Monday, June 08, 2009

Commercials, Rookies and Graduation

Spent the entire weekend inside with a mix of a mildly upset tummy, crummy weather and the music transcription I've been working on. And some extra sleep. All in all, not such a bad weekend.
I never intended this blog to turn into an "I-hate-this/that-commercial" blog, but I've found another odd one that I don't like. The current Toyota Prius commercials have the weird landscapes that are actually people dressed as grasses or flowers or water or trees, etc. Add the weird a cappella vocal arrangement, and it's become my most recent hated commercial. Don't worry, the one for Wendy's Coffee Toffee thing will regain it's #1 spot!
Speaking of commercials, is there something similar to for commercial actors and voice-overs?

I'm not one that normally watches "Ice Road Truckers", but season 3 has started, and they've got rookie drivers. Lisa is my favorite. Are you kidding me?? A 28-y.o. hot chick who can drive a semi? Wish I knew someone like that! I might have to start watching on a regular basis!

Dana wrote a post last Wednesday about graduation parties/gifts/hoopla, and questioned their necessity at various stages of life. Personally, I agreed with most of what she said. Then it got me to thinking. I actually "graduated" from kindergarten (46 years ago...). Which then got me to thinking--could I find my "diploma"? The answer is below (too big to scan completely)! Along with a really cute kid!

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