Sunday, June 29, 2008

How do YOU say it??

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with someone about my license plates. As many of you know from past posts, my personalized plates say (are you ready?) OSBASSO. What was interesting yesterday, was not what it meant (which you can find here), but how it's pronounced. I've heard a variety of pronunciations of both parts of it.
OS - ohs (rhymes with close)
ahs (rhymes with cross)
ahz (rhymes with claws)

BASSO - base-o (rhymes with chase-o)
bass-o (rhymes with class-o)
boss-o (rhymes with cross-o)
So I'm curious--how do YOU think it's pronounced? I will tell you that the middle syllable is the accented one. There's a little poll at the top of the sidebar. For those of you who have actually heard me say it, don't spoil it for the others. But feel free to vote!

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