Friday, July 11, 2008

Venus, the Bringer of Peace

I'm going to title the next week's worth of posts by the title of the music I'm posting for the day.
Apparently I pissed on a certain blogger's Wheaties yesterday because I'm sexist. I didn't even know I was at the breakfast table. He's taken his toys and won't be playing with us anymore. Hope you all aren't pissed at me... I promised someone yesterday that I wouldn't write about it, and the time/energy I've spent here already is far more than the subject warrants.
I almost scored a new car yesterday! Some punk kid (with Tinkerbell decals on his brake lights, I kid you not!) swerved left into my lane. He had NO clue I was even there. Had I been thinking, I would have let him hit me, but he probably didn't have insurance. Instead I laid on the horn, braked, and almost swerved into the oncoming semi. I'm sure he would have had insurance, but I would have been dead, so I couldn't fully enjoy it. Instead, I almost got rear-ended, the kid flips me off, continued to swerve between lanes, and basically broke a half-dozen traffic laws. The best part--I ended up directly behind him at the next red light. I got uncomfortably close and made sure he saw me in his rear view mirror. He avoided looking at me until he realized I was turning right. At which time he flipped me off one more time for good measure. Damn, I love the youth of today!
I mentioned earlier in the week that summer had indeed arrived. Another telltale sign? Bellies. Female bellies. Bare female bellies. Big, bare female bellies. In one of my earliest posts ever, I questioned why teenage girls had to bare their bellies, particularly when they're on the heavy-set side? Where their jeans rode low, and their shirts rode high, and their ghostly white bellies stuck out in between. Well, I think I found the answer. It's their mothers. Women who are old enough to know better. I have seen far too many middle-aged middles this summer than I ever cared to. This isn't a rant pitting skinny against obese. Lord knows, I've got more belly than many of you combined. This is a rant in favor of good taste. Wear some clothes that fit! Don't try to dress like Britney when you're in your mid-30s (well, ever, actually...). Take a little pride in your appearance! Big girls (and guys) don't have to look like the cliché white trash trailer park residents!
I was a little surprised in the comments that many of you actually knew Holst's music, or at least The Planets. I suspect that many of you recognized parts of yesterday's offering. The next movement is "Venus, the Bringer of Peace". A nice counterpart to the warlike sounds of the first movement. Hope you like it! (No trombones in this movement--we must be too warlike. Trouble makers. Rabble rousers. Sexist.)

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