Thursday, May 22, 2008

HNT In the Laundry Room

Sort of a boring Tuesday night.

(with one notable exception...)

A good night to do laundry.

You never know what you'll find when you open that lid...

(why is it that the first thing I notice here is the nostril hair??)

This HNTer had made plenty of mistakes and that is where the basis for the name of her blog has come from. She learned the hard way you can't just trust just anyone that comes along.

She has been blogging for two years now, this is her third blog, but only been doing HNT for about 6 months. And even though she'd like to think she's wise, she generally doesn't have a clue.

She's given us the sun, the moon and the stars. If you think you know who it is, be sure to email and ask! I think she'll tell! She'll be revealed late Thursday afternoon. Or early Thursday evening... You can check out the other side of her moon at her site--this is Wisdomstuff! Be sure to stop by and see her in the sunlight instead of the moonlight!

"...the Other HNT" has a nice variety of submissions, in their NSFW sort of way. Be sure to stop by and check out your fellow HNTers! Leave a comment or two, too!
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments regarding my dad. He's feeling much better, though he's not up to jogging yet. Then again, he never jogs, so that's probably a bad comparison. But he still can't really sit in a car to drive, so I'll get his for a day, since mine is going BACK TO THE SHOP!!! They assure me that it's a minor thing that they had hoped would fix itself when they put it back together the last time. Apparently, it didn't. Maybe this is why the total came in under estimate...
If, for some reason, you didn't check out the HNT 3rd Anniversary page from last week, be sure to click on the button below! Forty-six of your HNT ancestors can be found over there, and they'd love to hear from you!

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