Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bass-ic HNT

Remember when I dropped my computer and the monitor caught the corner of the external drive? Remember how the initial contact point looked? It's now about 5 weeks later. See how the screen appears to be "bleeding"? Just a point of information--don't let your computer fall...

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I was chatting away with someone about the 25 Questions post (and thanks to all who asked questions) and the other question meme, and realized that there's something about my music life that I haven't really talked about much here. No, I'm not the 5th Monkee, nor the reincarnation of Spike Jones (I hope some of you know who he was...).

Here it is--I've got another secret love in my life. Her name is Betsy. Not quite the love that I share with Michelle, but this one was around long before her, and is still around. She's got a great shape--oh, a wonderful shape. She loves to be fingered and stroked, and is at her finest when she's wrapped around me. Just like Michelle, she's been a little abused, but has been loyal to me. Betsy's also got a sibling, just like Michelle, but this one's been staying in a foster home. I'll see her on occasion, but not at all recently.

In my chat mentioned above, it dawned on me that Betsy and I haven't been close in a long time. So I pulled her out into the light today. I plucked her a little. It was good. It reminded me of the times when I was an undergrad and we were inseparable. When we were out playing jazz or some rock together. Egads, even were able to disco! We don't have the chance much to get out these days. It was just wonderful to see her again!

Back in the day, I was an excellent bassist. These days, I'd say I'm pretty good. I don't have the technique that many have, or the electronics to really sound "contemporary", but I read better than most, and can play jazz changes far better than most. Quite frankly, I feel far more comfortable playing bass than I do bone. With apologies with some other HNTers who have posed with their basses (the best one coming to mind being Everything Nice), I present myself and Betsy. My Gibson SB-450 bass guitar. (maybe more pictures at a later date...)

Red wine and red velvet. A beautiful combination. Oh, our Mystery Guest is here too! She has not contacted me about revealing herself, so unless I do, she's going to stay a mystery. I can tell you that she's a longtime HNTer, though there was that long time that she took off... She's beautiful, she's fun-loving, and she's got attitude! Loved by many, hated by none. Be sure to check back to see if she tells us who she is! Feel free to email her if you think you know!
"...the Other HNT" is running pretty light tonight. Must be too many people getting fat over Thanksgiving... Be sure to stop by!
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