Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day to my friends north of the border! I'll hoist a Molson (actually, probably a Kokanee) in your honor today! Sorry that you don't get the three-day weekend this year, but I'm sure we'll party for you guys too! Be safe, don't be stupid, and have a great time! (A couple of well placed maple leafs would be appropriate for HNT!)
Something totally unrelated to Canada...I was in movie heaven last night. We all know what a sucker I am for Biblical epics, particularly if they star Charlton Heston. Well, Ben-Hur was on last night. I passed up watching WWE Raw AND House to watch this! And why? For probably the finest 10 minutes in movie history. The chariot race.

If you haven't seen the movie, there's no real way to describe it. Ten chariots, each with a team of four horses, running ten laps around the Circus. Beyond the excitement of that, you have to realize that Heston actually drove his own chariot in the race!! No sissy stuntman for him! And this was all done in the days before that Gladiator-type of CGI. No, this was THOUSANDS of extras in the stands. This was real people running out onto the track to retrieve injured drivers as the horses came around the corner at full speed. This was a real person who got trampled under the horses and run over by another chariot. I've often thought that Gladiator and Conan the Barbarian were the greatest testosterone-inducing movies of all time, but the 10 minutes of chariot racing puts them to shame! Charlton--you da man!! Ooh! Look at what I found!

Don't forget to check the post below this! I had no idea there was such diversity in my name! Be sure to take the poll at the top of the sidebar, too! I'll tell you the correct answer on Wednesday.

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