Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bed Head HNT

Be sure you check out the post below this one. I'm giving you the opportunity to ask 25 questions. This will be the third time I've done this, but many of you haven't been around before the last one. Lurkers are encouraged to ask too!
I'm down to one two Mystery Guest pictures left in the folder. Anyone who wants to be the MG, send me your submission. Anyone who sends a picture for the MG will be featured at some point!
I actually thought about this picture before taking it. It was taken within 30 seconds of waking up this morning. Before I looked in the mirror. Before taking that first trip to the bathroom of the day. Before my eyes fully opened and focused on the day. I was curious as to how truly hideous I look first thing in the morning. I didn't disappoint! Precious few have ever gotten to see this in person (yeah--I'm whining). Looks like I could use a haircut. Maybe that would help...

"Her unapologetic way of writing can sometimes leave you laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes cringing - and sometimes all in the same post! She's not afraid to wear her heart out on her sleeve at times but doesn't often give you all the answers to the puzzles in her life. She walks a wafer thin line between private blogging and a very public forum and sometimes she falls."
Again, not too much of a mystery, but this is the Skittish Kitty herself, Phain! Stop by and say hi!
"...the Other HNT" isn't quite as "out there" as it's been over the last couple of weeks, but still definitely NSFW!

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