Monday, June 26, 2006

Dad Update

In the midst of my own self-pity last week, I spaced out the most recent news on my dad. As I understand things---

He went in last week, assuming he was going for another test. His heart surgeon basically told his urologist that there was no way that he was going to allow him to touch his patient. That this major surgery would kill him (Dad's got a blood pressure level just this side of a corpse as it is...). So it was decided that Dad's got cancer (little "c", not big "C"). As his heart surgeon so eloquently put it, he'll be dead before he can die from the bladder cancer. They'll continue to monitor it. It's going to continue to grow. But unless it causes problems, they'll leave it alone. They might adjust his heart medications to help, but there's not really much they can do.

This is just another example of how smoking will fuck up one's life. He quit too late. I never started, thank God. I hope that those of you that do will reconsider! Thanks to everyone who's been asking about him!

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