Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More pictures, and TMI Tuesday #191 (weddings edition)

OK, since the TMI answers this week are a bit boring on my part, I'll regale you with more pictures from the family archives. I can really tell you're excited! (click em to big em!)

First off, my mother's parents. These are their HS graduation photos, which would be around 1929. One can begin to see where my incredibly good looks come from!

Next, obviously, would be my mom. Yeah. She was a hottie!

Finally, the kids. For comparison purposes, I'm including the Mother's Day picture from a couple of weeks ago.

L to R: S3, Me, S2, S1 | L to R: S1, Me, S3, S2

Yes, there will be even more of this sort of thing coming as I continue scanning!

Have you ever...

1. been married? - Nope.
2. been divorced? been remarried? - Nope and nope.
3. had sex at a wedding reception? - Not at the reception, but later that night! With the maid of honor!!
4. had sex with someone you first met at a wedding or wedding reception? - Nope.
5. given a a toast to the bride and groom? - I don't recall. I gave away S1 at her second wedding, but I'm not sure if I gave a toast or not. I think I probably did. And I did at my parent's 50th anniversary reception, too!

Bonus (as in optional): What is the funniest thing you've seen or done at a wedding? - Nothing at a wedding, really, but I've played at more receptions than I can possibly remember. The two most memorable ones--a reception on a ranch about 20 miles into the mountains. Probably a 2 to 1 ratio of girls to guys. None of the guys bothered to dance, so we had 20-30 babes (and they were ALL babes) dancing in front of the band the entire time. That was definitely memorable! The oddest would have been the one held at a world-class fishing resort (this is Montana, after all). About 4 of the girls (2 of them in their bridesmaid dresses), started doing "The Worm". I don't know why, other than their extreme intoxication level. Of course, this is a picture of them!
Bonus II (as in optional): What is the best toast for the wedding couples? - One that comes from the heart of the person making the toast. I don't think there's a "set" toast, otherwise everyone would be using it!

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