Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ivory HNT

Let's take care of business first. Remember when Addict and I met last November? And how we ranted and raved about how cool it was? And how she decided to plan a little party for the HNTers and other bloggers? And how we voted on a date, and on a location? Remember, huh? OK--the bad news. It's pretty much fallen apart. Not due to any one thing. Other than, perhaps, that ugly thing called "REAL LIFE". In my case, it's the culmination of all the stuff from last week. Addict is dealing with some issues as well. There have been a few that have dropped out over the past weeks. Perhaps a National HNT Convention was a bit premature. Maybe it should be more of a regional thing.

Anyway, here's the problem. At least one, if not two people have bought airline tickets for Chicago for that weekend. Now they're stuck with them. Many of you might not have known about the gathering, or some of you might have been holding back. I think that anyone who can meet in Chicago over the weekend of July 28-30, it would salvage their weekend. Anyone interested can let me know, and I'll pass on the info!
Latty & Ty
No real details, cuz Ty is kinda like that, but apparently Latty came out of her heart surgery on Tuesday alive. Now he's wanting to smoke dope and drink beer, so he's in a much better mood and thanks everyone for the love. Keep it coming for a little while longer though!

The other bit of business--the OsShirt is rumored to have made an appearance in Texas! Go check out Lindsey's site to see if it's there. And pray for the shirt. I think there's some sort of evil, twisted underground network moving that thing around! The disheartening news--I have yet to hear of ransom demands...
Oh-oh. I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I now am officially nervous about OsShirt...
Canada Day/4th of July
Don't forget that we'll be doing a theme for next week's HNT. Show your half-nekkidness in your best patriotic way, or while celebrating over the weekend!
I was chatting with Redneck Eskimo a couple of days ago, wondering what sort of macro picture I could do. She suggested the piano, so by golly, that's what we've got! In spite of the music in the background, I am not really a pianist. I can do a little jazz or rock stuff, but don't really play (or try to play) any classical. However, this was something that I was rewriting for brass quintet. Haven't finished it though. (For anyone interested, the piece is a segment from "12 American Preludes" for piano by Alberto Ginastera)

The Mystery Guest
This week's Mystery Guest offers a view that we don't get to see much around here. There's something very sexy about a well-toned, well-defined leg. She's not going to reveal herself, but will admit to it if you were to visit her site and ask! The only hint I'll give--she had one of the finest examples of an ass bruise that I've ever seen. She seems to have healed quite nicely!
"Love Is..."

Anyone who was at least a young teenager in the 70s will remember the series of little cartoons that were titled "Love Is..." Found literally everywhere. Spiral notebooks, lunchpails, books, etc. Girls found them quite deep and meaningful. Guys took care not to express what they really thought, just to preserve the chance of getting to (gasp) second base with the girl sitting in front of them in Social Studies. The woman who drew these died in 1997, but since then they've found a bit of a resurgence through the efforts of her son. Or from people like Faltenin, who has given a bit of a naughty twist to the old ones. He was kind enough to send this one on to me. Color me sentimental, or just a sucker for cuteness, but I REALLY like this one. I won't say if I've got her HNTs on my cell phone or not, but I think SHE knows! Go check out some of his other "remakes"!

"...the Other HNT
Not sure what we have to do to get you over there. Just chatted with a HNTer who had never been over there since the first week. She was duly impressed. You are really missing out if you haven't even checked it out! This week is on the NSFW side.
Everything Else
Have a couple of early posters: Aughra, Evalee & Neil, Foxglove and Solitaire.
Don't forget to turn off your word verification for the day! Thank you!

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