Thursday, June 19, 2008

Change of Plans HNT

I had the evening all lined up. I'd rented equipment, re-charged all my batteries, set up the entire back room--I even had a storyboard drawn up to guide me through the variety of shots I was going to take to make this week's HNT one of my finest.

Then I got the phone call...

Kamey was in town. Long-time readers will remember her as one of the first HNTers, known as Just.A.Girl. I mentioned her last month as having just graduated from optometry school. She'll be moving to Alaska next month for her first job. Not Alaska by the sea where the weather is not too bad, but Nome, AK. On the coastline, but only a hop, skip and a jump away from the Russian coast. And the second of my girls to move up there. But I digress...

She's in town for a week or two before heading up there, so the first thing she needs when she drives into town is to have her beer. Another recently graduate and friend of hers came with us. We'll call her Mary, for lack of a better name. We started at the Brewhouse, which is our standard beer-drinking place. Kamey had her Miner's Gold, Mary had one as well, and I made my way through a couple of different microbrews, looking for a new favorite (didn't find one). Mary was raised near a large town in the northwest (only two of them--take a guess...), so we decided we needed to show her what a typical Montana dive bar was like.

We ended up going to O'Toole's--the Irish bar that is still open, even though we thought it was closing down two St. Patrick's Days ago. Short story--the shots started flowing. Tequila, whiskey, funny fruity drinks with no name that the bartender made up on the spot. We drank until well past 1AM. The good news is that the bartender only charged me $8 for all the shots, beers and drinks! And he took the picture below:

I'm thinking the bartender was somewhat motivated by Mary...

Then Kamey grabbed the camera and took this one. It's her fingers circling the lens, and me. It may not be the greatest HNT of mine, but it certainly was a fun time! Now I'm waiting for the phone call to do it again tonight!!

towel towel i love you
for all the towel things you do
in the morning and in the night
towel towel you're just right

sorry--no reveal of this week's MG

"...the Other HNT" has a couple of new people stepping up to the plate this week! Be sure to stop by and check them out! As usual, NSFW!
Between sucking down beers, we watched the Celtics put a really big hurt on the Lakers. Yay!

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