Friday, July 18, 2008

Flying Theme from "E.T."

Rehearsal went relatively smoothly last night. Surprise of the evening is that the janitor who actually was helpful on Monday night, told me that he could either stick around for the tear-down after rehearsal for 45 minutes and get paid overtime, or we could just leave it because they were going to be cleaning the auditorium the next day anyway, and he could get out of there. Momma didn't raise no dummy! So I got home before midnight, which was an unexpected treat!
Tomorrow's post will be on auto-pilot, unless something spectacular happens and I need to cut in. The middle piece of the second half is the Flying Theme from "E.T." A nice (and needed) respite for the brass. This particular part of the soundtrack was never available as an individual piece until just a few years ago, when our conductor was contracted by John Williams' people to write it. He must have liked it, because he's conducting it in the video here with the Boston Pops. But our orchestra played the world premiere! Well, the premiere of just this section. But, still....

Now that I'm neck deep in rehearsals and set up, I'm not going to be around until Sunday. Everybody behave and play nicely! And go to Dana's site and wish her a Happy Birthday!

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