Thursday, June 12, 2008

Purple-y HNT

I've been complaining quite a bit this spring on how cold and rainy it's been. Frankly, it's actually been quite normal. It's just that we've had such warm and dry springs over the past decade that I've gotten more than spoiled. As mentioned last week, I had a plan A, that I had to drop. Plan A was dependent on the weather, and we had just enough sunshine this past weekend that I had to jump on it.

It's been noted in prior years on this blog about my love of lilacs (sorry, Juicy!). To me, it is the finest scent known to man. Well, maybe after airplane glue (mmmm....). And it brings back all sorts of childhood memories. Our front walk had lilac bushes on both sides, and at the height of the bloom, my sister and I would just stand out in front like a couple of coke addicts, snorting up the smell.

Plan A was such a simple plan. A picture with lilacs. But the damned things didn't bloom around here forever. Then last week, Dana posed in her front yard with lilacs, and Vixen posed with rose petals. So I determined that the time had come. The first thing I had to do was get lilacs. Unfortunately, I don't have any bushes nearby, so last Saturday, at 1AM, with a pair of scissors in hand, I snuck out to a place that I had scoped out earlier in the week. Huge blooms, great color, and the smell. Oh, the smell... For well over half an hour, in the darkness of night, I raped these bushes of a full garbage sack full of blooms. Yes, I had to "hide" in the bushes once or twice. Yes, a cop car actually slowed down in front of me (well, because of the stop sign on the corner, but still...). And I snuck back home with my sack of lilac goodies!

The next day, I staged the photos. Think along the lines of "American Beauty". Sort of like what Vixen did, but much more. A bathtub full of lilacs. And my nekkid self in the middle. And that's where things went downhill... Without giving the gruesome details:
the tub is too small for a shot like that;
I'm too big for the tub for a shot like that;
lilac blooms are too small to make a decent shot like that;
you can't take lilac pics without including lots of leaves and twigs;
the tub is to short to tripod a camera at the end for a shot like that;
lilac blooms fall off pretty easily and get into the most interesting places;
and, well, you get the idea....
The only positive thing that came out of all of this is that my apartment smelled wonderful for a few days! Thank God I was smart enough to take a couple of pictures beforehand!

This week's Mystery Guest is a relative newcomer to HNT. Not one to miss out on the fun, she's already participated at "..the Other HNT", and Vixen's "Tits For Troops"! She's sort of a late-night person, and sorta sneaky, too! Always hiding just below the surface... She's actually been blogging for quite awhile, but her current site allows her the freedom to do more. She does have a thing for the color blue, and can find that all over on her site. She'll be revealed late Thursday afternoon, but if you think you know who it is, be sure to drop her a line and ask!
This week's MG is the fun and goofy Covert Lover! Stop by and check out her blue rose!
"...the Other HNT" is filled with more of your favorite HNT friends! Be sure to stop by and check them out and leave a comment or two! Of course, it's NSFW, as usual...
Thanks for your concerns regarding my brief illness. I know I was sick--I had no desire to chat or surf or anything! Still not completely over it, and I'm not really sure what I've been suffering from, but I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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