Saturday, May 31, 2008

And the afternoon isn't even half over!

Lots of thoughts today:
  • Today is the first sunny weekend we've had this spring. Not terribly hot, either! And everyone is out! The Farmer's Market was packed. The garage sales were plentiful and busy. And how would I know that? I was in a parade!
  • The Shriners were having some sort of function (sorry--I'm not one). So that means--PARADE TIME!! There were midget cars, motorcycles, clowns, and bands! Well, a pipe band, and the local Shrine band. Unfortunately, the numbers have dwindled, so there were some ringers in the Shrine band, including me. Very short parade route, and truthfully, not worth the effort, but it was a nice morning, and the sun was out, so it wasn't too bad.
  • Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico hold their primaries on Tuesday--the last primaries of the year. As such, we've been host to the Democratic candidates for the past day or two (the only time we really get attention). The only one coming to Helena, actually, will be Bill Clinton. Chelsea was in Billings, and everyone liked her. Obama will probably get the vote, though.
  • Lots of local/state elections going on next week too. I HATE the lawns near major intersections in town. Way too many campaign signs.
  • It looks like someone threw a switch on over the past day or two. Lawns, trees and flowers have all sprung to life, almost on cue. The lilacs are almost out, even! Actually, I think they've opened on the west and center parts of town. Not on my side yet. Just another day or two I think!!! Woohoo!
  • Both public high schools here have graduation ceremonies this afternoon. Makes me realize that for the first time in years, I have paid virtually no attention to the activities of either school. Other than my former high school's championship football team. I've always kept an eye on the school's activities in the past. Does this mean that I'm finally losing my educator's mentality??
  • I haven't picked up my horn since the last symphony concert in mid-April. An eternity for me. I knew that if I was going to be able to play at all in this parade, I needed to actually build my chops back up. And since I was playing a little bit each day, why not practice the music for the summer concert? I'm SO excited for this music!! And the best news? I've played most of it already, so I can concentrate on those pesky things like intonation, breathing, and phrasing!
That's it for now. I still have half a day to myself!

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