Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Andiroo!/Da Count #9

Today is the birthday of one of my longest-running bloggerbuddies out there. I'm not quite sure how we got connected, but there were three of them that were book geeks. Why I got involved with people who read is beyond me, but I know I was fascinated with the picture to the left. Anyone who looked that good had to be someone to bookmark! Well, you knew that was too good to be true (besides--that's just a freakishly long neck!). But what we got to see was a wonderfully funny, snarky, driven young woman!

Born 26 years ago, she took the world by storm. At the tender age of 24, she was in the process of earning her Master's degree. She was teaching at the college level, soaking in all the academia she could muster. As she's turning 26, she's just completed her application for her Ph.D.

She keeps us up to date with all the aspects of living single in the great state of Texas. I am humbled by the imagination that this girl possesses! I have learned terms and phrases that boggle the mind. And others just poke fun. Some recent samples:
    Asswhip (she uses this one alot)
    A book-lover's orgasmatron (well, I've heard of that...)
    Absolutely flingin'-flangin' loved it.
    I can't stop sniffing myself.
    I'm academically constipated!!!
    There's something unavoidably odd about blogging from a professor's bed.
    Dr. Claw's Home Uterus Removal Kit (without question, my favorite!)
    Add: Vomitously horrid (Andi reminded me of this one--I'd forgotten all about it! I believe my very first comment to her site was to commend her for the use of this wonderful bit of vocabulary!)
Eventually, her love of blogging and literature came together in her blogzine, "Estella's Revenge", full of features, columns, reviews and fiction.

She has a borderline obsessive crush on Hugh Laurie from the TV show "House". I think she's sucked all the "House" pics off the internet. These were the only Hugh Laurie pics I could find, but you can get an idea of why she'd like him...

Andi is a wonderful writer, voracious reader, fun-loving party girl. And she's got the most gorgeous eyes!

There's alot more that I could write about her, but then she'd never have a thing to do with me again! She, and many others of you, make it a joy to get online. And that definitely counts! Happy Birthday, Andi! Many hugs and much love! Don't embarrass yourself tonight, or take pictures if you do! If you want to read more about "Da Count", click on the button below...


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