Thursday, June 01, 2006

HNT Through My Eyes

I lamented the fact awhile back that I hadn't really played with the camera enough to get into the macro mode (close-ups). Took care of that last night. It's amazing what you can find in the instruction manual if you actually read the thing!

Anyway, here's my right eye and my left eye. It was either these, or the forest that you'd find up my nostrils. I figured this would be less objectionable! I refuse to use the "eyes are the windows to the soul" line (oops, I guess I just did). I just find the eye to be really interesting! Click on the pictures to zoom in and get the really good look. I didn't realize my eyes were quite this color, whatever color you'd call them...

"On her blog, everyday is an adventure.
Watch out boys and girls... she's crafty.
Just for kicks she ties up bad guys in her "Lasso of Truth."
Are you a clever villain?
Do you think you've discovered her "secret identity?"
Leave her a comment....."
The Mystery Guest this week is Meagan over at "Adventures In Everyday Life". She wrote enough clues that you should have found it on your own! Stop by and say hi if you haven't yet!

Be sure to check out "...the Other HNT" this week! Be warned--it's definitely NSFW! Three guys answered the call right off the bat when I mentioned something Tuesday. And some of the ladies are beginning to really put themselves out there! Be sure to leave a comment or two!
There have been a few people who posted early, so check them out as well. Maddie K, Prof. Fate, Matilda (a newbie from the Philippines!), DaMasta, and Aughra.
I got a letter of resignation (didn't know that was required, did you?) from one of my absolute favorite HNTers, Firefly. The new puppy is really taking up her time! She'll be posting her last HNT, plus a couple of her favorites. She's also making a "Retired HNT" button. She's offering it to those who are still avid HNT supporters, but have dropped out for one reason or another. She's planning to link the button to her HNT archive. Sounds like a great way to use it! In any case, stop by and bid her a fond farewell!
As usual, please disable your word verification for the day!

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