Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More Mish-Mash

As mentioned over the weekend, Montana is the last state to close their primary elections this year. Still don't know who I'm voting for...
I'm watching the 2nd OT of the Stanley Cup right now. The fascination escapes me, much like how the fascination of NASCAR escapes me. If I were exposed to it, or was raised in an area were it was a big deal, I'm sure that I'd be a big fan. I'm fairly certain that any spectator sport involving mass quantities of beer would eventually interest me. But right now, I keep thinking I could be watching the rerun of In Plain Sight instead. Oh, goodie. Third OT...
Speaking of In Plain Sight--OMG, is she hot, or what?? I am SO adding this show to my summer viewing! (geez, I sound like Vixen now...) Seriously--if you are any kind of fan of crime type shows with a touch of humor, this one is a must-see!
Lots of changes happening in the land of blog this weekend. In one instance, we've found that you're never too old to have to be wary of family members finding your blog. In this case, everything was closed down. In another change, we find a blogger who has, in real life, moved in with another, and a second one planning to make the move to be with the one they love. Found out about three different bloggers who moved to different sites without telling many others. Closer to home, it looks like Moose will be moving to Fairbanks. She's pretty jacked about her interview there, and they've already offered her the position. I Google-mapped the drive from here to Fairbanks. It ain't happenin'! Though it would be a beautiful drive, I'm relatively certain that flying would cost half as much as the gas it would take there.
Two deaths over the past couple of days... One of the funniest men in television and movies, Harvey ("It's not Hedy, it's Hedley. Hedley Lamarr.") Korman died Thursday at the age of 81. And pioneering rocking/blues guitarist Bo Diddley died Monday at the age of 79.
Got a little hint of color on my face from my brief time in the parade. First time in 40 years that my forehead has gotten a little sunburn!

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