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Morgy, Carlin, Supreme Court, In Cahoots

I promised Morgy over at Tres Bizarre that I'd pimp her contest she's got going over at her site. There's prizes and bribe-worthy judges and everything! If you've got an ounce of artistic/creative ability, this contest is for you. Even for those who don't--there's a special category for you, too! And how can you resist her invitation to go rummage through her archives for pictures? I know for a fact that you can find some half-nekkidness in there!!

Her contest rules are stuck at the top of the page through the duration of the contest, so you can't claim you didn't find it. While you're there, you really should check out the rest of her. Site.
NBC put out the following press release:

"SNL" Honors Legendary Comedian George Carlin, Re-Airing Its 1975 Premiere Episode with Carlin as Host

NEW YORK June 24, 2008 As hilarious and heartfelt tributes pour in marking the passing of groundbreaking comedian George Carlin, "Saturday Night Live" pays tribute on Saturday, June 28 (11:30 p.m.-1:00 a.m. ET), re-airing its premiere episode that featured Carlin as host.

Remembering Carlin, "Saturday Night Live" creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels noted: "You never forget the people who were there at the beginning. George Carlin helped give 'Saturday Night Live' its start as our first host. He was gracious, fearless, and most important of all, funny."

Typifying the show's "of-the-moment" sensibility that would continue throughout its over thirty-year history, Carlin was brought in as the first host of the groundbreaking comedy show. Carlin performed three individual monologues on the program that also introduced audiences to the now legendary "Not Ready For Prime-Time Players" Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Larraine Newman and Gilda Radner.

The 1975 episode also features musical guests Janis Ian and Billy Preston as well as a landmark performance from comedian Andy Kaufman.
I know that many of you weren't even born when this premiere episode aired. I, on the other hand, recall watching it in fits of awe, disbelief and many tears of laughter. As did the rest of the college students watching in the dorm lounge. It was TV like we'd never been exposed to before. Featuring the greatest line-up of "Not Ready For Prime-Time Players" in the show's 33-year history. The best excuse to stay home on Saturday nights, ever! Don't miss this one!
I rarely talk about "issues" on this blog. I rarely talk about them in real life. Mostly because I'm ignorant. And those who disagree with what I think will always come armed with facts and numbers and studies and reasons why I'm a moron. I'd rather drink beer and have fun than deal with that. Here's a secret for you--I pontificate from the heart, not my head. It's what I feel , and therefore I'm right. Either agree with me, or be wrong. :-)

The Supreme Court's two big rulings struck me differently. The reversal of the handgun ban in D.C. just made sense. Unless you ban handguns across the country, trying to do it in one area won't work, makes no sense, and in my mind, violates the Constitution. Then again, I grew up in an area where high school kids routinely drove to school with a hunting rifle in the gun rack of their pickup truck. We also, until about two years ago, could legally drive down the road drinking beer!

The other ruling that says that raping a child does not warrant the death penalty made me do some thinking. My gut reaction was outrage. Then cooler heads (the ones who have the facts and numbers and studies and reasons why I'm a moron) wrote their opinions. And I was swayed to their way of thinking. As much as these guys are the very lowest scum of the earth, the death penalty in this country is limited to killers (and traitors--how does that make sense?). It is not a penalty that should be taken lightly. Often times it's NOT applied to murderers. While it seems unjust that child rapists should be spared the death penalty, regardless of how horrific the crime is committed, the fact is that there was not a murder. There are plenty of other ways to punish the offender. Some much more satisfying to the public than the taking of their life! And chances are that a lifetime in prison with a "child rapist" tag is going to be the worst punishment of all.
And to end this on a less serious note, I'm beginning to realize how much I miss playing with these guys. For the newbies--this is In Cahoots w/the Mob Rules Horns. Yes, even today, that's still a gawdawful name. But it's the one we're known by. Or were known by. As of mid-September, we haven't played a note together. For the 10+ years prior to that, we were the best band in town (officially voted on and everything!). Which meant our summers were filled with weekend gigs and three-day weekends at the Lakeside Bar, and wedding receptions with drunk bridesmaids. And lots of free drinks!

It's not even the money that I miss (though it's a substantial hit in the summer). It's the camaraderie with my fellow bandmates. I miss it. And I miss the playing. I miss watching people dancing like fools. I miss the anticipation of knowing I had something to do on the weekends. Regardless of the bitching I usually did about lousy gigs, late nights, early mornings, too much drinking, long road trips, less than ideal conditions we sometimes played in. I miss the music we made. I miss the recognition on the streets or in a store ("hey, aren't you....?"). I miss writing arrangements for the band, knowing what I could and couldn't get away with, based on our individual strengths.

We still haven't "officially" called it quits, but there's been no real attempt to get back together, either. It could still come. I hope it does. I currently feel very much out of the loop of the local music scene. Unfortunately, it's much more difficult for an aging bass trombonist to bring his talents to a new band than it is for a guitarist or drummer. People have been asking about us. People miss us. I miss us. The best answer right now is to sit back, wait and see...

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