Thursday, June 08, 2006

Suffrage HNT


Yesterday was a day to exercise one of the most basic rights that we (Americans) have. The right to vote. Some of the states had their primary elections—Montana being one of them. Paring down a wide field of candidates to a handful that we’ll all get to vote on again in November. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not much for getting into political debates, or get really worked up about any sorts of political candidates. I don’t have a political affiliation. I don’t need a bunch of other people telling me what I should think on one issue, and expect me to agree with everything else “they” tell me to. No, there are far more “talented” people who can do all of that.

HOWEVER, since the day I turned eighteen and I went to the Clerk & Recorder’s office for Lewis & Clark County, Montana to register, I have missed very few elections. Never missed a general election, never missed a primary election. Yes, some of the minor ones, but sometimes they were so minor that I didn’t even know they were going on! I am very much a believer that if a person fails to vote, then they have forfeited the right to bitch about how things aren’t going the way they think they should. And that, as a voter, I have every right to make my feelings known, regardless of “right” or “wrong”.

But Lord forgive me, the thing I look forward to the most when I vote is not the feeling of fulfilling my civil duty. Not the knowledge that I was a part of the voting process. Not coming away with an appreciation for all that our troops have fought for over the years to maintain our freedoms. Not thinking about the barriers that women and minorities and other discriminated groups have had to break down. No, the thing that I look forward to is the small bowl of lemon drops that our election officers put out for the public, and the right to wear the sticker that tells others that YES, I VOTED!!!

Speaking of voting, a longtime HNTer has asked for my help in promoting a project she’s got going. Fidget is entered in a contest sponsored by Mo’Nique. For those out of the loop, Mo’Nique is sort of like a larger-sized Oprah. You can find her show on the Oxygen Network. Fidget can go into far better detail than I about what’s going on, so go check her site. I’ve been told that there might be a repost of one of her early HNTs (that's her, up above)! She’ll also have a link to the voting site.

I’ve been there and voted. You’ll have to register, but there apparently isn’t a spamming problem. I’ve tried to go back and vote a second time, but either they won’t allow it, or more time needs to pass between votes. We were quite successful a few months ago in getting Summer from 9th place to 2nd for her contest. I think we can help Fidget out too! Please stop by and check everything out and cast your vote!
"It's kind of funny for me to stare at a picture like this,
to stare at any part of my body really and see beauty.
Or worse yet, write about it.
But thats what HNT is all about isn't it?
Setting new boundaries, looking at yourself in a new light.
Learning to see the beauty that lies within you.
Being Mystery Guest allows me the freedom
to show a part of my body,
of who I am,
that would never be shown in this light
over on my own blog.
The necklace should be a dead giveaway
as to who I am.
but then again, what do I know...

Well, now that Blogger's finally let me on, I can tell you that today's Mystery Guest is Melissa. No, not that one, the Canadian one! Go see her and tell her hi, eh!

Be sure to check out this week's participants over at "...the Other HNT". Not as NSFW as last week, but still a bit racy. Please be generous with your compliments!
Since so few of us could get on Blogger, there's not many who have been able to post early. Clairebell is up, as well as Susie.
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