Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dec. 14th - Christmas Tree HNT
(hey--that rhymes!)

Any of you who were around at this time last year may remember that I was in a deep funk. Only the trip to Nashville kept me sane! This year, things are different. Mostly in part because of a number of you that I chat with regularly. I am in a much more happy place inside my mind!

So much so, that I'm doing something I haven't done in 10 years. I'm putting up a Christmas tree! The living room has been rearranged to accommodate that (how can you end up with less space and more furniture than when you started??). And so, in my non-drug-induced happiness, I'm wanting to see your Christmas tree. And while you're at it, I want to see you half-nekkid with your Christmas tree! The young ladies below have the right idea:

Do you HAVE to do this? Of course not! No tree this year? Then give us an alternate. Celebrate something other than Christmas? Your alternate will work as well! Don't celebrate at all? Just be half-nekkid!

But I really want to see the Christmas trees..