Monday, July 28, 2008

Childhood Memory Attack #2.5

OK, this isn't so much an Attack, but since I seem to be revisiting my youth... I listen to internet radio while at work. I used to listen to a classical music station, but frankly, most of the music played on it was the classical music that make people turn their noses up at it. And I can only take so much of that. I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I'd found a classic rock station out of Seattle. That one lost its appeal after awhile. Some of the music was just too obscure for my tastes. Some of it was barely categorable (you know what I mean) as "rock". I even had some individuals (*cough*Biscuit*cough*) ridiculing some of the titles/groups as they showed up in chat windows. Plus, it's odd how some stations can find that the grunge music of the 90s fit the category of classic rock (well, it IS a Seattle station...). So I went searching for a new station last week, and I believe I've found it!

iTunes radio streams has a category called 70s/80s Hits, and one of the first streams listed is Absolute 70s (formerly Pop Goes the 70s!). I was a little hesitant, but desperate, so I clicked. Oh, my! Before going further, I have to mention that the first half of the 70s was my jr. hi/h.s. days, and the second half were my college years. So I was in my impressionable youth. Now I'm not saying that the music on this station is the best of the 70s. Actually, far from it in many cases. But man, it's pushing all the reminiscing buttons. And yes, that includes the old Carpenters and Barbra Streisand songs. Some of these songs aren't even good enough to include on Time-Life's music series (and they do EVERYTHING!). No, alot of these songs are what you could hear on one of the two AM stations in town. The other one played 70s country--EEK! These are the singers/groups that you'd never admit to listening to. Helen Reddy. Seals & Crofts (saw them live!). John Denver.

Surprisingly, there's very little disco music. Or anything that was categorized as hard rock at the time. But I've heard songs that I haven't heard in 30+ years! The full live version of Chuck Mangione's "Land of Make Believe"! I'm not sure I've EVER heard that on the radio! Assembled Multitude playing the overture to "Tommy"! The Love Unlimited Orchestra! This station is true to it's "70s" designation. Even to the point that they play TV themes (which were often "hits" in the day). My only minor complaints so far--an awful lot of ABBA, and unfamiliar ABBA at that. And the Captain and Tennille doing covers of songs they really shouldn't have done.

Beyond that, I'm hearing the songs of my youth, and I'm in heaven! Even if they aren't the best songs of the day. They're the ones that open a window in my mind, and out fly all these wonderful memories. Now if they'll just play the song that was playing the first time Julie L. and I went out....

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