Thursday, June 05, 2008

Post-Primary HNT

Once again, things didn't go as originally planned for my HNT. I had to resort to plan 'C'! And even then, I ended up playing with Photoshop (I really need to lock myself in a room and learn all the basics...). But I think it worked out OK.

Plan 'A' is still a secret--I might be able to pull it off for next week. Plan 'B' was going to be a semi-public bit of nekkidness. As mentioned earlier in the week, Montana was the last state to complete its primary election. Our polls were open for another hour longer than South Dakota's, thanks to time zones. Plan 'B' was going to be me, holding up the paper ballot half-nekkid, in my polling booth, with the curtain pulled behind me. Imagine my disappointment in finding that we didn't get that type of voting booth this time around. The mind raced to come up with plan 'C'. Even though I've done it for HNT a couple of years ago, I grabbed a couple of the stickers they pass out, just in case I could use them.

A wise and astute blogger emailed me today and mentioned that "fate had a plan as far as the primaries were concerned". She was right. A full 59 minutes before the Montana polls closed, the news desks had already proclaimed that Obama would be the Democratic presidential candidate. Pretty much rendering the Montana votes moot. I know that he was pretty much expected to win, and it's not important to know whom I voted for. But it happens all the time to the western states. The polls in the east close before them, and a winner is often projected, and the western states take it in the shorts.

I'm not going to get into the political arguments here, or rant about who should have won or lost. And I certainly won't debate the insanity of holding primary elections in the manner that they're currently handled. But can't all polling places have the same actual hours? So that all polls close at the same actual time? I came out of this election with absolutely no feeling that my vote counted for anything. Regardless of what my stickers say...

(click it to big it to read it!)

This week's Mystery Guest brings an international flair to the place. She has lived at both the top and the bottom of the world (or perhaps the other way around, depending on your location). She's sort of new at the whole HNT thing, but that hasn't deterred her enthusiasm for it (she's got the nicest bras!). She keeps us informed about the silliness of British lawmakers, but she's not English. She's a bean counter with a wide and varied work history. These days you can find her knitting (though having some trouble with that...).

She'll be revealed late Thursday afternoon, but as always, feel free to ask her, if you think you know who it is!
Many of you seemed to recognize today's MG as our favorite multi-transplaned Norwegian, Helga Hansen! If you haven't stopped by to see her, do it now and say hi!

Wow! I'm not sure what/who opened the floodgates, but I had about 7 people send in pics for "...the Other HNT" from points unknown. Somehow, it seems as though word got out that it was someplace that just anyone could send pictures into. Not to worry, though. They were politely declined, only because they weren't HNTers. I hate being any sort of moderator, but sometimes the line has to be drawn, or at least made a little more noticeable. The participants over there are definitely "us". Don't ever think otherwise! With that in mind, be sure to stop over and check them out. Of course, they're NSFW!
I'm sure there's more I could write, but it's been cold and rainy today, and my mind's just not into it tonight. Hopefully your HNTs will snap me out of it!

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