Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

"Lonesome Dove" was on AMC this weekend. What a great mini-series that was. And I despise mini-series! Hard to believe that came out 20 years ago!
Someone downstairs was making blueberry muffins or pancakes yesterday morning. Bastards.
Had my share of fresh asparagus at Dad's bday thing Sunday night. I LOVES me the asparagus, but please, whose idea was the smell thing...?
I've written in the past how I have no screen door to my balcony, but I leave it open during the day just to get some ventilation through the house. Came home today and found bird poop on my computer. Wasn't for another hour before I heard the chirping. One of the babies had flown into my bedroom and was chirping with momma bird (or whomever) that is residing in the nest this year. It apparently could fly in short bursts, but got confused in the hallways and rooms. I was able to corner it and scoop it up and just tossed it back out on the balcony. A much better result than the past couple of springs...
I have a staff meeting tomorrow after work, and then meeting up with the girls for beers. But never fear, I'll be back in time for HNT!

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