Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slow Weekend

It was a cold and rainy weekend (has been since Wednesday, and will be until Tuesday). Pretty much curtailed any activities, though I didn't have anything planned. Makes for a good weekend of random thoughts:
  • The Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon on Saturday took up enough of my time, but did they have to do another marathon with SVU on Sunday?
  • Speaking of marathons--I caught the last third of Death Wish 3 (but skipped out on DW4). Charles Bronson is cool. The movie is tacky. The bad guys are cartoonish.
  • There was also alot of Stallone, Schwartzenegger, Chuck Norris and Harrison Ford to round out a testosterone filled TV movie schedule.
  • Haven't seen the new Indiana Jones movie yet. Please--NO SPOILERS!
  • Took the car into the shop. The problem was not part of the prior problems, so it would cost $210 to fix. The good news--it's not a repair that needs to be made anytime soon, so it won't be.
  • Got the music for the symphony's summer concert this weekend. There will be a space theme to it, with a very special guest narrator (more on that in a few weeks!). No hints, other than that the concert will be held on the 39th anniversary of the day man landed on the moon. This will be a good concert for the brass--I'm excited!!
  • I'm one of those who doesn't get Monday off. Which is fine.
  • Anybody tried the new pasta from Pizza Hut yet? Can't imagine it could be very good...
  • I love a holiday weekend. I bought 5 12-packs of Diet Coke w/lime for $12. That works out to 20¢/can, and should last me the 5-6 weeks until the Fourth! If I ration...
  • Working on getting the OsShirt back in circulation! Be looking for that!
As mentioned in the title--it was a slow weekend. But only 7 more months until Christmas!

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