Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad turns 76 today. We got together and threw some very thick steaks on the grill yesterday to celebrate. And we drank beer. And Mom pulled out more old pictures for me to scan, which the grandchildren loved going through. My nieces officially declared that their great-grandfather was H-O-T. He'll grace a post sometime in the future...

Didn't take any decent pictures of anyone. Especially Dad. So instead, I thought I'd try to find a picture of him at the same age as I am right now. And this is it. My graduation day for my Master's degree. Ignore the 28 y.o. dork on the left (where's the camera??). Dad is about a week shy of 52 here, which is as close as I could get.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope you're around for quite a few more!

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