Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bullet list

A bullet list today...
  • Niece's graduation was nice. Big family dinner was great!
  • Mother's Day brunch was also great!
  • Missed out on seeing Rachel this weekend. Dammit.
  • Spending alot of time on the great HNT anniversary project. You guys are going to love it!
  • Don't forget--the theme this week is "Three"!!
  • I don't do Myspace much, other than to check up on people. I still have a winter/Christmas theme up. But it chaps my butt when someone in my friends list shuts down their site. Not because I'll miss them there, but because I have no clue as to who it was! I just note that my number of friends has changed!
  • It snowed yesterday
  • It's supposed to be mid-80s on Saturday.
  • Gas is up to $3.599 right now.
  • My car works fine now, but I can't afford to drive it. Which seems like a waste of $970!
Might add to this list later...

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