Monday, June 16, 2008

Lots o' beer

Lots of beer this weekend. Nothing out of control or anything, but it's been awhile since I've had significant amounts of beer for three days in a row. Started out on Friday afternoon, having drinks and playing Keno with one of the high school friends I wrote about earlier (that caused all sorts of angst for alot of readers...). The company was great, the Keno was lucky (about $110 in winnings for me--I rarely win at Keno!), and the beer was cheap and cold (Ranier). All on top of a tummy that was ravaged all week!

Saturday I got to meet up with Rachel, who had come down for the weekend. We talked, we laughed, we cried, we drank something called a "Tight Snatch", we played Keno (different establishment), we ate mini-corndog things, we gossiped, we bad-mouthed, and generally had a lovey afternoon. Though I think her Tight Snatch made her a little loopy (I could you tell...?).

Yesterday was not only Father's Day, but Dad's 75th birthday. So, of course, that means getting together to BBQ! In our family, however, if there's a major golf tournament on, it also means that one poor schmuck gets to BBQ while the rest of us are kicked back in air-conditioned comfort watching TV. It was the first time in a long time that S2's and S3's families had perfect attendance (college, sports tournaments, etc...), so we were all here for Dad. Who was looking/feeling pretty good. I hugged him, congratulated him for still being alive at 75, and thanked him for siring me so that I could wish him a happy Father's Day. I think he was appropriately touched ("Get outta the way--I can't see him putt...!). Here's the tradtional post-dinner picture of Dad and the grandchildren:

Yes, the dorkiness runs rampant...
As mentioned, we pretty much disregarded the absolutely gorgeous (finally!) weather to stay inside to watch the U.S. Open. Personally, I dislike Tiger Woods. Rather, I dislike the media attention and hype on Tiger Woods. To the point that I usually root against him. Yes, he's phenomenal, but don't just hand him the trophy without acknowledging the rest of the field. Almost all of us were hoping that he'd miss that last birdie putt, yet I think all of us knew it was going in. It'll be interesting to see how his knee holds up today!
BIL3 and my nephew are huge Lakers fans. I generally am too. And I've made no bones about how much I dislike Boston-area sports teams (I despise the Patriots, hate the Red Sox, and would like the Bruins, if I liked hockey at all). But I do like the Celtics. And in this match-up, I'm all for them. We sat around after the golf and watched basketball. I don't think the Lakers can pull it out. It'll be nice for Boston to win the championship at home.
Has anyone been watching the NASA documentaries on the Discovery Channel lately? "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions" Following the history of US manned space flight from the Mercury days through Skylab, so far. Hours of videos that haven't been seen before from inside the missions, the astronauts telling their stories (geez--they all look so old!), and just alot of reminiscing for this former astronaut wannabe. I think the series ends next Sunday with the shuttle missions. What I find amazing still is that it hasn't even been 40 years since we first landed on the moon, but we haven't been back since 1972. Nor has anyone else...
On a family pride level--I found out yesterday that S2 will be appointed to a position in the state government that will make her one of the highest paid employees of the state. She already makes more than the governor, I believe. It's a non-political position, so she avoids that whole mess. It's a very high profile, important position that she's been training for her entire career. She's risen from an entry-level drone, to the top. She's held the no. 2 position for about 8 years, so she knows what she's getting into. And her big brother couldn't be more proud!

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