Thursday, December 21, 2006

Three Christmas Wishes '06 (HNT)

Well, this was certainly a tougher assignment than I had thought it was going to be!! And from others I've heard from, you feel the same way! Which is what makes it that much more special!

When I did this last year, there were fewer people that I knew, fewer people that participated, and it was much easier to choose. Personally, my wishes for others included a spiked club for someone to beat me with, strong little swimmers so another could get pregnant, and 2 bags of fairy dust for a third who needed some happiness. The results? I didn't get beat, but we have an unspoken communication going on between us; the swimmers triumphed and resulted in a happy baby boy; and the fairy dust worked to bring twins, a new boyfriend, and a generally happy life. They all worked well last year!

Again--by doing wishes for the less obvious on your blogrolls, I hoped to avoid the disappointment that might come for someone who expected a wish from someone. It's hell to be #4 on a "Three Wishes" list... So hopefully you didn't pick close friend (since you'll probably get them a card or gift anyway). Just like a regular HNT, let us know you're up, and list your 3 bloggers, to let us know to come looking. It might not be a bad idea to email them as well, just in case...

To those of you who won't be back here before next Thursday, then I wish you a very Merry Christmas, or whatever other holiday you'll be celebrating. I hope you all come out unscathed on the other side!


To Teri: Teri is a relative newcomer to blogging, but is learning the ropes pretty quickly. Just this past weekend, she found out that her older brother's unit will be heading to Iraq. Merry Christmas, y'all. Regardless of your own beliefs towards the war or our government's policies, I think we'd all agree that peace is always preferable to war. But sometimes we have to do things we might not particularly like. To Teri, my wish for this Christmas is the safe and speedy return of her brother and his entire unit. Be proud of him, girl, but be sure to give him an extra hug or two this week!

To Firefly: Firefly hasn't had the best of years over the past few months. Without going into a great deal of detail, she is now single, and the absolute true love of her life is not with her. That would be the pup she's been raising named Utah. Utah is currently staying with the ex, since he's got the room, but FF is desperately looking for a place where she can be reunited with the ever-growing Utah. So my Christmas wish to you is to find a house where you can also put up a doghouse worthy of Utah's dogginess! (let me know if it's OK to link you, too. I wasn't sure...)
To Brico: By now, most of us know that Brico convinced the beautiful and ever gullible Tish to move down to North Carolina to be nearer to him. Brico himself has already noticed little things might be construed as "constricting". My wish for Brico is a few nights out with the boys, without having to sneak behind Tish's back. A free pass, as it were. I don't know if it can be done, but we can only hope. Good luck to ya, buddy!

At this point you might expect to see the post of a Mystery Guest. I don't have one. No more pictures left in the folder. It works out well since it's a special week this week, but if it's to continue, I need some more MG pics! Send 'em in!

With all the family holiday things going on, many of you must be breathing a sigh of relief that you don't have to be half-nekkid this week. But not all of you. There's a few people who have decided to post their half-nekkidness at "...the Other HNT" this week. Definitely NSFW! Be sure to stop by, and feel free to comment!!! There's huge traffic over there, but relatively few comments! Give a boost to those who take the leap!

Be sure to check out the theme for next week's HNT. The details are linked up there at the top of my sidebar. Post the favorite HNT that you posted in 2006. Regardless of whether you did almost 50 or only 5. Or if you started last week (certainly makes it easier that way!). If you want to tell us why it's your favorite, feel free. Remember, it's YOUR favorite, not your readers' favorite! We'll start up regular HNT stuff again in 2007!

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