Thursday, May 01, 2008

Festive HNT

I had a couple of different ideas for HNT this week. Thursday is May Day. If this were a few hundred years ago, that would mean dancing the Maypole and crowning the Queen of the May. While choosing a Queen would be cool, the fewer pictures of a half-nekkid me, prancing around a Maypole, the better. In Scotland (what a fine name for a country), students gather on the beach late on April 30 and run into the North Sea at sunrise on the 1st, occasionally naked. This is accompanied by torchlit processions and much elated celebration. Again, fun, but you don't want to see pictures of me, half-nekkid, having a heart attack after stepping foot into the still-icy North Sea.

I leave Friday to meet up with Moose in Minneapolis to go see "Jesus Christ Superstar". And to spend the weekend there. I could have planned another King Herod HNT like I had at Easter, but, no.

That leaves me with Cinco de Mayo. A curious little holiday that is actually celebrated more in the US than in Mexico. Sort of a Latino St. Patrick's Day. Borrowing a common St. Patrick's Day theme--on Cinco de Mayo, everyone is Mexican! In Montana, there's a low Hispanic population. Cinco de Mayo here means the 5th of May, and hopefully a 2 for 1 burrito deal at Taco John's. And drinking a few Coronas. Not one of the biggie holidays, by a long shot. But it did give me an opportunity to whip out my sombrero and put it to good use! Much better than the Maypole idea!

(I was going to make some sort of comment that I was thinking of Moose, my Maypole grew,
and I had to hide it under my sombrero, but I don't think I will...)
(Also--See that dark patch above my right knee? That's the burn from my laptop that rests there a couple of hours a day, every day.)
(Also--Look at how deformed the right leg below the knee looks. Leftover from my exploits from last summer!)

This week's Mystery Guest has a blog full of HNT pics but this is her first go round as MG. She's a classically trained singer and pianist who has sung opera professionally but she also loves drinking beer and playing fantasy football. She's a city girl with some very country roots and recently took a vacation to spend some quiet time on a family ranch. When she's in the city she's frequently out making mischief, quite content to be living the single life and documenting all the dirty details in her blog.
She'll be revealed Thursday afternoon, but as always, if you think you know here, she'll probably admit to it if you asked her!
This week's MG is Little Minx from over at "Arousal of the Minx". Stop by and fondle her archives!

Wow! What a turnout for "...the Other HNT"! Alot of submissions, and most of them were sent in early! I like it when that happens. Makes my day go much smoother! It's still definitely NSFW, but a notch tamer than recent weeks. Come by and leave some comments!
Don't forget the theme alert for two weeks from now! It'll stay up there on top of the sidebar until then!

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