Thursday, June 26, 2008

Workhorse HNT

It was the summer of 2004. I splurged, and purchased the best laptop that Apple had at the time. A 17" Mac PowerBook. Oh, it was heaven. And really, still is. It's gotten a bit fussy at times, but overall, it's worked just fine.

Some would consider using the same computer without major overhauls for four years as pushing one's luck. And I'll admit--I've looked at some of the new Macs that have been coming out recently, and I'd love to upgrade. But finances stick their nose into my business (or rather, lack of finances), and I keep the desire below the surface. Besides, I live in a Mac environment at work, and we upgrade every couple years. So I'm not hurting too bad!

I've come to truly appreciate the computer I have. I've learned to live for 2 years with a crack from one side to the other, and the gross impact point that started it. I have endured the burn on my leg from using it on my lap. I have dealt with the power adapter I had to replace. But I noticed something a couple of weeks ago. Three years of HNT have taken their toll and worn out the coating on my keyboard. And how do I know it's been HNT??? Here's your evidence...

Not sure why the 'T' came out unscathed, but no question about the others!
(click on the picture to see the cool back-lit keyboard, cracked monitor, and other things...)

Our Mystery Guest this week is a longtime HNTer. When I first was made aware of her, she had been one of those who snuck in under the radar. She wasn't aware of the "I'm up!" process. But we all got to know her. Then she disappeared! Then she came back again, but different. This time she brought along a playmate. And the two of them have been posting together for just over a year. It's a blog about real life, dominance, submission, and love.

She's going to be revealed Thursday afternoon, but if you know her already, stop by and say hi! She's in a bit of a funk, so she'll be happy to see you!
Well, this one was easy, since she cheated on her own HNT and used this instead! This is Mina from over at "At Longing's End". Stop by and say hi!
"...the Other HNT" emphasizes quality over quantity this week. One or two new participants to see over there. Stop by and leave lots of comments! Of course, NSFW.
Because I'm all for international peace and harmony...Happy Canada Day to my friends above the border! Becareful, be safe, and have a beer for me, eh?

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