looks like, take a look in here) --->>>

Sometimes you just need to see the gentle curves. Or her hair flowing down her back. You don't even need to see her face, but you know that she's beautiful. Both in body and spirit. Her nekkidness is apparent, even with her clothes on.

This week's Mystery Guest is well known to us, and is the loving mother to three. I'm not sure if she's revealing herself, but I'll do that Thursday afternoon, if necessary.

Not too much of a surprise here--the Mystery Guest is our favoriteTexas Spitfire! Hope you're feeling better, babe!

"...the Other HNT" has some new faces (so to speak). Definitely NSFW, but stop by and check them out! Once again, the guys are taking the lead this week. Be careful when you open!
A new adventure over at OsShirt's site. Hopefully more over the weekend!

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