Saturday, June 17, 2006

Quick bits and pieces

Many thanks to those who sent well wishes my dad's way. Still too early to know anything. He and Mom want to get a second opinion, which is smart, but it means more scoping up his pecker. We have a golf date on Sunday with BIL3, his dad, and my nephew. I wish I'd gotten out to play more this spring...
We have a gig tonight. Yay! It's been awhile since we've played--over 2 months. We haven't even rehearsed in that time. I think it's been good for us, though I miss the money. Having said that--we play each of the next three weekends. Tonight we play for the statewide PRIDE celebration in town. We've played for their Saturday night function every year for 7 or 8 years now. They love us! I don't necessarily like the venue we're playing at, but we don't have any say in it. It should be hot and sweaty and chock full of lesbians! The guys go to a different floor and dance to a DJ. It's almost like high school all over again--boys on one floor, girls on another! I'll report if there's anything exciting to tell!
Heard from a HNTer yesterday by email. Among a number of topics, she mentioned (sheepishly) that she had just visited "...the Other HNT" for the first time, and was totally blown away by it! Had no idea that amateur models/photographers could do such high-class work! Have YOU stopped by yet? One of the repeat contributors over there mentioned that she thought that by now there'd be a line around the block trying to get pictures up there! We need some new blood (though there's NOTHING wrong with the contributors we've had!), so feel free to submit something!
Mini-rant: Could you please reconsider the use of videos? Particularly anything from VideoCode? They freeze up the browser, or at least take forever to relinquish command back to you. Do ANY of us actually watch those videos that you post??? YouTube and Castpost seem to be OK, but VideoCode really sucks!
A big honkin' Happy Birthday to Julie today! One of the founding members of HNT, she's since retired, but still snoops around here a little bit. Hope you get some video of those lightning bugs!! I'd love to see it!
Hope you all have a great weekend. Give your dad a hug on Father's Day--even if you don't like him! He'll appreciate it!

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