Thursday, July 24, 2008

Buzzy HNT

Absolutely, I promise that this will be the end of concert talk! I didn't post any pictures of Buzz, mainly because I really didn't get any sort of a chance to take any of him. I got a few taken from the back row, as you can see here, but as I mentioned on Monday, his schedule was tightly controlled, and I had duties I had to attend to.

What I can tell you is that he is a rabid advocate of future space travel, space tourism, and lunar colonization. He firmly believes in the youth of the world and their place in space. He had a book signing at the local science museum, and even though the parents were the one's who were in awe, it was the kids and their questions that brought the biggest smiles to his face.

Because of the time constraints, and because he didn't want to be inundated by autograph seekers, he only signed the books at the book signing. With a couple of exceptions...

This week's Mystery Guest is part of that segment of HNTers that is really special...the HNT couples. When I asked about a blurb, I got this: "...she is my inspiration for writing [the blog]. Besides gushing about how amazing and sexy and wonderful she is and what a great mom and step mom and friend she is and bragging about her graduating from college last month and starting a new job in September and how I'm probably the luckiest [guy] in the whole wide world, I'm not sure what else to say."
I think that's probably as good as it needs to get! She'll be revealed tomorrow, but as always, you're free to stop by and say hi, if you know who she is! The MG this week is ♀ , the lovely wife of Sweat Shop Sissy! She's turning 40 tomorrow (Friday), so be sure to stop by and send in your congratulations!

Be sure to stop by "...the Other HNT" and see what sort of trouble your HNT friends are getting into! Comments are always appreciated, and as usual, it's NSFW.

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