Wednesday, January 04, 2006

World Domination

Remember last month when I posted that I had received an email from someone in India wanting to do an article about HNT? After hemming and hawing and deciding that this might be legit, I emailed her back. I didn't hear anything else from her again.

So today I went to the post office on the way home from work, looking forward to medicating myself into a coma, and found a notice of a registered mail item waiting for me. From India. There it was--the Nov.18-Dec. 1, 2005 issue of Business & Economy magazine, "India's Most Influential Business and Economy Magazine". On page 106 (after all, it's just nekkidity!), is an almost half-page article about HNT! Go here to see a jpeg of the article. I don't want to totally trample international copyright laws by posting it here! We've done it! We've taken over the world!!

BTW--If anyone recognizes the picture she describes in the first sentence, let me know!
BTW II--I'll see if I can find out how to maybe find these in the states. Could be tough--it's 6 weeks old, at least!

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