Saturday, July 19, 2008

Star Wars, Throne Room and Credits

Today is D-Day! Happy to report that everything is going as smoothly (or better) than any year previous! Weather's cooperating (though I did get some sort of burn--haven't looked in the mirror yet), my set-up crew put me 2 hours ahead of schedule, I'm injury free so far, and I get to meet Buzz Aldrin today!!!! I'll try to get some pictures from the festivities, and post them when I can!
I won't have much of a chance to say anything to them until they show up to the concert, but Mom & Dad will be celebrating their 52nd Anniversary today! Woohoo!
Our finale of the concert will be the opening section of the Star Wars Theme. Found a great clip! We're actually playing two parts of the famous score. In this video, we play up to the point where Obi-Wan gets "killed" here:

Then we jump ahead to the Throne Room scene from the end of Episode IV. And the music that no one sits through for the closing credits. It's during this part that we have a really good fireworks show to end the show.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone on Sunday!

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